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    If you sign the petition you can actually make a difference. Please tell anyone you know even if you do not want to sign it.
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    If this is wrong I don't want to be right:

    All joking aside this is just really cool. Halo/Metroid/The Matrix is all you need to know.

    I was rewatching this and I think it might be a little . . . racy, can someone let me know if this is okay to post?
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    No, I you can't leave. I does not make any sense for you to leave. Tell you mum that I broke the vase, and have her cut off my internet (it's not like I really need it I can post with my mind powers). Yeah, just blame it on me.
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    Saule felt the power of the sun flowing through his veins. He knew that it would be a while before he would have any charge stored in his body for later use, but for now he felt good, really really good. Saule signed and flexed his arms, he felt ten times stronger. He snapped and made a couple of small flashes of light to test the abilities he had been unable to use in a while. Saule then became aware that Mr. Wheeler had been talking.

    "hmm, huh? What was that you said just now?"
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    100th Post

    Well this is it I am turn 100 . . . posts that is. I know it is not a big deal to you guys, but This is the first forum I've gotten this high in, so Want to do something special, does anyone know what I can do for my 100th post?
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    Did you run on the pavement or on a track? The pavement hurts more the next day because it has less "bounce." And you are not alone, I just went back into wights class after a two month break, I hurt so much now:D.
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    Is it coming out July 15th? Really? I need to make preparations.
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    Yeah, I do not think that you or I are allpowerful, but it is possible that humans are capable of things that are not fully understood yet.
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    I can't believe I was not there, I came in 30 minutes late.
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    Gosh darn it, when ever I look at something like this just to see the cover or something they always give away spoilers. I HATE SPOILERS (unless it is me and one of my friend guessing how something will turn out and one of us is actually right)
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    What if you are depressed on the inside, but do not show it or really talk about it? What does that make you?
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    First, if we do find a "cure-for-everything" it would not be an issue if HIV/AIDS became airborne except for poor coutries in which the drug could not be distributed, the people in those counties would be totally screwed but that is nothing new in the world. And it is impossible for something to be resistant to all forms of treatment.

    Second, The major problems with population increase are, in fact, in poor countries where the drug could not be afforded by most. If the world became an equal utopia where everyone could afford the drug than the population problem would have been solved in the process of becoming that utopia.

    The population problem would not get that much worse, and if the "miracle drug" could only be offered to those who agree to not have to many children then the population problem would disappear.
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