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Hopefully a pharmacist soon.


Hollow Bastion Committee, Female, from BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT!

We have statuses now? Sep 18, 2012

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Oct 3, 2020
    1. Makaze
      I became masterful at chess by playing these games. I need to play people at the game more to sharpen my skills even further.

      It would be kind of funny if someone made a Fire Emblem chess set. In fact, I think that they might exist. Let me check.

      Nope. I am somewhat disappointed. Ah well.

      Let me how your game goes, or if you need any help. I love to do anything involving this game.
    2. Makaze
      Basic strategy. You don't play much chess, do you?

      I usually used Seth for that, because he was not really good for anything else.

      PS: Gilliam is a Knight. Franz is not.
    3. Absol
      Missed you too, buddy.

      How goes? :lolface:
    4. Makaze
      What? No. I am saying that you take your units' weapons away, like your knights, have them form a wall, and attack with your mages from behind it. The enemies cannot hit your weaker characters then.
    5. Jayn
      Aww, well if you ever feel like going for it and thinkin' something up. Let me know.
    6. Makaze
      That is the point. You take their weapons away and use them as shields. Give your weaker characters ranged weapons and kill the enemies from behind the wall. Foolproof strategy.
    7. Makaze
      I am. If I tell her that I plan to use them now, she will take them away from me.

      And I Ewan. Oh god. You have no idea how much I wanted to do that. It hurts just to think about it.

      What!? I loved my Mages. I beat the final boss with just Ewan as a Sage and Dozla as a Berserker in one turn.

      I am listening to the soundtrack now. I downloaded them earlier today.

      I usually get back to people quickly if I can.
    8. Makaze
      About Knoll... I never trained him past Level 12 because my mom hates the idea of black magic. Not using it was the only way that I could get her to let me play the game.

      /is now replaying them with the intention of using the Shamans to death

      See my thread on the subject for more details and link to where you can download them and how to play them here.
    9. kingdomheartsfan_567
      hey what's up dude
    10. Sufris
      Ah, judgmental. Makes sense. :3

      Forgot for a while mine wore a jester outfit. /fail.
    11. Sufris
      She ran from the forest after hearing Nick. She wasn't too deep, just around the border where it spreads out to a plain or...something. :3"

      Your OC, by the way, is intriguing. XD
    12. Jayn
      Have you ever wanted to? O: And...I know. I should pester her about it but I feel uncomfortable. XDD Ah well, soon.
    13. Plums
      ...I was simply coming here as a profile raid, but then I saw

      hey r u a boy or a girl dude??
      and am still laughing. xD

    14. Jayn
      Well, what can you do? I always get RP ideas out of no where and end up stacking on to the neglected ones. >> I'm going to reply to Culprit today, and I'm still waiting for Fearless in Sync. @-@
    15. kingdomheartsfan_567
      hey r u a boy or a girl dude??
    16. Machazo
      Tired old ladies are meanies!
    17. Jayn
      I'm not as on top of it as you are. D: I get really...easily distracted and neglectful when it comes to RPing. xD And, I took it off in a fit of angst and emoness along with my signature picture and stuff. I should put it back. >>
    18. Jayn
      F I R E K E Y B L A D E,

      ❤ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄❤

      Ah, the joys of Vocaloid that we’ve shared. I know that we don’t talk much, and we don’t really know each other that well, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed the times we HAVE spoken. You’re very sweet, and honestly it caught me wayyy off-guard when you knew so much about Vocaloid—probably more than I do! You have no idea how excited that made me. Like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time. xD

      When you posted in my thread, during my little mental breakdown, it made me feel happy. Like someone cared. That wasn’t my intention of the post, but even though we don’t speak constantly, the fact that you would reach out like that really touched me. You’re an awesome role player, and an awesome member. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk more in the future. c:

      ❤ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ❤
    19. Jayn
      Oh...well as long as I'm not crazy. xDD That was my main concern. If you find it before I post you can re-post it, just to get her taken care of. P want's to be invited inside, so if you can't find it don't worry about re-typing it or anything, I'll just throw in that Jessica did it...or something. XD Thennn, time skip and stuff.
    20. Jayn
      It's kinda asking for it. xD

      Also, I have a question. I thought you had posted in Culprit asking covering Erika up with a blanket and stuff? D: I feel like I'm going crazy, because the post isn't there anymore. Did you ever post in it, replying to P? .___.
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    Hopefully a pharmacist soon.
    Heh. I'm all alone now.

    Trying to break out of the failure zone. Still haven't. Probably never will but that's okay. I'll keep trying. Mistakes keep happening but that's how it always is.


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