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In a world covered by endless water.


Gummi Ship Junkie, Male, from In a world covered by endless water.

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Jan 11, 2015
    1. strfruit
      Same same!
      Getting excited! :D
    2. strfruit
      Thanks for befriending me :D

      How are you?
    3. StrawhatSoul
      I'm doing great, thanks for asking!
      I haven't been that active here on the forums, and for that, I apologize.
      I'm looking forward to when Mike lets us know when the KH3D fandub starts, I can't wait to voice Braig again.
      How have you been, anything interesting happen?
    4. Excasr
      Uploading to Youtube.
      The time when you keep going to the KHV section to see if it's out... twice per minute.
      This is happening to you too? c:
    5. chibiwings
      I agree it is funny to hear all kinds of different voices. I LOVE Beat's voice! It's so perfect for the character! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my Rhyme! ^^ I'm glad I do her justice. I'm the process of recording 19 lines for episode 3.This time I'm going to turn my mic up more because Mario told me that Rhyme was hard to hear (of course I asked him if it was or not). I was like ooops. Ok I can fix that. lol
      Aww it's ok to rant. I remember when they kept pushing back the date for one game. I think it was kH2 back in the day, or maybe Advent Children. All I remember is that it was Square Enix related. lol But yeah I understand why that would make you upset.
    6. Llave
      Llave is pretty reliable.

      Seek thy answers in due time sir. All in due time...
    7. Llave
      Thank ye! It's Ichigo. A later form. That's all I'll say. xD
    8. chibiwings
      Thank you! I'll definitely show you when it's done. The script is still being worked on.
      I think you'll be fine. You're good about getting lines in, from what I've seen in Mike's fandubs. ^-^ I can't wait to hear you in Digimon and TWEWY. Oh have you seen the new TWEWY episode? It was released a couple days ago. I'm in that one. xD
    9. Llave
      I must say, I do like your new avatar.
    10. chibiwings
      Aww that is so cute!!! ^.^ I think the KHV Choir is so adorable! I would do it if I wasn't so busy with stuff. I just got cast yesterday to voice Namine in Kingdom Hearts: Corrupted Dreams. It's a fan flashdub. ^.^ I'm really happy to be in something Kingdom Hearts related! I didn't even expect to get picked for that role!
      Oh! Toondubz extended the deadline, so I don't think we really need lines in by next week. It doesn't hurt to ask him though. At least you got some lines done so far. Just try to squeeze some time in and talk to him about it. Unless he told you directly that you're in danger? @_@
    11. chibiwings
      Opps laaate reply. >.< That quote is from one of the 20480924-2 trailers (or whatever) for the games after KH2. There's so many trailers/endings/hidden stuff that I lost count.
      Guess what? All of my lines for the Digimon movie fandub are done! ^^ It took me a lot longer than usual to get them done since I've been so busy this month. How have you been?
    12. Jayn
      That'll work awesomely. Thank you. <:
    13. Jayn
      Hey, hey. <: Just a reminder.

      Same thing as before goes. Once you pick one, you never have to pick one again unless you want to.

      I would like you to chose a render image. This means it's completely transparent in the background. Full body (from the head to the shoes/feet) would be preferred and the best.

      You can find some renders here. It's in French (I think), but it's not that hard to navigate. The search bar is in the top right corner.

      You can also find renders on DeviantArt, BakaRenders and Google Images. There are more sites too, but yes.
    14. chibiwings
      Hi! Just wanted to say hi. I haven't been on KH-Vids in a while. xP
    15. NemesisPrime
      So do I so I'll try to work on a little something of a script in the meantime, till then!
    16. NemesisPrime
      It was going something of an improv where I'm going to say something and be like, "And here is my apprentice to emphasize my point." Then you come in and basicily act like Vanitas being his normal insulting self.
    17. NemesisPrime
      I'd say skit plus it would be awesome!
    18. NemesisPrime
      You. Me. Group call to Square as Master Xehanort/Vanitas. What do you say?
    19. NemesisPrime
      I know right?
    20. Llave
      You are a spectacular critic sir! Thank you for taking the time to write all of that.

      I'm new to this whole fandubbing, but I really want to sound as accurate as possible, even if I am not going to pursue voice acting as a career.
      (It's Llave btw.)
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