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    Yes, he can. Vexen can use his auto-life, but he won't do it if you can kill him quickly
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    I see. Anyway, is there another item / sleight that we can get at 100 acre wood other than item / sleight after finish each mini game, cross slash+ from piglet, and spellbinder?

    is it? when I get them, I save it on another file then load the old one. When I buy it again (I get from moogle shop), I still get them. Weird, isn't it?
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    yeah, why? are you indonesian too?
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    This is the first time I play KH : Re:CoM and now I fight Marluxia. There're some cards that I didn't get

    1. Keyblade : Spellbinder
    2. Friend : Pluto
    3. Heartless : Fat Bandit, Pirate, Darkball, Wight Knight, Gargoyle, Aqua Tank, White Mushroom, Black Fungus, Barrel Spider

    Need help how to get it, especially white mushroom, black fungus and barrel spider.

    And also, I got Diamond Dust and One-Winged Angel before I complete Sora's story. Is it a bug or I really lucky? ^_^

    Thanks for all your help
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    Bingo, you're right. But the main problem is Hades paradox cup level = 99. So, if you're not at lvl 99 (recomended), they'll wipe the floor with you easily ^^
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    If keychain represent memory, then I get 3 question (a lot, eh?)

    1. How about ultima weapon's keychain? and why they have different appearance? (sorry, maybe this question out of topic)
    2. Roxas didn't have any memory about Sora (Roxas is special nobody, right?). If you're Roxas and can't remember about your true self, how can you remember about your true self's friends? (right?)
    3. Sora's memory had been recovered at KH 2. So, why he lost all his old keychains and at some worlds, it replaced by similar keychain? (like divine rose in KH 1 and Rumbling Rose in KH 2)
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    want easier way beating pete? just use guard. Pete throw ball then you reflect it. Simple, eh?
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    Yeah, and hope the next installment (KH 3) will answer it all

    Roxas born before Sora made promise to Kairi, right? Doesn't it weird if That memories also transferred to Roxas?

    and about oblivion, well, it's logical and explaining about why oblivion's keychain is like sora'snecklace but black. Thanks ^^
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    What do you mean? Who said Sora die?
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    In Japan's translation, oblivion name is memories past and the keychain is black version of sora's necklace so to be honest, I can't find any connection about riku and oblivion, except that oblivion have kanji 'darkness' (yami) in it's teeth (it fitted riku in KH 1 but not in KH 2)

    and about that video, Roxas threw it to Riku (Strike Raid move, I guess) and Riku catch it. That kingdom key maybe Xion's kingdom key since I never saw Roxas use kingdom key when he with Xion

    If it's really Kairi's charm, it'll be totally strange cuz Sora hold it before he sleep into the white pod and we all know that Kairi only made one

    After all, there're another weapon (beside keyblade) that can huet nobody and heartless like Soul Eater for example. And Roxas is Sora's nobody so he has abilityto hurt them

    From what I know, in japanese translation, oathkeeper's name is amulet of promise and oblivion's name is memories past. So, to be honest, I don't get the message 'don't forget the promise'

    beside, sora only made 2 promise
    1. To Kairi : "I'll come back to you. I promise"
    2. To Riku : Riku said " Take care of her (Kairi)" and sora nodded
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    Ah, I forgot if all here is only interpretation. lol[/B]

    I agree with you. That 'brother' thing is totally weird. To be honest, I myself haven't see birthby sleep trailer or something like that yet. I only see it from KH 2 secret ending and KH wikipedia, so I can backup you with my theory. Sorry.
    Or, maybe since xigbar said all that three pesons (Ven, Aqua, Terra) are heroes, don't you think sora is ven's reincarnation? (sounds totally weird, eh?)
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    Like I said before, the most logical things is Namine crafted her body and soul using Sora's body and soul as intermediary
    maybe your second theory is right. Namine can also manipulate Donald and Goofy's memories too. Or maybe she can only manipulate people's memories that have connection with Sora. Btw, how can you know Namine didn't have any connection with Sora anymore?
    isn't it weird if body from 10 years ago still have same appearance like when he still live?
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    why oblivion represent riku? Is there any evidence that riku has connection with oblivion?

    And, if keychain are really made from memories, why the old keychain (like jungle king) didin't come back to Sora after his memory had recovered?

    Is oblivion also means promise? I thought Nomura put oathkeeper and oblivion to Roxas cuz those keyblade were popular among fans

    In KH wikipedia, Roxas's oathkeeper and Sora's have difference. Sora's oathkeeper is white and Roxas is gray (I myself can't see the difference, though)

    And keychain drew keyblade's power, so without keychain (in this case, kairi's charm), the keyblade won't get it's power (my thought though)

    there're another weapon that can hurt nobodies. Donald's staff, Goofy's shield, Mulan's sword, etc

    there're no evidence yet that Xion's keyblade is fake. If you thought that Xion's is fake, then there's possibility that Roxas also hold the fake keyblade
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    I know it sounds stupid but it's really bothering me. Why I thought Roxas's keyblades (in this case, oathkeeper and oblivion) may fake? Oathkeeper's keychain

    If Roxas hold only Oblivion, I can still believe if that's real keyblade. But Roxas also hold Oathkeeper.

    We all know that Oathkeeper's keychain is Kairi's charm. And we all also know that Sora hold that charm before he sleep into that white pod (chain of memories). How can Roxas has Oathkeeper if Sora hold the keychain? He borrow it?

    I want to know your opinion and theory about this. Thank you ^^
    Thread by: Indra, Jan 8, 2009, 29 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX