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    >>' ok?

    Command Board turn modifier (Activate after you've loaded your save otherwise the save will be seen as corrupt)
    0x01735609 0x000000xx

    Command Board turn modifier (Mirage Arena)
    0x01003E40 0x000000xx
    Post by: Finale, Aug 5, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    It's true =/
    KHBBSFM does feel a bit neglected.
    Post by: Finale, Aug 4, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    It's only the address that changes right?
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    I get some of it but thats difficult for codes with more than 1 line.
    For example with the command style mod there are several lines which i'm unsure what it does.

    Why do you need the dumps?
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Sorry to ask but is it possible to write another porting guide?
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    That's bothersome =/
    Does anyone understand why Bosses freeze in FM when replaced but does not in the American BBS?
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Is there a guide to porting or do hackers just know? XD
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Do we have any command style mods?
    Post by: Finale, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Please change
    _C0 Replace Zack (Ventus only)
     _L 0x20626000 0xXXXXXXXX 
    _L 0x20626004 0xXXXXXXXX  
    _C0 Replace Hades (Ventus only) 
    _L 0x20626010 0xXXXXXXXX 
    _L 0x20626014 0xXXXXXXXX  
    _C0 Replace Zack (Terra/Aqua only) 
    _L 0x20625000 0xXXXXXXXX 
    _L 0x20625004 0xXXXXXXXX 
     _C0 Replace Hades (Terra/Aqua only 
    _L 0x20625010 0xXXXXXXXX 
    _L 0x20625014 0xXXXXXXXX 
    Slot 1 (Ventus only)
    0x20626000 0x65YYYY62
    0x20626004 0x00XX3078
    Slot 2 (Ventus only)
    0x20626010 0x65YYYY62
    0x20626014 0x00XX3078
    Slot 1 (Terra and Aqua)
    0x20625000 0x65YYYY62
    0x20625004 0x00XX3078
    Slot 2 (Terra and Aqua)
    0x20625010 0x65YYYY62
    0x20625014 0x00XX3078
    There are also some to replace the Trinity Armour however unfortunately I havn't tested it yet so for now just copy the last digits from the 'Time to Chill' digits.
    C0 Start at round 6 in Combined Threat
    _L 0x2114DB98 0x06050606
    _C0 Slot 1 (Ventus)
    L 0x206251F0 0x????????
    _L 0x206251F4 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 2 (Ventus)
    _L 0x20625200 0x????????
    _L 0x20625204 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 3 (Ventus)
    _L 0x20625210 0x????????
    _L 0x20625214 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 4 (Ventus)
    _L 0x20625220 0x????????
    _L 0x20625224 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 5 (Ventus)
    _L 0x20625230 0x????????
    _L 0x20625234 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 6 (Ventus)
    _L 0x20625240 0x????????
    _L 0x20625244 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 1 (Terra)
    _L 0x206241F0 0x????????
    _L 0x206241F4 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 2 (Terra)
    _L 0x20624200 0x????????
    _L 0x20624204 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 3 (Terra)
    _L 0x20624210 0x????????
    _L 0x20624214 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 4 (Terra)
    _L 0x20624220 0x????????
    _L 0x20624224 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 5 (Terra)
    _L 0x20624230 0x????????
    _L 0x20624234 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 6 (Terra)
    _L 0x20624240 0x????????
    _L 0x20624244 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 1 (Aqua)
    _L 0x206249F0 0x????????
    _L 0x206249F4 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 2 (Aqua)
    _L 0x20624A00 0x????????
    _L 0x20624A04 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 3 (Aqua)
    _L 0x20624A10 0x????????
    _L 0x20624A14 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 4 (Aqua)
    _L 0x20624A20 0x????????
    _L 0x20624A24 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 5 (Aqua)
    _L 0x20624A30 0x????????
    _L 0x20624A34 0x????????
    _C0 Slot 6 (Aqua)
    _L 0x20624A40 0x????????
    _L 0x20624A44 0x????????
    And here are the digits, some of them freeze due to it being FM. If someone knows how to fix it then please do tell us. I only tested these in the 'Time to Chill' Arena.

    YY Digits
    3130 - Mysterious Figure (Freeze)
    3031 - Vanitas (normal) [31 -> Low AI version] [32 -> Keyblade storm version] (Freeze)
    3131 - Vanitas (Unmasked) [Extremely high RAM] (Freeze)
    3231 - Vanitas Lingering Spirit (Freeze)
    3336 - Ventus=Vanitas (Freeze)
    3032 - Eraqus
    3034 - Master Xehanort (Freeze)
    3035 - Terra=Xehanort 1 (Freeze)
    3135 - Terra=Xehanort 2 (Freeze)
    3235 - Terra=Xehanort 3 + Guardian [Extremely high RAM] (Untested)
    3033 - Scarred Braig
    3233 - Normal Braig (Doesn't appear)
    3036 - Ven (Boss)
    3236 - Armor Ven (Boss)
    3936 - Ven (Ally)
    3037 - Terra (Boss)
    3237 - Armor Terra (Boss)
    3937 - Terra (Ally)
    3038 - Aqua (Boss)
    3238 - Armor Aqua (Boss)
    3938 - Aqua (Ally)
    These ones need to replace both of the 2nd part of the code, not just the 4 characters.
    Zack (With Helmet)
    Zack (Without Helmet)
    Hercules (Ally role? Does nothing, just interesting...)
    Ice Titan
    Mimic Master
    Armor of the master (Is invisible at 1st however will eventually become visible)
    No Heart(He appears as MX keyblade at first, it seems like something trigger him. He appears if you use Unison Rush command)
    XX Digits
    30 - If the boss doesn't have an alternate form
    31 - Alternate 1 (Only if you use normal Vanitas)
    32 - Alternate 2 (Only if you use normal Vanitas)
    Credit to all of the original hackers.
    Post by: Finale, Jul 31, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Here's a code I made just now
    Vanitas Remnant HP Mod (Can't go over it's max hp, 200 =/ stays as 1 bar)
    0x0113C6D8 0x00000XXX

    Just to check...does anyone have any UCM digits?
    Post by: Finale, Jul 30, 2011 in forum: Code Vault