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    Thats what i did with khbbs. i dont regret it either(well, except for mf xp).

    Anyway, does anyone know if the mark of mastery addition can be bought after today, or was it pre-order only? i am not sure
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    No, they do it multiple times,you're thinking of the scene that has been seen in most of the trailers. From what I remember by watching Cyberman's playthrough, the trio and sora do this at least 3 times, maybe more; can't check since all of his kh 3d vids got deleted b/c of disney copyrights xp

    From what i remember of Cybermans vids (again lol), right after making one, a little keyboard shows up like when nicknaming a pokemon. since i've played pokemon quite a bit, this will be something i will feel right at home with.
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    1. Have u ever played kh 358/2 days?
    2. If so, did u play as zexion, or as another character(in mission mode, that is)?
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    Ok, heres what i got so far:

    ars arcanum
    Mega flare
    Collision magnet (if my melding stops giving me rares like crazy....ESPECIALLY when ialready have more than enough of the rare one as it is)

    Now that i think about it, someone should make a thread somewhere in the bbs thread that has ppl show their gimmick decks (like this one).
    Now, where to post it, im not sure...

    Edit: dang it, went to meld collision magnet, gave me magnet spiral instead xp
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    Putting into play the renewal blocks/barrier, curaga can be forgone for another command, but what could it be?
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    Ok, but, now that i think about it, what character could better imitate young xehanorts moveset in bbs?

    Dont say terra, still dont have no name w/ him yet
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    Ok, and i got it w/ aqua so only terra to DOOMED!!!

    And, dont mean to be picky, but i was hoping for a deck layout, sorta like this:

    Dont have to, but it makes it easier for me to set it up lol
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    To clarify, a command deck that somewhat mimics mf/unknowns attacks, or something similar.
    What ive come up with so far:
    Time splicer (time-based attack lol)
    ars arcanum (ground combo)
    vanish (guess)
    mega flare (he uses it too)
    curaga (still need a heal spell lol)

    If u couldnt tell, this is for ven. Also thinking of one for aqua, but need to get no name with her first.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I agree on that point. Like the others above have said, any scene from COM or BBS is dark, and i found Vanitas' laugh....strangely contagious lol. On the case of movie deaths in comparison to kh deaths, i am actually curios to see how Minister Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame) will die in
    KH3D, given the fact that the movie itself is INTENSE, even for an old Disney movie. Anyway, the one scene i find to be the saddest: Xion's death scene. It actually almost brought me to tears.

    Side Note: Suprisingly, most people focused on the dark or intense scenes, and I am the first (maybe only) person to list a sad scene.
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    Lets see.....

    Mickey: Gotta win!(days limit), and Give me power(Kh2 D-Charge)
    Riku: You can't stop it!(days limit)
    Xion(Final Boss Form): I won't hold back!(doing one of her DM's, I forget which XD)

    I'm playing days right now, lol, and I might edit in some more phrases that havent already been mentioned lol.
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    Same here. For me, I am trying to have, at least, played all the kh games. The only ones I havent beat, com & re:com, are acceptable(i got close on com, but I got my butt kicked early in re:com TT~TT). I just cant wait for 3D, finally playing as riku(days, com/re:com, and end of kh2 aside lol).
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    ^Who's do u like more, and why?

    IMO, i like Sora's better. idk, i just like the way valor form looks, and this outfit is a nice compromise btwn Valor Sora and young KH1 Sora.
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    I'm currently calling mine "Shadow Warrior", and these are the current parts: Body 1, Grey lips, Ansem's eyes, Xigbar's scar, Dark Riku starter kit, Organization boots, Vanitas's mask, Devil's wings, grey waist pouch, Dark Riku's keyblade, and Dog buddy 1.

    I would post a pic, but my phone is being a pain. Lol XD
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