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    I already commented on discord about my feeling toward these 2 new pokemon when the video came out last week, but I've gotta say it on here too. There's always a handful of new pokemon that just don't look right and don't even feel like pokemon, and that Polteageist is one of gen 8's, and I hate the pun.

    I'm also calling it right now, PETA and other types are going to have a field day with Cramorant and it's ability. I'm thinking it'll still end up being a UU or RU pokemon though.

    Also, that glitched page better not have any sort of Farfetch'd. That was one of the dumbest things they came up with back in Gen 1. Personally I think it looks like some kind of rabbit looking at it normally. Though a rabbit being a fighting type isn't exactly new in Pokemon.
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    Long as we don't get more heavy metal references, I'm good. I saw the Weezing one and first thought they added a smoke stack instead of setting a top hat.
    Morpeko reminds me too much of Dedene though.
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    Serebii added to their information for today with this extra bit for version exclusive pokemon as well:

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    Been at it since Friday myself and finished the whole main scenario last night. I'm on Ultros if you need any help on it.

    And the story so far has been amazing. I didn't think much of it at all from the trailer compared to Stormblood, but it definitely knocks the previous expansion out of the water in most places.
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    A little more information has come out from Famitsu:

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    Well, we still don't know exactly how big the pokedex will be in total, and for all we're know it'll consider a national pokedex as part of the Galar region when you unlock it. And no, I don't entirely believe that, but let's be fair, 800+ pokemon in a single game world be a lot. I'm still buying it but i also don't transfer my pokemon over a lot so it doesn't bug me.
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    Just watched the Treehouse Live segment on Pokemon Sword & Shield and I very much want those games now. The dynamax battles actually looked and felt like full boss battles, and the Wild Area is BIG. We've also got a new Gym Leader named Neesa or something and is a water trainer, and from he screenshot of her pokemon levels, she's likely either #2 or #3. Being able to see other players online in the Wild Area is also a really cool thing.
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    I feel like i already have, but it's not like i have the perfect recollection of going to Disney Land, though it's incredibly familiar.
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    The WIld Area looks like a mix of both random encounters and field encounters like Let's Go games. Given how it's one giant area connected to all the towns and cities, I guess this is closer to being an open world game?
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    Ignis caught the sponge that was tossed her way by Silver and didn't know if she should have sighed or just shrugged it off. She was pretty used to doing household chores, but they weren't exactly in a house at the moment. She looked over to Aux as he mentioned about trading and she somewhat thought about it. It wasn't like there was going to be much difference between cleaning dishes and cleaning the floor. Heck, Kel was the only one who actually dealt with any sort of food, though after a second thought she didn't feel sorry for him considering how many potatoes probably needed to be peeled.

    Looking in Aux's direction, she snickered a little. "It always helped me to imagine I was killing something when I had to do these types of things. Made it slightly more bearable than nothing."

    Taking a seat next to Karina and Jimbo, which Ignis seriously doubted was a real name, but given the names she's heard, she wasn't going to say anything just in case. The kid looked more like a rebel than anything, and it actually kind of reminded her of herself a few years back. To be fair, she was still a bit of a rebel, but she didn't get on the wrong side of the authority...mostly. She grabbed the nearest pot and began giving it a good scrub.

    "Make sure you get those pots good and clean Karina," Ignis blurted out, half jokingly and half serious, "I'd hate for everyone to get sick and die because our cookware wasn't cleaned well enough."
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    Ignis was about to respond to Karina has she said "Hello", but as soon as the thought came to her soon enough the whole ship began rocking back and forth some more. Ignis looked out the windows and noticed that there was rope around the ship and they were being hulled up to another ship.

    "Hey guys, how did no one noticed the big giant ship coming up towards us and wrapping rope around us?" She question as the ship began rocking around more and more.

    Soon enough the group was brought onto the giant ship and surrounded by some sort of barrier. Luckily this barrier had oxygen and the group could breath, which made Ignis sigh a breathe of relief, thanking whatever luck she had that of all things she didn't die due to suffocation. However, as soon as they exited the ship, there was one thing that stuck out from the rest of the worlds: all of the people on this deck weren't exactly people. Ignis looked around and there were creatures of all sorts, but no one looked even remotely human, not too mention they all had a rough face on them. Soon enough one of the creatures came up to them and began making obvious threats. If Ignis still had her sword on her and not her keyblade, she would have already sliced this thing in half, but luckily he was saved by the timely arrival of what seemed to be the captain of the ship. She introduced herself as Captain Faris Scherwiz and asked why they were there. Kel tried to take things normally, but then Karina's attitude came out and Ignis swore that they would end up either in the brig or a fight in the next few seconds. Unfortunately, at that point, Castur had to open his big mouth and start talking...Ignis didn't even know what.

    She walked up to Castur as he finished his horrible sailor accent speech and knocked him on the head hard.
    "I would kindly thank you for not telling stupid lies about who you are, and who we are. Faust isn't around here, so I'd like it if the idiocy was dialed down to a low zero."

    Walking up in front of Castur, Ignis raised her hand in greeting to the captain and began to speak herself. "Sorry for the moron here, he most certainly does not speak for us. Just to clarify before it gets out of hand, this one," pointing her finger to Castur, "messed around with the controls of our ship, that he had no knowledge of working by the way, as we were drifting around aimlessly having been knocked off course. At that point it seems that you crew tied our ship up and brought us on board. We weren't meaning to get in your way, it just sort of happened. If we can come to some sort of agreement in exchange for you helping us out, that'd be greatly appreciated. By the way, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Ignis. Oh, and the one who was blunt to you before is named Karina.""

    She took a step back turned her head toward the one called "Mr. Scroop". She had every urge to get rid of this guy, knowing full well his type, but looking around where they were, it wasn't the best idea. Ignis could admit she was one for getting into fights, but it wasn't like she could pilot a ship like this, and given where they were, getting tossed into space would not be a good idea.

    She walked back toward Karina, Kel, and Aux and whispered to them with her head turned away. "I know I'm usually one for starting a fight, but how about we try not to get on their bad side right now? We don't exactly have a working ship, and I don't know about you, but I don't know how to pilot something like this either."
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    As the rest of the group was getting into the ship, the whale launched everyone out, sending those in the Atlantean craft to pile up from the force of the launch. Aux had the bad luck of getting bottom on the pile, with Karina following, then Castur, then Ignis, and soon enough Ignis felt someone slam onto her back. After a minute, Ignis began to feel a bit lighter and noticed that everyone began to float. She tried to turn her head to see who the last member of this group was and it turned out to be Kel.

    As her body began to get a little lopsided, she crossed her arms and looked at everyone.
    "Well, at least we got out of that whale without much incident. And nice to see you too Castur. I don't believe I've seen you all of 5 minutes since the last time we were together."

    Soon enough Castur let out some magic and the ship had gravity again, dropping everyone to the floor. Ignis caught herself as she fell and pulled herself up. Soon enough though, he began to mess with the controls and random sounds began to fill the air.

    "You know, it's not like they told us how to pilot this thing when we left Atlantis, maybe we should just leave it be. I'd rather not die in the middle of nowhere." She pulled up one of the chairs and sat down, getting comfy and watching Castur continue...whatever he was doing.
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    Ignis had kept to herself after the group had saved the trio of kids and the wooden puppet from the heartless. She didn't really have much to say at this point and just let the group do their thing. The one thing she wasn't expecting was when the three mice appeared out of nowhere and started talking. Truthfully, she had completely forgotten that they even exist, and she had to admit it was a little surprising. As they began to talk about the people that they've saved, they mentioned the ones that were currently safe, at least to their knowledge, and the ones that had been taken captive. When the one mentioned about saving every 1 in 3, though, she couldn't help but huff a little.
    "If you ask me, those are some crappy numbers. We should at least do out best to save all the others and the ones already taken. Though I guess that's pretty obvious."
    She listened as Sora, Riku, and Kairi decided to go their own way, and split from the group, making her somewhat happy. She didn't really feel like babysitting, but she was happy that they were making their own choices and could take care of themselves now. Soon enough, when everything seemed all well and good, the entire floor of the whale shaking. Bernard mentioned something that the whale was going to do and Ignis didn't even wait up.
    Walking over to the Atlantean ship that they had come on, she yelled back to the others. "Hey, whoever's coming aboard, hurry up! Don't know about you, but i'm not staying out there when this whale finally gives!"
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    If that ends up being the case, I'm calling the Sword being based on Lancelot and the Shield being based on Galahad. Would be interesting if the theory is true
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    Ignis used Strike Raid
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