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    Oh, whoops... Sorry about posting in the wrong place, I'll be more careful next time. Also, I appreciate your comments concerning the vid and will try keeping that in mind next time.
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    This is a vid I made some time ago! I'd like it if you guys would watch it and tell me what you liked about it, or what you didn't like^^ I appreciate any kind of constructive critisim :)

    Here's the link to the vid, I hope you guys like it:
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    I totally agree :laughing-smiley-004
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    Hmm... I suppose now would be a good enough time to let you guys know that I'm gay too. With that being said, none of my friends, who hang around me like all the time, had no idea until I told them.

    I don't act any differently now that do know and they don't act any differnty around me. If anything, I think they even forget I'm gay from time to time! To them I'm the same regular, crazy, fun-lovingly random guy who they all love. I mean it's easy to sterotype someone and assume they're gay, just like whenever you meet someone new you automatiaccly assume they're straight. Heck, even I do it!
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    What about Shuichi from Gravitation? He's hilarious! As for me, I think I'm a Haruhi from Ouran Host Club. Either that or a Honey/Kyouya combo.
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    At any rate, it's good to know that you're okay and mostly unharmed.
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    See, just look? It's so addicting!
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    cool, i've always loved the plot to this show. Especially the last two episodes.
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    Xemnas flinched at Vexen's outburst. "Oo-kay... no more late night java for you." he smiled simply, giving the Chilly Academic a pat on the shoulder.

    "Well, since Zexion's gone," he began after noticing the shorter Nobody's disappearance, "I'll be going back to my castle to see what Saix is up to. It's unusual to not hear from him in so long. I most certainly hope that he hasn't gone Beserk on the others and wrecked everything in his path."

    The Superior opened another Portal to Darkness and transpoted back to his castle in the Hall of Empty Melodies.
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    "Zexion if it wasn't for the curse, I'd be very vexed with you right now." Xemnas stated simply, "but since you apoligized that makes it okay."

    The three stood in silence for a moment.

    "Vexed Vexen is a vixen!" Xenmas screamed at the top of his lungs, recieving numerous stares from the few nearby people. "I'm sorry, but I simply could not pass up a moment like that! How often do you get to use the words 'vexed' and 'vixen' in the presence of Vexen anyway?" the rambling Nobody asked.
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    "My apoligies, Vixen... dur, I mean Vexen." Xemnas quickly corected himself. "I assure you that it was not my intention to frighten you, simply to point out that your name reminds me of the word 'vixen'. Oh, how simply adore those little fox creatures." He paused suddenly.

    "You didn't hear that. By the Zexion, greeting to you to. It appears that with the two of you working on things, there's no need to worry about this dreadful curse. Although, I'd hate to feel completely useless. Is there anything I can do to assist you? As you can tell, I've had more free time than I now what to do with."
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    OOC: i swear, my compter conspires against me! i'm not sure if i'll be making that many more posts, but i'll do what i can.

    "Why was he in such in rush?" Xemnas asked in response to Vexen's hasty retreat. "From the looks of things, it appears he thiks I'm upset with him. Larxene, I'm going to go and assure him that I am not upset." He stopped and ponered something for a moment.

    "Larxene, have you ever noticed that 'Vexen' sound suspiciously similar to 'Vixen'. I find tht quite odd, yet amusing at the same time. I'm going to go confront him about it."

    Xemnas opened a Portal to Darkness and traveled to the scientists current location.
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    OOC: so srry i haven't been on in the past day or so. I was having mad computer trouble and it took all my strength not to hit something. *sigh* anyway...

    "Vexen, a lot of strnge things have been going on so I shall excuse you from your tardiness." he began. "We should get busy trying to find Zexion, be careful not to let him see you. If he does, he may try to escape or something of the like." Once he finished speaking he began nibbled at the remainder of his oh so delicious brownie.
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