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    My heart is returning. Doubtless I'll awaken very soon.
    Okay, that's enough quotes! Hello there, KH-Vids!

    You might, MIGHT, remember me from back in the day. I did that Stitch voice once... no? No, that's okay!

    As evidenced by username I used to post here back when we first got that Birth By Sleep teaser in KH2 Final Mix!
    I remember so fondly as a teenager discussing theories and having fun with you all.

    So where did I go? I hear the clearly HUGE crowd of you asking?
    I didn't really!
    I did go on to start a YouTube channel (Called Geezernort) which was a really fun thing. I've made short films and more and eventually I ended up spending some time working for both Capcom and our beloved Square-Enix in the UK!
    But the main reason? My old Hotmail account got removed quite unceremoniously! I could no longer access my account!
    I have come back here once a week, checked things out, for six years! It's like a comfort blanket of the internet.

    I'm now a screenwriter, which some would say is not a job but hey, be quiet you! And am still hugely passionate about Kingdom Hearts as well as a wide variety of film and TV.

    But today I found an old, broken down laptop and, guess what?! My account login was still saved in the browser!
    I get to come back!

    I can't believe how much has happened in the Kingdom Hearts universe and community and I'm really excited to jump back in, six years older and... I'll pretend much wiser.

    I owe so much to this website and these forums and I'm so glad I can come back with the original account that helped mould me so much as a teenager!

    I can't wait to "Re:Connect" with people from back in the day and users I never got the chance to meet. So, in the words of dear old Pooh Bear:
    "Hello Somebody-I-Don't-Know!"
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    Mike, this = best advice given yet

    EDIT: The process of doing the fandubs itself can be rewarding :) And I've shown it to a bunch of family members and friends so people are seeing them :D
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    Alright, well to start off, I feel you dude, in the aspect of feeling ignored sometimes and the lack of interest in how much effort gets put into the fandub also annoys me too. but CtR and Fearless have got points too. Make yourself more approachable in the community. People only see you as "TEH GRAND AUTHORITAH" and so are either going to not reply to you or be over negative to compensate (I spent years avoiding replying to mods out of fear xD) Get yourself out there posting here there and everywhere so everyone knows that you're approachable. And dude, any and all friends are special and should be cherished no matter how many you have. So, to sum it all up. Keep your chin up, show everyone the real Mike and keep being awesome! And if anyone kicks off Stitch'll go 626 on those fools :P
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    On the topic of the shop text, could it be french or something similar, because the "T" in "torn" is a capital "T" why then is "a" a larger form of a lower case "A", could the first word be "Ce" ?

    EDIT: I apologise, that was terribly worded but I don't know else to word it xD
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    Nice! Very anxious for this now:D
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    Thanks for the positive comments, Hallstar, Kissy-sensei and Ryusuke, I'm not really an impressions kinda guy, I'm more proficient with a variety of voices or accents, I wasn't certain my Stitch was good enough but I'm really pleased people liked it :D

    EDIT: Not a member of VAA so I'll do my thoughts and opinions here:
    iwuzhere9 as Aeleus/Lexeaus: I think this was pretty good, you only had one line so it must have been hard to shine through, I think if Aeleus appears in the next video try sounding a little gruffer :D
    Kissy-Sensei as Aqua: I'm honestly surprised you're not confirmed as the VA for Aqua, your voice has the perfect mix of womanliness and that slightly younger sound which is perfect for Aqua's age, good job as always!

    Mike (CGNET) as Announcer: This was good, nice touch, although the reading was a little fast but nothing bothersome :D

    Genshie as Captain Hook: I liked some aspects of this but other's not so much. I won't mention the popping as you've already heard it about 200 times xD I could see where you were going with Hook but I think something didn't quite come through somewhere, very good for your first time though :D

    Daelyn as Cinderella: I feel bad that I'm reviewing you on only crying, but it was damn good crying! It sounded like Cinderella and it was very authentic sounding, were you watching a really sad film when recording it? xD

    Genshie as Doc: A very good rendition, the voice itself was nigh on perfect, again, not gonna mention the dreaded "P" word

    Ryusuke as Eraqus: This is outstanding, suits Eraqus to the ground, good job!

    Zeftnon - The Superior as Even/Vexen: Very impressed with this, sounded very similar to Vexen but I did notice some slight differences (whether purposeful or not I don't know) That made him distinctive

    Usako as GodMother: Really a very good Fairy God Mother, volume was a little loud but you know that already :D

    Hlmactiii as King Mickey: As with Cinderella, it's hard to give criticism for this voice as it's just shouting xD But it did sound exactly how Mickey would sound if he was screaming and falling into a whirlpool

    The Hallstar as Master Xehanort: I don't know why so many people dislike your MX, it's really quite good and is a break from tradition of the bad guy sounded like a 1950's cartoon villain xD I liked the addition of a slightly gruffer sound in this dub though.

    Refi-chan [again] as Queen: I like this, sounded a lot like her, next time just try a slightly older sound, to add more of a regal tone to her voice

    Geezernort's Apprentice as Stitch: Here we go, self-criticism time xD. I was overal quite pleased with my performance although I don't think I quite got the pitch right, It would also have been better if I'd have sounded sadder on the "Friends...bonds" line

    JetFire62 as Terra: Slightly louder than the rest of the voices but that's only a technical error, the voice itself suits Terra down to the ground and is exactly how I hope he sounds

    Lightofhope18 as Tinkerbell: Perfection, you only had one line but it sounded so professional and your voice was so good that you really shone through.

    Greater_bloo as Vanitas: Really good, suited Vanitas, the only problem I had was Vanitas didn't sound like he was in the same place as Ven but I'm guessing that's more down to mixing

    Mike (CGNET) as Ven: I've been a big admirer of your Roxas work, you are a dead ringer voice wise for McCartney, if ever he stops doing KH you should get in there straight away!

    Overall:This is the best fandub so far (Though of course I'm biased xD) I'm really looking forward to working with everyone in the future
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    Yay! Positive comments! xD
    Orpheus, your siggy pic is huge dude :P
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    Well this is purely from a personal view, for you haters out there, why slate these when you don't slate the thousands of AMV's that go up on here every day? Mike and everyone on the team try their damndest to provide you guys something interesting to leven the mundanity between the teaser videos and the release of the actual game and all you do is throw it back in their faces. As the old saying goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all". I, personally, was overjoyed to be chosen to take part in this wonderful fandub with these wonderfully talented voice actors, they may not be exactly how you may like them to be but long story short, they aren't the official VA's so they're never going to be perfect but they try damn hard, I hope to work on more in the future if any more trailers come out before the release
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    This is really good! Everyone did really well on this!
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    It's been resent

    It's been resent
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