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    Yeah, I just tested it. It only works for the XMB, not the actual game. Tried both the XMB and the Rebug Toolbox ones and neither worked.
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    Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

    Also, I believe that the debug settings option only works for the XMB, not the game, I think. You're talking about the one in the Rebug Toolbox, right? Or the one in the DEX XMB debug settings?
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    Dude thanks! Also, how were you able to debug the Eboots? I'm currently trying to remap the controls on KH2.5 to the Jap controls using the PS3XPAD plugin, but it isn't working because I don't know if I'm debugging the eboots right or not! I'm on 4.81 DEX. Any tips would be very appreciated!

    Also, are there any other 60 FPS codes like for KHReCoM HD? BBSFM HD? Any KH3D Codes or a Full Party code for KH2FM HD?
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    Hey all,

    I was just wondering what 60 FPS codes are currently hacked for the HD collections on PS3? I know KH2FM HD has one (it used to crash when I used it, but I had a CEX PS3 back then, it's DEX now, haven't tried it yet, hopefully, it won't crash as much), but what about the others? Are there any 60 FPS codes for KH1FM HD? KHReCoM HD? KHBBSFM HD? Also, if anyone has any debug eboots for any of them, that would be appreciated as I'm still trying to figure my way out with DEX (all I did was convert it from CEX to DEX to use the button swap and use circle to hit instead of cross, like the Jap versions).

    Also, one other question, are there any codes for KH3D? Just like the regular 3DS one?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Aqua was still able to identify them as Creatures of the Darkness and she was able to differentiate between the Unversed and Heartless. She might have not known the technical term, but she was able to deduce that the creatures she's fighting are on a whole different level than the Unversed, and for a person who was never taught about the Heartless and such, I'd say that's a pretty impressive feat for such a young Keyblade Master like Aqua and says a lot about her intellect. Like the others, I'd agree on the fact that there was no need to learn about the Heartless because they were almost nonexistent during that period of time.
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    Does anyone have any idea on how to modify the magic spells in this game? I have a hunch it's in the shared abilities section but I haven't looked at the memory of this game in NetCheat yet.
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    Can anyone explain to me what the character slot codes do? Does it make it possible to have party members with you? Like if you're playing as Aqua, does it let you add Ven and Terra orr???? What do they do and do they only work in a specific world/place?
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    There is already one created for International FFX-2, it's on GameFAQs, imma search around for it.
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    After several tries, I managed to get some results, I was trying to port the code, but wouldn't get any results at all, so instead I looked at the item code already created for KH2FM and specifically at the first two lines of the code which is:
    Have All Normal/Synth/Weapons/Acc Items < FM Version, includes all new items and weapons with NO dummies and keyitems >
    4032F0B0 00060001
    0A0A0A0A 00000000
    And the code from the original KH2 was:
    40340CE8 00500001
    62626262 00000000
    the second line tells how much you want or how much you're gonna get (0a0a0a0a is 10 of each item and 62626262 is 98 of each), the first line of the code tells the device where to go to edit it, now what I did to change the code was this:
    All items (made by hakamdeebad or me)
    4032F0B0 00500001
    62626262 00000000
    and it kinda of worked, it gave me all the original kh2 items plus all the kh2fm items, that means weapons, potions, menu items (ex: tent), key items, synthesis, dummies, and accessories. Now the problem is that the only thing it actually messed up is Goofy's weapons, it took some of them away and gave you some of them, Donald's staffs were all there, the only thing it messed with was Goofy's shields, so where did I go wrong? I tried editing the second part of the first line (00500001) by changing the 1, all that did was replace my party with 3 Goofy's and it also gave some items, and then I tried to get the All goofy weapons code and turned it on in conjunction with the all items code and it still didn't give me the Goofy weapons, so I'll try activating the code without the all items code now
    Edit: Okay, so I made a mistake, the code that I made above worked, it gave me everything, it turns out that when you go to check all the items, it doesn't show you all the goofy weapons because the list is full, because there are so many FAKE items at the bottom of the list, but if you go to the weapons section, you'll see all the weapons (Sora's, Donald's, Goofy's, and world characters)
    So here it is world:
    All items code (gives you everything, dummies, key items, weapons, etc.)
    4032F0B0 00500001
    62626262 00000000
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    I know, I took the elf file out, and looked into the cheats file, but I can't seem to find any application to open it with, I opened it with notepad, all it showed me was some weird writing and junk, so I tried erasing some spaces and put the file back after I backed it up and went to codebreaker and it said "the cheat file is old, you wanna update it?" If I choose yes, it erases all the cheats I entered except for the Final Fantasy 10-2, if I choose no, it says "setting up cheats, please wait" and then it freezes like that. Anyway, I still can't port the code, mostly because this is my first time porting codes, can anyone help me with it?
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    I just installed Free MCBoot on my PS2 over a week ago, every time I make a change to CB, I'll just back it up on my computer, I don't know why it happens though, any ideas?
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    Can anyone convert this code from KH2 to KH2FM?
    All Items
    40340CE8 00500001
    62626262 00000000
    My CodeBreaker wouldn't work for some reason...
    It loads but never gets passed the "please wait... reading file"
    this happened to me twice and I had to redo the codes for all the games I put in, I don't know why it happens though. I erased the file and made a new one, so now I have to re enter all the codes, and it would make it much easier if you just convert this code and see if it gives me all the original items plus the FM ones, I don't have time to enter the long annoying codes.
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    I almost died of happiness when I saw Aqua at the end, that is a really beautiful cgi, this trailer is the best, it showed every moment, from KH1 to where we are now. Destiny Island, then Xehanort's Heartless, then Sora falling in Castle Oblivion, at the same time Roxas coming out and his memories with Axel and Xion (loved that part), his fight with Axel after that, Riku and Sora fighting Xemnas, the fight with Master Xehanort at the Keyblade Graveyard, and then at the end when Sora, Riku, Mickey, Terra, Roxas, Donald, Goofy, THE BEAUTIFUL AQUA, and Ventus wave their weapons was just amazing, I fainted. 5 more days!!! I HOPE WE SEE AQUA IN THIS GAME!!! But I am sad that we didn't see Namine, Kairi, Axel, and Xion there with them :(
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    Cool, and I tested the summon Exp mod for you, and it worked fine, its really good.
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