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    Hello legends

    I want to create this thread about the number of movies(as much as you can remember) you have watched in your life till now.

    Feel free to post your most and least favorite. This can be hard though.

    I'll start.

    Total number of movies watched: 950
    Most favorite: Avatar, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Fourth Kind
    Least favorite: Character launch movies of Marvel. All are the same. Introduce a new superhero who wants to save the world. They get mutated by accident/willingly then Everyone wants to save the world.
    Thread by: Henry Patrick, May 17, 2022, 1 replies, in forum: Movies & Media
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    My thoughts Exactly! Grow up people. We are entering the metaverse. Religious boundaries should not constraint us. Testing.
    Post by: Henry Patrick, Jan 24, 2022 in forum: Discussion
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    I think you can build a beautiful website more quickly and easily with a cms such as wordpress which hosts 43% of the websites on the internet. The community is helping too.
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