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    Faust asked how everyone was. Kaida followed up by asking everyone what they been up to. Truth be told he had not been up to to much. "Not much." Kel then said, 'I did inadvertently end up helping DJ come up with an update to the security system here.' He found that this was interesting. With the ability to portal everywhere tho he wondered how that would work. He silently hoped that whenever someone tried to portal here they would just end up in a belly of some giant monster or something. It would give them one less issue to deal with. Now they should not have any more surprises hopefully. Karina then went on about, 'Trying to be somewhat decent at the scythe. Unfortunately I found I don't have an uncanny talent for learning new weapons just like that.' He unfortunately did not have any particular helpful information that would help her for the time being so he said nothing. Beuce then said, 'Meanwhile, I've been hitting the books pretty hard. If there's enough of a difference in power that some masters can become legendary, while others are just 'oh I mean yeah they're a keyblade master it's whatever.' There has to be some explanation behind it.' He never thought a book like that would be here. "Did you find anything that might be helpful?" He asked Beuce. If there was anything that could boost there power the better off they would be.
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    He sat and listened to what Beuce had to say. After the conversations were done and over there was not much to do but to but to move on. He left the Infirmary leaving Karina to get rest. Soon days blended into each other what day was the same as the last. Then before he knew it two weeks had past. In that time he did training. He did not really see anyone in that two weeks. he mostly kept to himself with training and whatever else he diced to do when the chance came by. This particular day day he was looking at his phone kind of board with the training and not knowing what else to do he put the phone into his pocket. He left the room and decided to go onto a walk. He continued on his walk not seeing anyone or anything of interest. Time pasted with out anything happening.

    He continued on his walk pulled out his phone and noticed the time and decided that now as as go as time as any to get food. As he walked towards the food he walked by clothing store kind of disappointed that he could not find anything that interest him for the time being. Perhaps someone might be able to help him on that front at a later time. As he continued on his walk. He noticed Kaida, Beuce, Karina, and kel. Kaida had said, 'You guys like... rain?' He did not even notice that it was raining. Kaida was asking about what they thought about how they feel about lousy weather. It looked like a great day. Karina was going on about having a hard time with her phone. There must not be technology back where she was from or at the very least a phone you can carry around. As he got closer to the others he gave a slight wave. "Hello"
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    He Stood back as Kel stood in front of Karina and the door. Not long after Beuce showed up. He then said, 'Yo. I'm back. Looks like some wild *KUPO* happened on your end of things as well. You wanna sit down and talk about it?' Well he wondered about his trip. Beuce showing up at was convenient which was nice. Kel then said, 'Pretty much what Karina said, we didn't really do a whole lot here.' He turned to Beuce "Well nothing new did happened just the same old same old. some random person showing up out of nowhere and randomly. Yea nothing to new. So what happen on your trip?"
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    He stood there for a moment when Shiro went after Gilgamesh. Welp. Shiro said something about Sparing with each other yea that was not going to happen. Now was not the time or place for that. Karina then said something about going to find DJ. If he remember correctly DJ went with Quill and Kaida somewhere. He really did not have anything better to do but to help find someone so he figure that he should. Before he left he looked around and said, "I dont think DJ is around hopefully he is back in whatever mission he went on." He said offhandedly and in no one in particular.
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    Shiro arrived on the scene and looked around a bit confused. 'Wait wasn't there a 5th person who...' of course he did not notice because why would he. He would have to talk to DJ or someone else about the lack of security later. 'Anyone learn anything in their session?' He learned nothing other then what has been going on forever and that was that it seemed like some people was not paying attention to what was going on or at the very least did not seem to notice things, or whatever. He was not going to stress about it. The SOS would figure it out together at some point anyways. He sighed internally as it was time to move on. He did not think on it to long. 'Should we be concerned about how easily Gilgamesh was able to get here.' He tuned to kel. "Well it seems like they can portal wherever and whenever they want without restriction so we need to at some point figure out how to stop that. Might be some sort of energy or something?" He said it as a question as he was not sure what it was himself nor how to stop it. It seemed like no matter where they were at they seemed to find the SOS group regardless.
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    He watched as Kel tossed his keyblade at the safety room glass to hoping to get Shiro attention. He really did not think this was going to do much. worse case they might have to brake the glass which would involve super cooling and super heating the glass so that it would break. Gilgamesh then said, 'You. complete. me.' while taking hold of his shoulders. What was wrong with this guy? Seriously Gilgamesh had something going on but for sure knew it was not smarts. He bushed Gilgamesh hand off him. He was not interested in whatever he was going to offer. Go find the black coats or who ever he thought. He really did not care who it was. Before he could tell Kel about the glass Shiro took off his headphones and looked at the window to find everyone was finished. He ended the simulation and opened the doors out of the chamber to let everyone out. Good now Gilgamesh was Shiro's problem. He turned to Kel. knowing that they should go and get some help for Karina.
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    He was pretty sure that they had already met Gilgamesh. He went on about being about of the red society. truth be told he was not at all that interested. 'I understand some of you already have sworn vendettas and whatnot but I M looking for a rival to work against.' "You came here for a stupid reason to get a rival. You came to a place full of keyblade masters." He did not really want to deal with this guy right now and it was not any surprise that Shiro was completely ignoring what was going on. He had enough to deal with with his home world people. "You really are just better off leaving now." He was not that impressed with the smart of this guy at all. He had been done with his battle for some time in fact had fished right after kel so he was not sure what that was about. Karina was hurt and getting her a place to rest was top priority. She was ether exhausted from the fright, training, the battle or any of the three. She needed to get somewhere to rest and heal up if needed.
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    As he watched Shiro looked to the system monitor as a notification popped up. "Hmm?" He clicked the window as another appeared. "New system update found. Do you wish to download?" Shiro arched an eyebrow. "Well, I suppose it's important to keep up to date." He clicked confirm as another window appeared. "Are you sure? File has not been recognized or approved by the system software...Oh come on I don't need Master Dwayne's approval all the time!" He clicked confirm as the download began. He watch carefully knowing that something was most then likely going to go wrong. He stood ready for to help anyone that needed it.

    Karina did not want help and kel seemed to be doing fine fore the time being. With nothing else to do but to get started with this training and help if the situation came up he turned his attention to the rock titan. The rock titan was slow far slower then the wind at least. He ran at the wall ran and um it and into the air. He forced his way down with an Aerial Slam with the increased wind damage it seemed to do a good number on the rock titan. He was not about to let up tho. As soon as he landed He continued to keep his distance and when he had to get close the titan was slow that he was able to move out of the way before it did to much damage.

    Kel seemed to be doing well considering at this very moment he was somehow very high in the air not to far off from the roof of the training hall. He just had to keep going and once Kel land he could help him but for the time being there was not much he could do considering that could not use there keyblades. There was not much he could to the titan in terms of taking a limb. As the rock was naturally resistant to it. He kept on doing combos and he just hoped that at some point he would just tire the thing out. As the battle continued and went on and on he knew that this would not be the case. He had to finish this before someone got hurt or something happened.

    As he ran and continued to do damage to the rock titan. He felt like he was being lifted into the air. He looked around and notice that the titan somehow manage hit the ground near him which sent him into the air. The titan was close to grabbing him but at the last moment he cast Reverse Aero on the titan. As he landed he held out his hand and thought wind. As was powerful gust of wind from the vortex hit the titan back. The titian and thus making the titian fall onto the wind titan Kel just took out causing more damage then he would otherwise be able to do on his own and he knocked the titan out. At this moment He noticed that Gilgamesh digitize into the arena behind Karina. Of course something went wrong.
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    Shiro went on about some sort of element training. He led the four of them to the simulation room. 'Today you four have only one tiny task to do.' He pressed the buttons that activated data forms of the Olympian titans to manifest. 'Defeat these titans using only elemental attacks. Cooldowns on your commands have also tripled in wait time... So be sure to coordinate your more useful attacks!' When they entered the room he was paying attention to everything that Shiro was doing. Of course Shiro did not know what the difficulty was sent to. He let out a sigh. Then before he could say or do anything about it Karina went after one of the titans. The whole point was more so to work together or so he thought. He could see the titans teaming up or at the very least make things difficult. With that in mind he activated his wind aura. As he readied himself for the battle.
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    He walked around for some time kind of not knowing what to do. The next morning arrived. They were met with DJ typed away on the keyboard with Shiro trying his best to understand all the commands he was putting in. With his last prompt, DJ stepped away from the keyboard. Shiro and DJ were talking about the simulator program. He watched what they were doing closely and looked at all the buttons. He got they uneasy feeling something word go wrong. If something would go wrong it would more then likely knowing there luck. H was only half paying attention to what Shiro was saying. "um sure." He was mostly trying to gather everything together.
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    Shiro just stood there and listen to him before going off to Luna. He still was not fond of any of the weapons really. With everyone leaving before he got the chance to really do anything or say anything he just walked off leaving Shiro. He noticed that Beuce was gone. The question he wanted to ask him coming back to his head. There would be a time and place for that as he walked the halls not really wanting to head to his room. He walked mindlessly until he got bored with that. the castle was quiet almost to quiet. Leaving where he was and headed somewhere else.
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    When DJ said, 'When you left the wasteland, you were all left without keyblades for a short time.' "Well I am the only one here that that seemed to have no effect on" he said offhandedly. He already knew how defend himself without a keyblade because well he had to do it before. This training seemed like maybe this was something else all together. 'Not every aura is powered by a blade. While the blade is mighty, i found strength in heavier weapons like the mighty hammer and axes. They helped me take my wind and earth auras to new heights!' He looked at the weponds. "I do not know axes and a hammer just seems kind of not my stye." They ream rather sharp also. "How odes a axe or a hammer help with wind?" 'No keyblade use! So if you have proficiency with another weapon, I suggest you use it.' "I used other weapons on my homeword but i mostly used my brain when it came to fights. If need be i could always take someone down hand to hand but i always liked to keep my distance." That was why it liked the concept of magic so much he did not have to get close if he did not want to. He looked over the weapons not really happy with the guns or swords or aexes or anything melee based in general. They did not seem right.
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    They headed to the gummi ship. Soon they were back at Central Haven. Kel said, 'It went better than I thought it'd go.' Well Ooogie got away so there was that. Then Shiro said, 'Once you rest for the night, we'll be able to split you off into groups of two, training with weapons outside your keyblade! Here's just a taste of what you can expect!' For what reason? Sure there might be areas where they could not use the keyblade but he really did not see a reason for it other then that. Before he could say anything Kaida said what he was thinking. "I have to agree with Kaida about this weapon thing. There maybe some people here that trained before they got a keyblade." Sure it could help them but it still seemed odd. The keyblade changed form whatever they needed it for so using another weapon that could not change was just ehh.
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    He was ready for oogie's escape. Kaida had some how pulled loose oogies sack and bugs came out he shot freeze at the bug at it landed on the ground they could not let it escape but more and more bugs kept coming out of the bag. There was no way they could get them all and they kept coming and coming. Jack led the group outside of Oogie's manor for safety. There was ntoing that could be done about oogie for now. 'So what's next for you entripid explorers?' Jack had asked. "Do not know probably re group of some of the others then who knows." Then he saw someone aproch the group. Aux approached the halloweentown group, Aux appeared before them with a new attire. Hi shirt was now a bloody red and he wore a serial killer's mask to hide his face. He looked up at the tall and thin skeleton, trying to think which of their group members it would be in disguise. "Uhh... AJ?" he asked, not knowing who it was. He was not sure why Aux would think he would turn to a skeleton. 'Everything alright on this end?' Aux had asked. "As well as it could have gone." he was not happy about oogie but there was nothing that could be done now. "Something still feels off about this whole trip." He told Aux offhandedly.
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    The battle was soon over. Soon oogie said, 'The goodie two shoes gang? HAHA! What're they gonna do? Put me on time out?' No. His first thought was to simply take oogie to the Yensid and the others but knowing oogie he would simply escape or at the very least likely sooner or later he would be gone. Luna then said, 'I am on board for whatever you guys see fit as his punishment.' To be honest he was not sure what to do with him. Whatever it was they were going to have to deal with him here. Kel then said, 'Why not just give him a taste of his own medicine, scare him as bad as he's scared everyone else.' "I am not so sure Kel he might enjoy that, this is after all something he is use to. That said we do not have many options what we do has to be done before we set off so it is better then nothing." He was not sure what there was to do other then what kel suggested.
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