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    Officially posting here to claim the achievement that'll never be used for anything :D (hero's comeback)
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    I'll take 1
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    Look, it's fairly clear they're trying to start something. First they'll take over the RPA, then they'll move onto the spam zone, and eventually they'll try to take our ship.

    We need to take care of them before they grow more powerful. My hot-pink lightsaber is at your service, cap'n.
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    English Cover Instrumental

    Since it isn't in English originally, I hope it counts anyway.
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    Claiming Line 2 please!
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    If I might make a suggestion,Cap'n...since you have filled out yer membership card and all, it would make ye the perfect candidate for a raid from the inside. They'd never expect it.
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    The choice being made just a little harder, Glen was somewhat at a loss for what to do. He really didn't like the idea of being terminated again, but it wasn't as though Karina didn't make a good point. Screwing over everyone was basically Nequa, Vanitas and Aux's job. If he helped Nequa become more powerful then stopping them would be practically impossible and it'd be his fault. There was also the fact that he didn't think he could take on everyone there, something that came to mind as he was sizing up the female that seemed almost eager to beat the crap out of him. Good god there were two of them. He sighed, not coming to a firm decision but one that would probably be his best bet for the moment.

    "Well, I've never been much of a soldier, but helping Nequa isn't going to make anything good happen. If it's my life or everyone else's, then it's not like I have a choice" Glen said, keeping himself sounding as sure as he could. He definitely had no intention of stabbing anyone in the back, and he wanted to think that he could sacrifice himself for the sake of everyone else but truth be told, he wasn't entirely sure that when push came to shove he could do it. He'd just have to pretend he could and hope that eventually he'd believe his own lie.

    "Okay, Punchy. Ignoring for the moment the fact that that guy" he said, gesturing towards Arctus with his keyblade, "can fly for whatever reason, which for me is a pretty big thing, do you have any idea where this pod is meant to go or hell, who this girl in there even is? Since Nequa's no longer an option, if you let me know the new place to take her to I'll get her there without so much as a scratch being put on her" the Aatarsiluan keyblade wielder stated. Here he was, putting his trust in someone whose only interaction with him thus far was threatening him, and all he had to go on was the fact that Karina seemed to be working with her. Karina, who likely still wanted him dead and had tried to accomplish that several times. What was going to come next? Maybe Aux, Nequa and Vanitas would turn out to be good guys, like that would ever happen.
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    Dear god I was so quiet in this one D:
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    So the moment Karina had called him out on standing there and not really doing anything, Glen had been about to come up with something that undoubtedly would have been clever, witty and somewhat amusing, or at least that's what he hoped it would have been. However, before he could, another person came in and took steps to make sure the damn pod was trapped, which meant he was trapped with it. Not knowing who was on his side or what was going on, Glen simply stood there in a sort of defensive stance, ready to stop anyone from moving the pod until he was sure what was going on.

    Sooner rather than later, things seemed to die down. The other newcomer left, leaving that spikey haired boy along with the rest of them. His head was spinning, what with so many damn things going on that he was having trouble processing all of them. "Okay, so let me get this straight...Nequa's weak, she's going to get some new form, whatever that means, some bad guy seems to know Karina, this pod is very important, and I think that was it. Oh wait, no, I forgot about the fact that karina can apparently use fire? How the hell do you even do that? Have you always been able to do that?" He asked, before shaking his head. "You know what, I have a lot of questions but I've got a bigger problem" he stated, scarcely able to believe he'd actually just admitted that.

    "I was given a task to deliver this pod to Nequa. Now, I don't want to do that because frankly Nequa is a real bitch, but when the alternative is literally being killed or erased from existence or whatever he did to me before, I'm at a loss for what to do. Any of you guys have an idea?" Glen asked, finally getting a word in. Damn things were really chaotic, he'd probably like it if it weren't for the fact he was facing such a difficult choice.
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    Well, he'd gone and gotten himself lost. Or at least, he had been. Glen had never been particularly good with directions, and though he knew the end destination the path there was not something his...instructor had given him in his head. He'd taken what felt like a million turns around corners, run into copious amounts of nothingness. The moment he felt like he was making headway, he would round the next corner and boom, there was an empty space where the ground sort of just stopped appearing; a dead end of sorts. After what he could only guess was about five hours of travelling (it wasn't, he just liked to exaggerate) the keyblade wielder deliveryman had finally found, well, something.

    What it was was something he was familiar with, and maybe it was the fact that only a short time ago he had literally been taken out of existence, but he didn't feel a terribly strong desire to actually get involved. There was a fight, although that word was too elegant for the mess that was taking place before him. A brawl was closer, but not quite there..."Ah, an absolute cluster....fluck, that's the word" he said to nobody in particular. He most definitely said fluck, not the other word.That was the one word he could think of to describe what he was seeing, what with weapons being slung around. Even if he did want to get involved, he had a person that was in need of help and taking her into the middle of that would hardly help. What reason would he possibly have to actually go into there? Right, crap, maybe they knew the girl or knew about the pod he was escorting. Stupid logic, maybe that was why he preferred to throw himself into situations.

    He took a step forward and casually went to lean against the pod, only for it to get pushed slightly to the side. Thankfully he caught himself before he fell over, and if he was to be honest he wasn't entirely sure any of the people there were paying enough attention to him to even notice. That could be an issue if he wanted to actually ask them something, and so without even considering the possibility he may have had his keyblade taken once more, he held out his hand and summoned Last Legacy, his favourite keyblade. He'd try to actually call out to them and see if that worked, but if that didn't work he was willing to bet he knew a certain dragon that would be more than happy to take the attention away from them. God help him if Mushu ever heard him acknowledge him as a dragon, but that wasn't the point. "Now look, I don't know what's going on here, but if you could give me a hand finding out who this girl is and what's wrong with her, I'd be very appreci-" he said, eyeing off the people as they fought and his attention snagging on one particularly broody looking female. He recognised her after a few moments of thinking 'who the hell is that?' and simply let out a fairly audible "ah crap, this guy really screwed me over this time"
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    Up until that last bit, Glen had been relatively content with the job. Delivery jobs weren't too bad, and after the mark of mastery a break wouldn't be too bad. He had just been responding with "mhm", and "alright" to the explanations the man had given. He'd taken a quick glance inside of the pod, figured that it was some random girl who was in danger, and then continued listening. However, the last bit finally broke him out of that contemptment as he immediately burst out "Nequa?! You have got to be kidding, there is no way-" he had started, before he stopped and shook his head. "Riight, no choice. Well, so long as Nequa doesn't try anything I suppose I can work with her for now" the keyslinger said, though the hesitation was clear in his voice.

    He gently pushed on the pod with his right hand, and after noticing that it moved forward ever so slightly, he peered around the pod and called out "Alright, we'll be off then. I'll get this girl to where she needs to go in one piece and be back to be sent back to the others. Give me....I dunno, a few hours?" and then carefully moved it around so that he was pushing the pod towards what he could only assume was the way he had to go. He had a feeling he knew the end destination, but how to get there was something else entirely. "Should've given me a map at least.." he grumbled, before transitioning from a casual walk into a light jog.
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    Sign me up for 6 in the stalker valentines day song. Nothin is more romantic than observing your love from a distance, time after time
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    Stretching his arms, Glen looked at the man before him. He had to take things carefully, given the last time he opened his mouth he'd ended up, well, where he was at that point. "Doesn't seem like i've got much choice in the matter. Though I only failed because the game was rigged against me, if I say no then eeeeeverything I've done up to now will have been wasted, and that would really suck" the keyblade wielder stated.

    He took a few steps to the side of the pod, eyeing it off before shooting a quick glance at the man that had summoned him. "Bit big though, isn't it? How am I meant to move it to that place?" he questioned, reading the address on the side. He was hardly a navigator in the realm of darkness, despite having been trapped in it for a fair while. Moving the pod was going to be enough of a pain, but he was also curious about the entry fee the guy had mentioned for the mark of mastery. He didn't feel like he was missing anything, and he hadn't really noticed anything gone, so whatever the cost was it was probably something trivial. Maybe a hair from his head or something like that, but given the rewards for completing it he doubted it. He shrugged, it wasn't like he could force answers out of the guy anyway. Better to do his job, prove his worth and then get back to everyone else. He'd officially failed the test, it would be just downright embarrassing if he couldn't even manage to do a simple delivery mission. How hard could it really be?
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