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    All I know is, there are some pretty hilarious cartoons of him online.
    With his pink hair and 'flower power,' he seems to be an effeminate character regardless.
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    So yeah a curious cat
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    Just like everyone else, Axel.
    Zexion, because as someone mentioned, he has the power of literature!
    Marluxia because I've always wanted to use his sythe and have his pretty hair
    Saix and Larxene just because....and finally Riku, of course. What a bamf.
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    Some people don't like Xion's voice, but I think it suits her fine. Actually, I was generally pleased with the voice-acting, considering a large number of them were original (or at least returning) cast-members. Axel did sound strange at times though...
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    I like the way Soul Eater looks, but as a combination of light and darkness, the Way to the Dawn keyblade *upgrade* wins.
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    Oh, my bad. Still awesome
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    Don't worry, I did the same. I feel terrible for doing it, considering even when I AM here, I mostly just lurk...
    Anyhow, since the 358/2 English release places the Kingdom Hearts series back into the public eye, I'm sure we won't be the only ones.
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    Exactly. Love the idea of a Tron remake, love Daft Punk. Can't go wrong if the two come together!
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    Hahahaha I know the feeling...Tolkien is a masterful storyteller but describes EVERYTHING to death, just so we can visualize exactly what he's talking about.
    Just finished "Children of Hurin" by Tolkien, set in Middle Earth years before "The Hobbit" or the Trilogy. Honestly, one of the most depressing books I've ever read in my entire life. Well-written, but wow.
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    Completely agree. If Miley goes through with this, I'd see it as a mockery of the original that serves primarily to elate herself as a musician/actress.
    If she did a cover of one of his songs (okay, against that too) it wouldn't be as terrifying as a by-the-book redo, because everyone watching it will only be thinking "MJ's was better, and also first."
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    I prefer KH2: I'm lazy, so I liked that it was easier with the cut-scene skipping option, (aka didn't repeatedly die and have to listen to the same 5 minute cutscene over again) reaction command, drives, interesting villians (Organization XIII), and just overall prettier! I also loved Timeless River, Winnie the Pooh, and Tron (Old school, hilarious, and nostalgic)
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    Well that was quick. Looks good!
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    You can't walk a block anywhere in downtown Toronto without seeing a Starbucks...even my university has a few hidden inside
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    Can't say it was a good movie, but it was great entertainment. Lots of robots beating the crap out of eachother etc. Michael Bay continues to do what he does best...trying to cram some form of character development and plot into a cinematic ejaculation of gorgeous CGI explosions and robots.

    Did anyone else find the hip-hop talking mini robots borderline offensive at all? Is the movie trying to reach out to an African-American audience or what?
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