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    Devil may cry 3-Vergil 3.
    God Damn I couldn't beat him without cheating
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    This was by Marzit. If anyone is willing...And I put this in spam because someone on the game thread may acknowledge petitions as spam.
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    Right but...I WIN!!
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    There's that anglo fia or whatever in here to but I hear that she's a bonus character(not official)
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    That is one crazy name. I know this isn't much but it's still some news
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    How about mirror/reflect. As in the spell.
    Post by: finalArcanaXXX, Oct 14, 2007 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    Meh.. I like Amy more. A bit weak but killer to use in the right hands. I hope she is here.
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    know where this phrase comes from? A powerful phrase from a powerful game. Isn't it?
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    The answer was
    "Sanguine, My Brother"

    Cin was the only one to get it right.
    For that he gets rep.

    I doubt it could go any higher
    Post by: finalArcanaXXX, Sep 6, 2007 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Ummm.... Thats not what I was thinking of
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    I was'nt expecting someone to get it that fast. Don't post I'll just see other guys thoughts
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