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    I am not a trophy hunter either, this is the only game I have now platinummed. It took 70hrs but I now feel empty because what more do I need to do? I started replaying but I have got everything out of the game that I can.
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    To be fair, a wine fridge is important.
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    Completed it yesterday- just got to get all the Emblems, treasures, Secret boss, Ultima Weapon etc.

    ... And then... Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix?

    I am not emotionally okay. 12 years of waiting done in 5 days.
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    12 years!!!! Ahhhh! My friends don’t understand why I said that I couldn’t meet up with them this week. Please, I am busy doing important gaming!
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    You will get to know yourself quite well when living alone. You will learn your habits and you may get annoyed at yourself. Best thing to do is work around your habits. Like I know if I don't do the washing up before dinner then I will not do it because when I eat my dinner, I have sat down and want to relax. I also know I suck at putting clothes away after they have been in the tumble dryer so I lob them on my bed so I have to put them away before I fall asleep (this one is less effective... I found I can just remove the clothes and put them back in the basket).

    Make sure you do go outside and see people, staying inside too long can be a bit crazy but you have a job so that is fine.

    Make it your own place! Decorate it how you want and make it actually feel like your home even if that means getting pokemon bed sheets, just do it : D
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    Can I get more munny from topless dancing?
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    Profile Post Comment

    It's a hecksagon : D

    It's a hecksagon : D
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    My kitten

    The memes have already claimed me
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    I have not been around in the last year but I have always had such immense respect for you Lux, you always had so much going on but despite that, you persevered and did well. It saddens me to hear you were just not listened to and just a victim of a crappy label but I have no doubt that you put your all into this site and you have obviously not got anything back from it.

    I at least hope this isn't goodbye! But you have come to a conclusion that is right for you and for that you are definitely doing the right thing.
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    For me it would be PS1 sort of era but that is mainly because of my own personal nostalgia aspect. I probably could have fun playing these older games but I would probably get bored because I have no personal connection to it. I couldn't play Pacman until the early hours of the morning like I can with modern games but that may be because they are a lot simpler. Of course I still have fun playing the older games, I just wouldn't play them for hours.
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    Hello guyz

    DanceWaterDance! I remember you! How are you doing? If you talk to one of the admins they may be able to merge your accounts or fix the problem. Nice to see you again!
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    I love Pokemon Go! I still play it and I get very excited to do gym battles, raids and catching all the Pokemon but my favourite thing with the Pokemon games was the battling. I spent hours just leveling up my pokemon by running around in tall grass to encounter wild pokemon, beating them up and moving on. I know you can still battle in the new system but fighting the wild ones has been taken away. I also like the catching mechanism for pokemon go but I am not feeling too keen on it for this. Let me fight and weaken the pokemon before catching it! I really despise when you have used a golden berry and an Ultra ball and they still jump out! There is no more I can do and that frustrates me so much! I guess that is just something that comes with all Pokemon games though and I will get over it.

    I am still excited for this game and may buy a Switch because of it.
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