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    How're you? :3

    How're you? :3
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    Heyoooo! xD

    Heyoooo! xD
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    I had my doubts about Ruby being a happy-go-lucky person but after watching this I totally buy into it! xD She had a little rough spots with the VA, but they weren't that important so I forgive them for it. Yang also did pretty well though she hasn't really done anything in this episode besides be a big sister. Can't wait to hear Weiss, I'm really curious how to she would sound like. :3
    The beginning intro with Jen Taylor narrating really set the mood and setting. Really liked the performance for the two VAs of the main men too. Overall the voice acting was a step up from what I was expecting.

    The animation was pretty top notch too, though it's better when it's a fighting/action scene which are top-notch as always. Though that part with the cookies and stuff felt kinda stiff to me.

    As for the's gonna take me awhile to get used to the school thing. I mean I haven't really seen anything of it, but it's kinda weird seeing these spectacular set pieces in the trailers with and then suddenly having a school show up on the first episode. To be fair the school does look pretty extravagant so maybe I'm speaking too soon.

    Intro song and animation is fantastic! I keep replaying it as I type this lol.

    And that's about all I can think of to critique on. Overall solid episode, the school setting kinda worries me as I thought the characters would always be traveling not just tied down to one place, but I haven't actually seen anything so maybe I'm just being paranoid. I guess if they followed the same format as Soul Eater with the school I guess it could be interesting....wait the main character has a Scythe and she's going to a train to hunt monsters...I THINK I MIGHT'VE FIGURED OUT THE INSPIRATION! xD
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    Here's the intro on Vimeo:

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    Live stream with cast and crew happening right now!

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    Heya guys! Bloo here!
    Some of you know me, a VAST majority of you don't! xD Let's fix that shall we? :3
    I'm an amateur voice actor, and I do voices for anime, games, whatev! A majority of that stuff is fan dubs. I mainly reside on Youtube my channel of which you can find at this link:
    To be relevant to Kingdom Hearts I've participated in Mike's KHV fan dubs for quite awhile. Voicing characters such as Sora, Vanitas, and Zack!
    Anyhoo, enough about that resume stuffs. Take a look at some of the videos I've produced! ^_^
    I'll be updating this post with the latest vids as they come out!
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    Heya guys while the first episode was not released a few bootleg videos of RWBY's intro hit Youtube!

    Of course, there's a chance this might be pulled down so here's a few bits of info.
    -Gives off an anime opening vibe and features a new Rock genre song.
    -Shows a bunch of new characters:
    +Someone wearing a white cloak. He/she is standing behind where the tombstone is when Ruby was in the beginning of the Red trailer.
    +One guy who has the same colors as Weiss and looks to be the leader of an organization.
    +A girl who's almost pitch black, except for a yellow design from her chest down to her arms and white eyes. With a wall of fire and two other black silhouettes behind her.
    +Another group of four characters standing in front of a pair of statues.
    +And finally two characters riding an airship.
    -Shows Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang fighting as a team.
    -Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang have emblems. Ruby is a Rose, Weis is a Snowflake, I can't see Blake's, Yang has some kind of heart-shaped emblem with what looks like flames on top.

    Also here's a 45 minute Panel with the VAs, writers and animators talking about the show and characters!
    -The trailers were only created by a small part of the team.
    -The characters were created to fit the VAs personalities. Meaning the VAs are basically playing themselves.
    -There's an element that plays a big part to the story called Dust. The writers compare it to their show's version of magic though they're reluctant to call it magic. The characters' weapons can use Dust for stronger attacks, though it is said weapons aren't required to use the power of Dust.
    -When a character is using Dust they will glow, this can be seen in some of the trailers such as in the Black trailer when Adam does his special Sword Draw attack and in the Yellow trailer when Yang when powers up.
    -Monty's been thinking about making this show for a really long time. But it was only last June that he actually named it RWBY and started creating characters.
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