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Jan 25, 2007
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In a world covered by endless water.


Gummi Ship Junkie, Male, from In a world covered by endless water.

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Jan 11, 2015
    1. strfruit
      Lol! Hello!!! ^^
      How are you?
    2. strfruit
      Lol!! That was an amazing story my good sir! XD
      Very cool haha! No wai I would leave you hanging!! -high fives!-
      :D Can't wait until it's done! Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out myself! ^^

      A gaming weekend is always fun! Uncharted 3!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Love that series!!
      Of course...homework is....important - twitch - haha just kidding ^^
      Alrighty! Well you have a great night! Very nice chatting with you!! :D You are very welcome! And thanks! XD
    3. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      Oh well then you shoul really watch it! =D I keep watching episodes non-stop haha.
      Oh it really funny. And Sheldon is the best of them all!
      Oh I loved it. It was the theme I had right before my current kitty one. =^^=
      Merci merci and sleep well dear <3
    4. strfruit
      Indeed it does! haha!
      Great to hear you are doing well! ^^
      Hehe....I used to love that show....Foster's Home.....was one of my favs....and Bloo of course was awesome XD
      Well nothing really new.....but I am almost finished with one of my projects that I have been working on all weekend!! Yay! ^-^
      The animation is doing good so far....haven't made much progress yet, but we will get there :P

      So, how was your weekend?
    5. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      Haha welll it's a pretty good show. I used to be really obsessed with it back in high school when it first came out. But lost interest after they broke out. Realy. There was no reason after that. But I can't watch the big bang theory so I'm setting for this.
      And well I just recently finished Maid-sama. Thought it was funny. But I'd have to flip through my list that I can't think of atm >w<
    6. strfruit
      Why hello!! ^^
      It is 1:56 AM's 1:56 here!!!???? Ahhh!!! @.@ Xp
      I am doing wonderful!! Thank you for asking :3

      And yourself??

      Where did your blooregard avatar go? hehe :P
    7. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      Oh I'm just watching a show I used to watch years ago called Prison Break.
      Oh coolness. I might look it up. But I have a list on ones I should watch already but I don't have the time for @.@
      As for recommendations, I'm a bit rusty. What are you into? I'm sure you must have seen all the ones I have xD
    8. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      Wow you must work really hard xD And I'm not doing much. I have some homework to do but can be done tomorrow. For now, I'm just watching shows in Netflix
    9. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      DUCK GORE! We should get to talking =^^=
    10. Jayn
      Can I marry your voice?
    11. Shikou
      Still not sure about Fatal Frame? I made a review :)
    12. Shikou
      Hey there, Fatal Frame is amazing. It is a lot scarier then Resident Evil (even though it isn't horror anymore Lol) and Silent Hill. Fatal Frame was the first to scare me the first 20 minutes of the first one. And believe me, this is coming from someone who is hard to scare, nothing could scare me except death himself until I played Fatal Frame.
      I can't play Spirit Camera yet but I do have it when I get enough for a 3DS.
    13. strfruit
      ^-^ Alrighty! Have a great class!

      You are very welcome! Thank you too! haha Gave me something to do! :D
    14. strfruit
      It will most likely be a hand drawn animation, but it will be tested with CG as well. So, it hasn't been officially decided yet :) haha!

      And of course! :D Would love to share! Might take a while, but, whenever it is complete, I will definitely let you see it XP
    15. strfruit
      ^-^Yayz! haha!
      It took me a while to really decide what I wanted to major in.
      Changed my mind many of times! XD
      I have an animation in development, but it still has a way to go :) In the process of working out the story and designing characters currently.
    16. strfruit
      Haha! I do that XD

      An action analysis is pretty much the basics of the human figure. The class helps you learn how to draw people and how to draw them in different positions. (Dancing, walking, biking, etc...) I have to take the class for my animation courses :D
    17. strfruit
      hey hey! :D

      Just got out of my action analysis class, now listening to some music, and chillaxin

      What about you? ^-^
    18. hlmactiii
      Those are your projects or stuff you're casted in? But, I totally agree with you about the big projects. Back in the day, I used to audition and get parts in all this full game and movie fan dubs and maybe one or two videos would come out, and then they'd fall apart. It's definitely better to do smaller projects because they're more likely to get finished.

      Well, I'm producing a Darth Maul - Clone Wars fan dub, I'm in a Kingdom Hearts flash dub (where I play Sora XP), and some smaller roles here and there. And of course the KH 3D dub with you ;). And also the Chapters of darkness with you! Although, she sent me lines in a pm a month ago and I didn't see them until now X( Stupid ...
    19. hlmactiii
      Oh, you're welcome! I never though of it that way. I guess I spend more time logged in over there than I do here. What other projects are you involved in now?
    20. hlmactiii
      Haha I don't know why it hadn't been done yet :P It's strange how I've never had a friend request on here, yet I have over 20 on VAA ...
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