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    Well, hello there. ;D

    Well, hello there. ;D
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    Well, I knew it would happen eventually.
    I have too many responsibilities, among which are:
    Band practice.
    Drama practice.
    Drill team practice.
    Writing deadlines...oh yeah, I forgot to mention Bite Me may get published.
    Raider team practice, and LPing.

    So, it seems I have to depart kh-vids.

    No, not permanantly.
    I'll come by a few times, but not to really talk too much.

    I'll miss you all.

    Oh, and if you're subscribed to my Bite Me story, I'll be updating weekly.
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    Points behind Anti, and out of the thread.-
    Free money!
    And porn! o_o
    Go get it! 8|
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    Crossed the beams.
    [Please, someone, ANYONE, understand this reference! X_X]
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    Eats a peanut butter sandwich containing 9 ounces of plastic explosive.


    and OLIVES!
    Oh noes!
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    You have to remember, he's spent three weeks alone in that hospital.
    Three weeks is more than enough time to change love to hate, or in reverse.
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    Crap. It's about to go over 10.
    We're mod-boned.
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    Hiyaaa. :]

    Hiyaaa. :]
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    Freakin' sweet!

    Okaii, here's mine!

    Originally released for the GameBoy Advance.
    I kinda had to get an emulator because of the Ds-meets-washing-machine thing.​
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    The author's name is Ellen Hopkins, and that's basically all the book is about, revealing the characters' pasts, and their lives in the treatment center.
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    I just hope I'm not the only one who reads this story about 3 teens who attempt suicide, and now reside in a mental institute. o_o

    My therapist recommended that bad?
    Thread by: *FinalFlash*Screamer, Jan 9, 2009, 5 replies, in forum: Literature