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    plaing rune factory 4

    plaing rune factory 4
    Status Update by Hilary, Nov 5, 2013
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    yea the temporary computer i got...cant have any extra programs on it because it has so little Ram..but i can use things that are Wmv files and i know this site has that so thanks to you guys i can at least work on Kingdom hearts videos. im working on two right now.i t feels so good to be able to make videos again.
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    so.. appearently i am the computer grim reaper...i went thru not gonna lie 3 computers..all used of course *Darn you college loans for making me poor!* and i havent been able to post anything for months!!!! but i got this temporary computer right now to hopefully hold me over till my mac comes in the mail. SO hi!!!!

    I am currently getting kh clips off here to try and make a test video to see how much this baby can handle. Its a ven and sora birth by sleep vid if anyone is curious...hopefully this computer can hold out for me..and nothing goes wrong...LIke my cats Neko and Skitz ruining it..They took the second computer and broke it by Batting it off my bed and making it land on the hard floor causing it to break beyound repair..or how they chewed threw my cords...and tried to break this one just today..GOd do my cats hate my computers or what? Eh at least i lost weght thanks to lack of said computers. lol
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    what can you do in the disega games thats like fire emblem? also i heard that rune factory is good too..but other than the 3ds one coming out next can only play as the boy and not a girl..
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    so i am getting a ps3 next month and i need to figure out what games i should get for it.. imean other than kh 1.5 i mean lol but i am really into the game fire emblem..and i am hoping that there are other games like that..where you can marry and such...preferably able to pick between a male or a female..or at least play as a female..since thats what i am lol ..i have tried to ask around about it...but people keep shoving harvest moon and sims in my face.
    i also have a ps2,and a if you know of any games like that for those systems that would be awesome.
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  8. Hilary there a kingdom hearts 2 remix out right now..and for what system?? it the same thing anyway? or do does it combine a few things???
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    so i am estatic for the kingdom hearts 3 game for when it comes out but i already have a ps2 and a ps3..i cant get a third council system..i heard some people talking that you might be able to play ps4 games on the ps3 is that true??I hope so:cool:
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    :oops: i it so much !
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    ok so i just beat atlantica for the first time all the way thru and i gotta say.. I forgot how well sora's voice actor could sing..and i just loved this world if only for his singing alone! When he sang the word darling i was like fangirling as i was trying to play lol
    It was one of those worlds where when i was done ..i was sad..I hope that in kingdom hearts 3 we get to do something like this again. I loved it! Now i want to go look up videos on youtube of him singing other songs.
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