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    practice stuff

    Well been doing a little anatomy practice while I've been working on a long term project (something my art teacher told me to do) so I've also been working on a manga unfortunately I'm still working on the story and scripting part. I got the story figured out but still have to write up a short script for the first chapter before I can draw it up. Anyways I'm also looking for a little project to work on as well just something fun to paint or draw don't know what, any suggestions welcome.

    anyways on to the practice:

    Warning Nudity

    I know they aren't the best but they were just some quick sketches to try and develop my anatomy more, :P I can see tons of mistakes in each but thats good cause hopefully I won't make them again :P

    Ohh and Zandyne do you have a hotmail or other IM, theres a few thing I could really use help with and I think it be easier over and instant messenger.

    Had to delete images due to inappropriate content
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    some practice, wow I think I might have an unhealthy obsession with hands, (I looked back through my thread and I've drawn tons of hands lol!) <_<

    :P Just been dying for some comments on my latest piece so I figure I'll do a little art dump/bump in a silly little attempt to get my thread noticed lol Don't mind me I'm neurotic.


    This was actually the first thing I doodled during my art block, the actual drawings only about two inches tall but I enlarged it nice and big for you ^_^


    This is some avatar art for Gaia online that I did about six months ago I never bothered to submit it though, never thought it was good enough. You know it was just a quick freebie I randomly did when I was bored.

    :P heh heh well there ya go some random crappy art works to bump up my thread <_< please focus on the post above this one though I was actually serious when I made that skull/arm drawing thing.
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    Well in my defense on that landscape some annoying girl was doing splattering on a board and a big heaping globe of yellow paint landed smack dab on that pillar so I had to scrap it offas best I could and re-paint it in a way that kinda hid it. I was so mad about that! I wanted to tear her head off lol ohh well this is still one of my faves.

    And I used water colors on the first pic! Hmm and maybe I should have made her hips cocked back and her whole body leaning forward at the viewer slightly?

    Actually the only styles of art I usually get inspired from are realistic styles and anime and mixtures thereof of the two. :P heh heh is that bad?
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    Awww thank you Sanda you continue to flatter me! I appreciate your praise a lot believe me!
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    My appologies Zandyne Sensei

    I was overly defensive Zandyne, I hope you can forgive me for this. I have been in a slump lately and have been having serious doubts about myself as well as feeling a bit lost in what to do for my practice. Your advice is wise and very helpful indeed and as always your knowledge and experience can only help me if I choose to follow it, Therefore I shall and will listen and try what you suggest. I will do my best to take it to heart Zandyne Sensei.

    To tell the truth I've been in an utterly abysmal state this whole vacation trying to think of what to do for my art all the while my heart becoming clouded with doubt and insecurity, turning me into a truly pathetic and useless heap. No more, I must push forward even through my doubts and insecurities. Please forgive my little outburst and feel free to suggest anything you think maybe useful to me everyone. ah, but I digress (hee hee <_< no I did not steal that from Axel) on wards to what I've uploaded for you all today.


    A picture a friend asked me to draw using my own color scheme and such. Does anyone know who she is? I'm quite curious because she seems like a very unique character.


    A water color landscape of Xen, one of my favorite places in any video game ever :P.


    A scratch board of (I think) Alcurd from Castelvania. You can almost see me in the reflection of the glass lol.

    Anyways, sorry again I guess I just need a good kick in the pants and some direction. I have such a huge artblock I haven't been able to do much at all and after today theres only three days of vk left! I can't believe I wasted so much time and I don't want to waste the rest but I'm having a serious mental block.
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    Well Zandyne I'd simply like to say you've got to start somewhere to get somewhere I'm by no means anywhere near my full potential therefore I find it quite suitable to reproduce things with my own artistic skill because that is exactly what I need to improve, my skills as an artist. I can have the best ideas in the universe but if I don't have the right skills to portray the idea in a desirable and professional fashion then I might as well have no ideas at all. I have yet to fully develop my artistic palette and until I do I probably will not do to much original conceptual work even though I am bursting with ideas. You think I enjoy reproducing things that already exist? I actually find it quite tedious and altogether a bit boring but as my mentor and many other artist have told me you either have the ability to be creative or you don't but everyone can become a great artist, master the art first then start focusing on developing your original concepts.

    Having said that I think I'm getting to the point where reproducing things isn't having as great an impact on improving me or developing my eyes as it was. I will probably do some anatomical studies to start developing my sense of anatomy better and maybe some original conceptual work because I do believe that I might be at the point where reinterpreting things will develop my eye better then just observing and drawing them as I see them. it depends on what you guys think, either way I will do anatomical studies because my human anatomy is seriously lacking but depending on what type of feedback I get I may try and start putting out some original work trying to develop my conceptual skills. SO anyways expect an update later today of some artwork I haven't gotten around to posting yet :P (hee hee none of it original conceptual work unfortunately.) I appreciate the comment Zandyne! hope to here from you soon.
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    thank you guys! heh heh! so nice! So first I would like to ask who buckethead is. Anyways yes I am self taught however I do have a mentor that I hold very close that points out about forty thousand mistakes in every piece I do then tells me how I could have made it better :P
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    omg sorry about Hiatus

    I know its been forever since I've been on but I've been extremely busy! I've got a lot of stuff to show you and a lot of stuff to work on so lets start off with a recent charcoal portrait of Utada Hikaru.


    More on the way soon guys! I promise to never go on Hiatus this long ever again! I'm going to rededicate myself to my art big time. That being said can someone compose a quick bullet point list for the things I should really really work on? You know to kinda focus my efforts on the things that need the most drastic improvement. Once again sorry about the hiatus but life was hectic! won't happen again!
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    Just kind of a large sand dwelling kind of lobster like monster. it normally has most of its body buried under the sand with both claws sticking up above the sand so it can quickly charge and snap at the player if its lucky enough to clap on to the player then it will bore its fangs into him and poison it. If the player is patient enough it will get aggravated and pop up out of the sand and charge at the player. Its very vulnerable above ground because it can no longer use its claws because it needs it to support its bulky body if the player can dodge past the fangs of the creature then they can slash and stab into the soft tentacled underbelly and hopefully kill it.
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    HERES some more!

    Some more work I did.

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    thanks guys! That exactly the advice I was looking for! :P and I will try to improve it :P I just got anatomy for the artist so I'll be working on my human life studies soon and studying anatomy and proportions as well as my posturing and gesture. And cocohints your totally right thanks for the tip on the lines! I will be practicing a lot to improve :P will post a whole big dump of pictures in awhile.
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    heres a pic of cloud I made, scanner kinda messed it up, will see if I can put a better version on later.

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    Your too kind! Thanks so much! Also I just got a new scanner so I will be able to post much more often
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    Thanks again guys! and yeah Goimez thats how all my drawings start out as sticks and very simple shapes, remember you want to take your time one your drawings and try to draw from simple to complex know what I mean?
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    Heres the sketch I've been working on I'm pretty proud of it. hand and arm are modeled after mine! Hmm what sort of dark ritual could be taking place here, an arm of an unknown assailant clutches an evil eye, a Turkish talisman used to ward off evil and bring one good luck, by the thread as his vile putrid blood trickles over it slowly corrupting it for a darker purpose as soon a ghostly creature reaches out from the brink of nothingness to hungrily drink the blood of its new master.


    As always please critique and comment!
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