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    This is something I've been working on for the past week or so. It was my first time doing a landscape, and putting it together really helped me learn a lot!


    "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast."

    Psalm 139:9-10

    © JasonKhera

    All done in Photoshop CS6
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    Thanks for the response Jiku Neon :), here's another one I did of Klade! This one is showing him in the middle of a battle.


    "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident.

    Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

    Psalm 27:3 & 14

    Klade © JasonKhera
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    Here's a head turnaround I did for Klade. It was the first time I ever tried doing one, and it definitely helped me apply the things I've been learning right now. It was a lot of fun to do :)


    Klade © Jason Khera
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    Thanks for moving it for me I was a little unsure because it was drawn digitally, but it still didn't seem to fit with graphic art haha.

    Yeah, anatomy and figure drawing are things I'm definitely trying to improve on right now, and totally see what your saying with the pose of the first picture. These are things I really want to make a priority for myself this summer. Thanks so much for the comment, it really means a lot! :)
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    Hey! I just wanted to share some stuff I've been working on. I like making conceptual art for a number of different mediums, mostly for animation. I also post more stuff on my tumblr and deviantart page, and I have links to both on my profile page. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out :)


    Klade © Jason Khera


    Evan © Jason Khera



    Selah © Jason Khera
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    Thanks so much Sil! :) I was considering some other ideas for that final prologue when I was writing it, but decided on that in the end. That's so awesome how you interpreted it like that haha I never actually thought of that.

    Thanks so much :) It really means a lot, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading it ^^ I've been busier than usual lately so I'm not writing this as fast as I usually do, but more is definitely on the way.
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    Day 151: Assignment Part 3

    Prologue: A Forgotten Memory

    “Hey grandma?”

    “Hm? What is it dear?”

    “Do you think we’ll always be together?”

    “What do you mean?”


    Kairi looked down, as her feet dangled off one of the ledges surrounding the Central Square of Radient Garden. The sea-salt ice cream in her hand was slowly melting, as a small drop hung off one of the bottom corners. Her grandma looked down at her with a warm, compassionate smile; the crows foot on the side of her eyes tightening. “Is something on your mind, child?”

    Kairi kept her eyes fixed on the ground. “You’re…you’re not going to be here forever…are you?” she said, lifting her head, letting the twinkle of light inside her big blue eyes face her grandma. The gentle, aged woman looked back out at the central square, watching the people walk across, going about their daily business. She smiled; as she thought of how to translate her years of wisdom into something the tiny princess-to-be could understand.

    “You mustn’t fear the space that stands between two hearts, Kairi. Even if the distance is worlds apart. Even if it seems like you’ll never see that person ever again. Maybe someday…you’ll have to understand exactly what I mean…but for now…remember this, child. No matter how far away the light gets…your hearts voice will always reach it…”


    Kairi slowly raised her head, pulling her weight upwards, supporting herself with both arms. It was the middle of the afternoon, and Kairi was alone, just getting up from lying awake on top her bed. Her red hair was drooping downward, covering her sunken head, before being picked up by her will to arise. She slowly turned, looking out at the morning light. She had had that dream again; the one about being in someone’s arms. Slowly climbing out from under the covers, she sat up on the left side of her bed.

    “What am I…suppose to do?”


    “Hey Wakka!”

    “Huh?” Wakka turned, noticing Selphie, walking towards him. They were both standing in the plaza. “What’s up?” he said.

    “You haven’t seen Kairi around, have you?”

    “No, I haven’t seen her all day.”

    Selphie looked down at the ground, keeping her eyes low. Wakka watched in confusion. “What is it?” he asked.

    Quickly, Selphie raised her head, looking back at Wakka with her eyebrows pressed low. She grabbed him by the arm, pulling him by force.

    “Eey-woah! What’re you doing?!” he said, fidgeting.

    “Just come on!” she said.


    Kairi closed the door behind her, stepping outside into the fresh mid-day air. She reached into the pouch on the left of her waist, pulling out the small brown journal, and holding it out in front of her with both hands.

    “I better give this to Selphie…” she said, looking down at it.

    The oranges rays of the setting sun gently graced the cheeks of Xion’s face. She was standing on top the bell tower of Twilight Town, alone.


    “What if…all this is because…I’m really just someone else? Or no one at all?” She lifted her head towards the sky, looking up at the purple shade that came from the opposite horizon.


    “This Keyblade…it’s a sham. Worthless…”


    “You were a mistake we never should have made.”


    “Hey Xion!”

    Xion turned, to see Roxas, looking back at her, smiling.

    “Roxas?” she said, surprised by his unexpected arrival. He walked over, stopping next to her. “Don’t you have a mission?”


    “Yeah. They sent me here today,” he said, looking over at her.

    Xion looked back out at the landscape. “Really? Me too.”

    “Ah—yeah. There we go,” Tidus was on the shore of the mainland, standing upright on his hands. Kairi was slowly making her way down the trail that lead to the shore. Stepping on to the sand, she took a look around, noticing Tidus.

    “Hey Tidus. What are you…um…what are you doing?”

    Tidus was grunting quietly to himself, as his arms were wobbling, supporting his weight from above. “Getting in shape—err. I’m—ah—I’m not letting Wakka get past me!” After saying that, he finally let his body fall back, planting his feet on the ground as he stood up straight.

    “Ahh…so what are you up to?” he said, facing her.

    “I’m just looking for Selphie…I need to give her the journal we’ve been using on the assignment.”

    “Oh man I haven’t seen her all day—Wakka either.”

    Kairi turned, looking out at the island, sitting alone in the open waters. “Do you think they might’ve gone out to the island?”


    Even if Kairi wasn’t sure they were there, she wanted to go. She didn’t fully understand why, but it was as if something was calling her out there.

    “Alright, I’m gonna go check,” Kairi said, walking over to one of the wooden boats.

    “Okay. See ya later!” Tidus called out.

    “Yeah, thanks.” She said, smiling back at him.


    Selphie knocked her knuckle against the wood of the door again and again.

    “Helloo!” she called out, before stopping, dropping her hand to her side. “I guess nobody’s home…” She was standing next to Wakka, in front of Kairi’s house.

    “Maybe she’s with Tidus,” Wakka said.

    “Do you know where he is?” Selphie asked, looking back at him.

    “He told me he was gonna spend the day training near the shore.”

    “Alright, let’s go!” Selphie said, quickly walking off without a moment’s hesitation.

    The two continued on down the mainland’s trail, walking side by side.

    “So why are you looking for Kairi?” Wakka asked.

    Selphie kept silent, looking down at the ground with an uneasy look. “Haven’t you noticed?” she said, looking back out at the horizon. “Something’s been bothering her lately.”

    Wakka listened closely, as his empathy awakened.


    “Okay now—back to training,” Tidus said to himself.


    “Huh?” Turning around, he noticed Selphie and Wakka walking towards him. “Oh, hey guys.”

    “Have you seen Kairi?”

    “She just left for the island. She was looking for you.” Selphie stopped, turning her head towards the island. Her eyes filled with compassion, as she watched the sun, peering through its trees. “Let’s just wait for her to come back. Besides, I have an idea.”


    Kairi slowly made her way down the wooden dock on the shore of the island. Once she reached the end, she took a seat, letting her legs dangle off the edge. She stared out at the endless sea that lay before her, completely forgetting the reason why she even went there in the first place. The giant orb that hung above the heavy clouds was moving at a quicker pace, as the sky was giving way to its golden hour. She sat there, motionless, listening to the peaceful melody of waves easing in and out of the sandy shore. The salty breeze touched her face, running across her cheek, and through the strands of hair she carefully pulled behind her ear. She kept her eyes locked on the scenery, without the slightest bit emotion on her face. It was in that moment, that her heart was able to mirror the light of a memory resting deep within her, a memory that she could not imagine, nor perceive by any of her senses. One where we she was sitting on the very same dock, watching the very same sun making its descent into the horizon. After moments of silence, locked in that very same gaze, Kairi’s eyes began filling with the warm salt water of tears, barely contained by the bottom half of her eyelids. Once the amount was too great, one drop finally fell, running down the left side of her face, followed by another, and another. Her emotionless stare never changed. Her eyes kept locked in place, as the tears continued to stream down her face, off her chin, and finally seeping into her lap.



    “Roxas, why are we doing all this? Working for the Organization?”


    “What do you mean, why? So we can get hearts of our own, right?

    “Why? What do we need hearts for?”

    “I don’t know. But I figure once we have them, we’ll be in a better position to judge. Right?”

    “Maybe. I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here…”

    Xion lowered her head, as the sea-salt ice cream she held in her hand slowly began to melt, a small drop hanging off a bottom corner.

    “I started having the strangest dreams,” she said.


    “I can never remember what they’re about. I just wake up feeling like…like something is really wrong.”

    “Well, if it makes you feel any better, Xigbar said you and me were pretty special. “Exceptional,” he said.”

    Xion turned, looking over at Roxas, as the drop fell, pummeling downward towards the ground beneath.

    “…Special just means different.” She lowered her head again, showing a look of despair. “Because I’m a mistake.”

    Roxas shook his head, looking back at her with empathy. “You’re not a mistake.”

    Xion looked back out at the scenery without saying aword. She paused, before rising upto her feet. “Well, we may both be exceptional, Roxas. But I don’t think we’re the same.” She turned, stepping away from him. As she made her way around the corner of the clock’s structure, she could here him call out to her.


    Even though it hurt her, she completely ignored him. She stretched out her hand, opening a corridor of darkness, and stepping through, taking one look back, second-guessing her sudden departure. The darkness swirled around her, then dissipated into thin air as she stepped onto the floor of her bedroom. She took a few steps forward, stopping in front of her only window, looking out at the empty black sky.

    “Ahh—err,” Xion grabbed the side of her head, as the flashes of forgotten memories collided with her already weary mind.


    “Sora, let’s take the raft and go! Just the two of us!”


    “I know I can always come back here…right?”


    “…Don’t ever change”


    She placed her other hand on the wall in front of her, still pressing her eyelids tightly together. “Why…?” she said to herself uneasily.


    Kairi didn’t move an inch, as the almost hypnotic stare kept aligned with the setting sun, now reaching it’s final descent into the endless sea. She watched closely, as the final bits of light squeezed through, giving way to twilight. Her lips formed into a smile, and her lower eyelids slowly rose, as the tears began to come down ever more than before. “It’s okay. Because…no matter how far away the light gets…my hearts voice will always reach it.” She had no idea where those words had come from, but they were said nonetheless, and they were truer than anything else in that moment. The sun was completely under the horizon, and the sky was now painted with the glow of orange and purple. She wiped the tears from her face, and, slowly raising her head, looked up at the wide expanse of stars that were gradually revealing themselves. In that very moment, one shot past, then quickly disappeared into the endless sea of the night sky. She gasped quietly, with a look of surprise. Then, her expression slowly returned to a smile, as she got back up, and stepped back down into her wooden boat.


    After she had finished docking into the shore of the mainland, she took a few steps onto the sand, noticing something off in the distance, near the entrance to the trail.

    “Heey! Kairi!” Wakka called out, waving a hand in the air. He was sitting in a chair next to Tidus, across from Selphie, surrounding a wooden table. On it, was a large white cake, surrounded by dishes.

    Kairi gazed at the set up in confusion. “What’s this?” she said, as she approached the three of them in confusion.

    “We wanted to celebrate completing the assignment!” Tidus said.

    “Yeah! And we didn’t want to start without you.” Selphie said.

    Kairi smiled, flattered by what her friends were doing. “Thanks you guys,”

    “Aww yeah!” Tidus called out, raising his fist in the air.

    “Enough talk. Let’s eat!” Wakka said.

    Kairi sat down, as they all began there little party under the night sky. Talking and laughing with another, she was able to forget about the sadness she felt earlier in the day. She had almost taken for granted the close friends she had here on the island, and how much they all meant to one another. Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. They were all her closest friends, without a doubt. And they were also the bonds that she was able to have with her everyday. When she went to class each morning, or when she spent her evenings eating ice cream on the grass hill.

    After hours had past, the sky blackened, and the four of them eventually parted, going home for the night.

    Not once, throughout the whole night, did they notice the hooded man, hiding behind one of the trees that rang along the shore. The one who had been watching them the entire time. After they had already left, he took a few steps out, opening a corridor of darkness and stepping through without making a sound.

    “Pitiful…” he said slowly.
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    I will. Promise :)
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    Silent Maiden, is that you? e.e

    It means so much to hear that, thank you <3
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    Thanks so much man, it really means a lot :)
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    Happy Valentines Day! <33 In honor of the holiday, I've made a trailer for the the story! I've been working on this all week, revising it more times than I thought I would haha. My original plan was to release it alongside Day 151, but after reading it over again, I've decided it's still not ready. I know I can make it even better, so I'm not gonna post it unless I know I gave it my 100%. For now, I hope you enjoy the video :) If I can find a way to post it in a higher quality, I'll let you know

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    Thanks so much! ^_^ I'm glad you like it. Yeah, I'm planning on going all the way to the start of the events of Kingdom Hearts II

    Day 150: Assignment Part 2

    Prologue: A Forgotten Memory

    “Yeah! The first time we found him, he mistook me for you! He even told me how glad he was that I was okay and everything!” Yuffie said.

    “He was always talking about finding his friends, and going back to the islands together,” Aerith said.

    Kairi couldn’t stop smiling. She was flattered by what she heard.

    “If you ask me…I’d say there’s a strong bond that ties you to each other.” Leon said.

    Kairi looked up at the night sky, as a shooting star ran by. It was the gummi ship, heading back to Hollow Bastion. “Sora…“ she said slowly.

    There was a long pause, as the four them looked up at the wide expanse of stars, hovering above Traverse Town.

    Yuffie looked back over at Kairi. “Hey! You aren’t worried about him, are you?”

    Kairi looked back down, facing the ground. “What if we…get separated again?”

    “Hmph.” Leon closed his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest with a slight smirk on his face.

    “There’s no need to worry, Kairi. Nothing can ever tear you two apart.” Aerith said. She titled her head to the side, smiling. “No matter how far away the light gets, your heart’s voice will always reach it.”

    Kairi blinked, looking back at Aerith with a curious expression. She turned around, bringing her head down. She thought long and hard over what she was telling her. Raising her head toward the night sky, she closed both eyes, remembering the warmth she felt in Sora’s arms. She took in a long breath, opening her eyes back up, and smiling.


    Kairi stood on top the usual grass hill, as the light breeze of morning ran through her red hair. She was wearing her pink dress, laced with zippers, and a black hood. She could hear the soft sound of the untrimmed grass beneath her feat, swaying with the whisper of the wind.

    She looked out the entire mainland, as the sun's rays tinted the ground with orange, each house casting its own dark shadow on the ground beneath.


    Kairi looked down, to see Selphie, making her way up the hill.

    "Hey!" she said with a smile.

    "How long were you waiting for?" Selphie said as he stepped onto the top.

    "I'm not sure..." Kairi said. Her face suggested she was trying to remember something. Her eyes drifted downward, then back over to her. "Maybe an hour"

    "An hour?!"

    "Yeah." Kairi said with a nod.

    "What were you doing for that long?!”

    “Just sitting here…” Kairi said slowly, as she turned to look out at the ocean. Selphie gazed back at her with curiosity. She cocked her head slightly, with a look of confusion, then turned, matching her view with Kairi’s.

    "Hey!" Tidus said, as he made his way up the hill, followed by Wakka. He was holding a sundial, about the width of his chest, with a ruler set on top in his arms. Wakka was holding a long, red pole, similar to the one Tidus used to use, in his left hand. Both of them turned, slowly stepping over to them. "Is everything here?” Selphie asked.

    "Yeah! Where do we start?" Tidus said.

    "We can start here if you'd like," Selphie said cheerfully.

    "Sounds good" Wakka said, stepping next to Tidus, and sticking the long red pole into the ground.

    All four of them stood behind it, facing away from the ocean's view. As they slowly brought their heads up, they watched the rays of light creeping over the mountains scattered across the mainland. The giant circle of orange slowly rose, higher and higher into the sky, it’s warmth touching the faces of each of them. Kairi smiled, as the light reflected a twinkle into both her blue eyes.



    Saïx turned, looking down at the small, hooded figure looking up at him.


    “Xion-What could you possibly want at a time like this?”

    “Well…it’s just…I think I know where the imposter might be and I was-“

    “Absolutely not.”

    “But I-

    “After yesterday’s performance, you deserve nothing more than to match the likes of you with that of your failure.”

    Xion looked down at the ground, clenching her fists as the frustration insider her grew and grew behind every passing moment.

    “Just give me another chance!” she yelled back at him.

    “We can’t afford to expend any more chances on you…” He turned, stepping into the opposite direction, but stopping to release one last utterance.

    “You were a mistake we never should have made.”

    Xion stood there, both in a state of shock, and despair. She sunk her head, as the combination pierced into the space where she knew a heart would be, if she had one. Coursing through her veins, throbbing in the back of her neck. The only thing that stopped her from bursting into tears right on the spot was the sound of a soft, familiar voice, coming from behind.

    “Xion?” It was Roxas, slowly making his way up the stairs of Twilight’s View.


    Too distraught to think of anything to say, Xion kept silent, before fleeing in the opposite direction. Her eyes were pressed tight with
    frustration, as her feet quickly tapped along each step of the descending stairway.

    “Is that really what I am? Am I just…a mistake?”

    She grabbed her head with both hands, clenching her teeth as the pain of uncertainty tightened its grasp on her mind.

    “Who am I…really?


    “Alright…steady…” Tidus was holding on to the sundial with both arms. His eyes were focused in carefully, as the triangular plane formed a shadow across the circular platform. Wakka was holding on to the long red pole, watching the angle of the shadow closely, before sticking it into the ground. Selphie carefully placed one end of a compass on top an edge of the shadow, slowly bringing the other end directly in front of the sun’s light. Kairi, watching only few steps away, reached into the small black pouch on the left of her waist. She pulled out the small brown log, and a small pencil.

    “Ready Kairi?” Selphie called out.


    “It’s about…twenty-four degrees”

    Kairi carefully added the number 24 to a list of others, below a drawing of a triangle.

    Tidus let go, wiping off the sweat from his brow with his right arm. “Hey Selphie, after this let’s try doing the rest from the island, yeah?”

    “Sounds good to me!” she said in return.

    Kairi shut the log, tucking it away into the pouch. She looked back up, to see all three of them looking back at her.

    “Ready?” Selphie asked.

    “Yeah” Kairi said, nodding her head in return. They all turned around, beginning their walk down the hill.

    “So, the sun’s really far away, isn’t it?” Tidus said.

    “Yeah! Millions of miles in fact.” Selphie said.

    Kairi turned, looking back at the circle of light that hid behind the hill more and more with every step.

    “It’s crazy how we still get all that light.” Tidus said.

    “We can’t ever take it for granted, ya?” Wakka said.

    “That’s right…”

    Kairi turned back around. As the morning breeze carried through the small group, the sound of their conversation slowly faded away in Kairi’s mind. She laid a hand on her chest, sinking her head. Her heart was remembering something her mind had forgotten, and it made her wish more than anything that she knew what it was.


    “Pitiful…” Saïx said slowly. He was making his way down the hallway of The Castle that Never Was, on the way back from his confrontation with Xion. Turning into his private bedroom, he closed the door behind him before taking a seat on the bed, reaching into a small drawer and pulling out a journal and pen.

    358/2 Days Secret Reports: Day 150

    Dealing with Xion

    As expected, the Duplicate is starting to show its limits. The Program showed promise, but a puppet is just a puppet: something to be toyed with until it breaks.

    I am utterly at a loss as to what Roxas and Axel see in that thing. How best to dispose of it merits my consideration going forward.

    Saïx paused, bringing his head upwards to face the ceiling, then back down to continue writing.

    As for our plans collecting bait, consulting the will of lord Xemnas will be needed before beginning. Xion’s actions reinforce that fact with every passing day. If we can proceed, then the first step will be reconnaissance.

    Saïx paused before lifting his pen for the next sentence.

    Sora. You will be ours soon enough.

    “Hey Kairi…”

    “Huh?” Kairi turned, looking over at Selphie, who was staring out the orange colored ocean.

    “You’ve been really quiet this whole time…is everything okay?”

    Kairi looked back over, keeping her eyes low. “Yeah. I just…have a lot on my mind…”

    Selphie took a few steps forward, stopping beside her, keeping her eyes fixed on the scenery. “It’s the assignment, isn’t it?” she said,
    looking over at her with a cheerful expression.

    “Yeah…” Kairi said, keeping her head in the same position. She was lying, and Selphie was able to tell right away.

    It had been hours since they first came down from the grass hill, and the sun was now approaching sunset. They had been all around
    the island, and were finally coming to their last measurement. The two of them were standing on the dock, while Tidus and Wakka were setting up the instruments behind them.

    “Hey! We’re ready over here” Tidus called out. Kairi and Selphie walked over to where they were standing. Tidus grabbed on to the sundial, making sure it was in the right position, while Wakka held on to the red pole, making sure it was aligned with edge of the triangle’s shadow. Selphie pulled out a compass and ruler, stepping over to the sundial. Kairi pulled out the journal and pencil, ready to write down the measurement. She turned, staring out at the sunlit waters. Her hair was swaying slowly in the wind, as her blue eyes kept locked on the orange light, slowly squeezing back into the horizon.

    “Ready Kairi?” Selphie called out. Kairi didn’t take notice. “Kairi?!”

    “Huh? Oh-yeah. Ready.” Kairi said, quickly looking back at the three of them.



    The ends of Riku’s black coat swayed with the cold breeze of night. Slowly raising his arm, he held it out as if he was reaching for something. His fist closed, as he remembered what it was like to grab on to the handle of a Keyblade. As the images of his stuggle with Xion flashed in his mind, he slowly brought his hand back in, opening it up as he looked into his palm.


    He reached above his head, and lifted up his black hood, revealing his face. The cold air was biting against his cheeks. Without any emotion, he simply stared out at the world of Beast’s Castle, silently.



    “You only seem interested in running around and showing off that keyblade these days…”


    “Let the Keyblade choose…it’s true master!”


    “Maleficent was right.”


    “Here, go play hero with this.”


    He sunk his head, letting the wind carry through the ends of his black blindfold. He pressed his covered eyelids together tightly, gritting his teeth with frustration.
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    Day 94: Dreams

    This day is made up of a number of journal entries from different people, all written on the night of Day 94.

    Journal Entry: Tidus

    Man what a day! First, we went to school like always. Then, Wakka and I played blitzball until Selphie called us over to help find Kairi. I wonder what she was doing all by herself… Anyway, we all got to watch the sunset before heading back. Man, I need to shape up. Wakka got 5 goals past me at one point!

    Journal Entry: Wakka

    Today, me and Tidus went one on one after school. I was feeling pretty good, but our game got cut short when Kairi went missing. We were worried, but found her on the island, looking out at da ocean. We all thought is was pretty weird, but she was alright.

    Journal Entry: Selphie

    Today was such an interesting day! Once school was over, I tried looking for Kairi, but couldn’t find her anywhere. She wasn’t at her house either, so I decided to ask Tidus and Wakka for their help. We went through that plaza, and saw those cute little chocobos again, hehe! We decided to head out to the island, and that’s where we found her. She was just standing there, looking out at the ocean. I hope she’s alright. She’s been kind of out of it lately…

    Journal Entry: Ms. Trepe

    Class has been quite enjoyable so far. Everything’s moving along smoothly, and most of the students are working very hard. There’s one student I keep noticing, though. Kairi. She always seems to be distracted by something. I asked to her to read from our textbook today, but she had no idea where we were. I might have to have a talk with her soon.

    Journal Entry: Kairi

    I don’t know why…but I keep having this same dream, every now and again. I’m in someone’s arms. And there’s this…bright light. I can’t see anything, and all I can feel is this warmth, surrounding me. I have no idea who the person is, and before I can even try to figure out where I am…I wake up. But it’s not a sad dream at all. It’s the exact opposite. I feel so happy, and peaceful. But waking up makes it all go away. I went out to the island by myself today. Just looking out the ocean…it helped me think.

    Kairi was lying across her bed. She looked up, and smiled. Over at her window, she noticed all the tiny stars, shimmering in a mass array of millions, over the night sky. She smiled. She closed her journal, setting it down on the small desk next to her. She clicked off her lamp, and slowly brought her head down on her small, white pillow. She closed her eyes, falling into a peaceful slumber.

    Day 130: Stars Above

    Kairi slowly stepped along the mainland’s trail. She had just gotten out of school, and was looking out at the horizon.


    The sky was died orange and purple, as sunset fast approached. She smiled, and turned back around. She hadn't taken notice of the man who stepping in the opposite direction from behind. After spinning around, she ran into him with a thud. Puzzled for a moment, she stepped back, then looked up at his face. His red eyes looked down without the slightest bit of emotion.

    "S-sorry..." Kairi said nervously. It was the man with the long black hair. Without saying a word, he merely looked back up, and continued treading along down the path. Kairi turned around, watching him slowly make his way toward the shore. Watching his red cape swaying in the wind, she suddenly realized something. Something she had been wondering for some time now.

    -FLASHBACK: Day 84-

    “Hey…you guys go on without me.” Kairi stopped, as the others kept walking, then slowly eased to a halt, looking back at her.

    “Did you forget something?” Selphie asked.

    Kairi shook her head. “I’ll see you guys later” She smiled back at them, and turned around, heading in the
    other direction. Selphie turned to look at Tidus, who simply shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

    Kairi slowly made her way toward the middle of the mainland. Eventually, she made it to the grass hill where
    she and her friends would have ice cream in the summer. As the sun made its way into the horizon, stars began
    appear on the opposite end of the landscape.

    “The stars…” she whispered to herself. “They’re…other worlds…”


    Kairi looked back up from her brief trance, and called out to the man, raising a hand up in the air.

    "Hey! Are you-

    He was already out of sight. Kairi sighed in disappointment, slowly bringing her hand back down.


    "Huh?" Kairi turned around, to see Selphie in her school uniform, smiling back at her.

    "Hey! Wanna get some ice cream?"

    Kairi smiled cheerfully. "Sure!"

    The two of them sat on top their usual grass hill, perched high above the small town.

    Kairi took a bite out of her ice cream.

    "I love watching the sunset like this." Selphie said. The sun was just squeezing out its last bits of light, right above the horizon. Stars began to twinkle from above, as nightfall grew closer.

    Kairi looked down at the ground, and paused before speaking.

    "Hey Selphie..."

    "Hm?" Selphie looked over at her.

    “Do you ever think about all those other worlds out there?”

    “What about them?”

    “I mean, how many there are.” She lifted her head, looking up at the night sky. “Think about how separated we are from them.”

    The stars were sparkling across the entire dark blanket now. Selphie looked up as well, gazing at the immense spectacle.

    “Yeah…we are separated. But were connected too.”

    “Huh?” Kairi quickly turned to look over at her.

    “Just look at them” Selphie said

    Kairi lifted her head, taking another look at the stars above.

    “We can see them all for where we’re sitting, right?”

    “Yeah. That’s right…” Her eyes filled with wonder.

    “So they’re not as far apart as you may think…”

    Kairi stared for a long time, meditating on what she said. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at Selphie, who was standing up.

    “I’m gonna head back now, okay?”

    “Okay. I’m gonna stay here for a while, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kairi said with a smile.

    “Okay…bye!” Selphie said in return, walking off into the distance.

    Kairi didn’t remember how long she sat there, looking up at the night sky, wondering about what was constantly tugging on her heart. About that thing she felt was up there, but completely out of reach. But in that moment, she suddenly felt like it wasn’t as far as she thought it was. She closed her eyes, feeling the cool breeze of night gently brush against her face, running through her red hair.

    There are many worlds.

    But they all share the same sky...


    Day 149 PREVIEW

    Riku stood silent, as his black coat, and silver hair swayed in the wind. He was standing on the paved road that lead to Beast’s castle.

    “Where is he…?” he thought to himself.

    Breaking his trance, he suddenly heard the clicks of footsteps, coming from afar. He turned around quickly. An organization member was stepping towards him. Suddenly the hooded figure stopped, bending its knees. Riku drew his stance, sticking his blade out toward it. Then, to his surprise, a bright light flashed from its hands, stretching out into a longer shape. As the light cleared, a keyblade appeared.

    Riku tightened the grip on his weapon, clenching his teeth.

    “There you are…”

    Day 149: Assignment Part 1

    Prologue: A Forgotten Memory

    “What am I supposed to do…” Sora sunk his head, still mulling over all the things Namine was telling him.

    “Think, Sora. Think just one more time. About who’s most special to you…” She raised a hand, placing it on her chest as she spoke.


    “Call out to that piece of memory that glimmers faintly deep inside your heart.”

    Sora turned, facing who he thought to be his inseparable friend. The wind around him was blowing furiously, as he stood on the only piece of his homeland, surrounded by destruction. Namine lifted her head to speak.

    “No matter how far away the light gets, your heart’s voice will always reach it.”








    Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka were all sitting in their classroom desks, listening to Ms. Trepe give a lesson on sunsets. She was pointing to a drawing of different rays of light, drawn below a picture of a sunset on the chalkboard.

    "See class…light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest."

    The tiny scratches of lead against notebook paper filled the entire room.

    Kairi looked up, noticing Selphie who was sitting in front of her, scribbling away. She turned, gazing out at the rays of light that came through the classroom window. Tiny specks of dust were slowly descending, made seen by the rays of afternoon. She sighed.


    Riku stood silently, as his black coat, and silver hair swayed in the wind. He was on the paved road that led to Beast’s castle.

    “Where is he…?” he thought to himself.

    Breaking his trance, he suddenly heard the clicks of footsteps, coming from afar. He turned around quickly, drawing out his dark blade. An organization member was stepping towards him. Suddenly, the hooded figure stopped, and stood quietly, staring back at him. Riku drew his stance, sticking his blade out toward it. Then, to his surprise, a bright light flashed from its hands, stretching out into a longer shape. As the light cleared, a keyblade appeared.

    Riku tightened the grip on his weapon, clenching his teeth.

    “There you are…”


    Ms. Trepe stepped over to the front of the desk. “Today, you’ll all be starting a new assignment. You’ll be getting into groups of four, and, using the equations we’ve learned in class, measuring the distance of the sun from our world from different points of the mainland.” She held up a small brown book, similar to the one Selphie used for the summer assignment. “You’ll all be recording your findings in a log, and turning them in with a report.”

    Kairi looked over at Selphie, who smiled and nodded in agreement. They already knew they would be in the same group. She turned to her right, to see Tidus and Wakka, doing the same thing. Then, she heard the sound of a thud on her desk. She looked up, to see Ms.
    Trepe, looking down at her with a smile.

    “I expect good things out of you four,” she said, before moving along down the aisle. Kairi looked back down, to see a small brown log lying in front of her.


    The hooded figure sprang towards Riku, immediately swinging its keyblade towards him. Raising his blade, Riku blocked the attack, pinning the two of them in a clash, as both blades gridded against each other. Sparks of light sprang out, at the loud ring of clashing metal. The two of them leaped backwards. Riku dismissed his blade, and took a step back, charging up a surge of dark aura. It was already running towards him.

    “Ha!” Riku released the blast, sending it hurling towards the hooded figure. It jumped high into the air, over the attack, sending its keyblade crashing down. Riku took another leap back, as the keyblade came down hard upon the ground, letting out another ring, as sparks of light erupted from it. The hooded figure looked up, to see Riku rushing toward it.

    “Erraahh!” Riku summoned his blade and swung it out with a flurry of quick attacks. He sliced through the air with quick precision, as the hooded figure raised its keyblade, bobbing and weaving, dodging and blocking the sharp edge.

    DING! DING! Each blade let out a loud ring, as they banged hard against each other. The hooded figure found an opening, quickly slicing through the space between it and Riku. He formed a dark shield, blocking most of the impact but also sending him sliding backwards. Dropping his arms, he slowly raised his head.

    “Huh?!” Riku looked shocked as he faced the hooded figure.


    “Hehe-so you noticed. Okay, we’ll finish it together! I’ll race you!”


    “What, are you kidding?”


    “What?!” Riku whispered to himself in a surprised tone. He focused forward, to see it charging forward for another attack.


    “Eeyy…we betta get started on this quick” Wakka said, resting his hands on top his head. The four of them were all walking through the quad, toward the school’s exit.

    “Right!” Selphie said. She turned to her right, facing Kairi. “Kairi, do you wanna help me write up some plans tonight?”

    “Sure” Kairi said with a nod.

    “And you guys can gather the supplies, right?” Selphie said, looking over at Tidus and Wakka.

    “You got it!” Tidus said.

    “Alright then!” Selphie said, swinging herself around to face her friends. The three of them stopped, looking back at Selphie’s cheerful expression. “Let’s all meet on that grass hill, tomorrow at sunrise. Sound good?”

    “Yeah. I guess…” Tidus said, disappointed with how early it was.

    “Hey! No complaining about the time!” Selphie said, wagging her finger in front of Tidus’s surprised face.

    The four of them laughed, making their way out the exit, and along the trail that ran through the mainland.


    “Tell me first…why you are dressed as one of us.”

    Riku began stepping away, speaking as he slowly approached the Keyblade sticking out of the ground. “To make sure my best friend…sleeps in peace.”


    He grabbed its handle, speaking as he pulled it out. “I don’t know who you’re supposed to be.” He raised it up. “But. You can’t fight fire with sparks. This Keybalde, it’s a sham” He threw it off to the side of the girl. “Worthless.”

    Looking down at it, she became furious with the words he was saying. “My Keyblade is not a sham!” She raised her head, yelling back at him. “What gives you the right to say that?!” Quickly, she picked her Keyblade up off the ground, and began charging toward him.


    With quick reaction Riku dodged the attack, spinning around the girl, and pounding his fist into her back. She fell face down on the ground, as her Keybalde dismissed itself. Riku stood up straight, looking back down at her.

    “Find a new crowd. Trust me. Those guys are bad news.” He turned around, and began stepping towards the exit.

    “Why? You’re the real sham.” Riku stopped when he heard those words. He paused, about to open his lips again, but stopped, lowering his head.



    “You are weak. You need darkness.”


    “Hmph. So now the coward is playing tough.”


    “Oh yes…you also stand in between the light and the darkness…”


    “Fake? Oh no…”


    “You’re not Riku anymore…you’re just a pawn of the darkness”


    “Perhaps you are the one who is being fake.”


    He spoke without turning around. “Fair enough. You could say I am…the biggest nobody of them all. He continued on, slowly stepping towards the large metal gate. As he made his way down the paved road, the only sound he could hear through the cold, quiet night was the loud wail of the girl he had just defeated.
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    Day 84: First Day of Class

    Kairi twirled around, looking in the mirror; wearing her new uniform. She looked up at her hair, running her fingers through the back of it. It was starting to gain a bit of length, much to her surprise.

    “Kairi!” The voice came from outside. She went over to her bed, climbing on top, and opened up her window, looking outside. The morning breeze ran through her hair, as the sun shined bright upon the islands. She looked down, and saw Tidus and Selphie, standing in front of her house. They were both wearing their school uniforms. Selphie held a small white purse, laced with pink, holding a keychain of two golden stars, and one of a small moogle. Tidus had a small blue backpack held over his shoulders.

    “Hey guys!” Kairi waved, looking down at the two of them cheerfully.

    “Hurry Kairi! We’re gonna be late!” Tidus said.

    “Kay” Kairi nodded, going back inside, then downstairs, grabbing her badge-colored purse, then heading out the front door. She ran up to the two of them, and followed from behind as they walked down the mainland’s trail.

    Selphie looked over at Kairi. “Hey Kairi, do you know who the class instructor is this year?”

    “Hmm…” Kairi looked up. “No idea” she said, looking over at her.

    “Eyy!” Wakka called out from afar. He was farther ahead on the trail, waving at them.

    “Wakka! How you feeling man?” Tidus asked.

    Wakka stretched out his collar, right above his loosened tie. “Uncomfortable brudda…” he said with an uneasy look on his face.

    The three of them laughed, looking up at the building ahead. Destiny Islands Academy.

    By: Blacksun30 (Member at


    The beeps and clicks of a working device filled the empty room with its only sound. The walls were blank, only bearing a light blue haze. If you listened closely, you could also hear the sound of floating bubbles, coming from that very same device.


    “Why do shun the darkness?”


    “You have no choice…”


    “Please don’t give up. Believe in the light”


    “You’re afraid of the darkness.”


    “Riku! Fight! Don’t let him win!”


    “I know you can feel it…the grip I have on your heart…”


    “Hey. I’m back”


    DiZ and Namine turned around, looking at the young voice that called from behind. They took a long look at his change of appearance.


    “You’re eyes can’t lie, can they?” DiZ said.

    Ignoring the comment, he looked up at the large pod, where Sora was floating in a peaceful slumber.

    “How’s he doing?”

    “He is stable, and progressing steadily. However, much still hangs in the balance.” DiZ said.

    Namine took a few steps forward. She looked down, keeping her hands close together.

    “The Organization is at work” DiZ added.

    Namine raised her head, smiling at him; staring straight into the black blindfold that covered his eyes. “Will you be alright, Riku?”


    Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka were all waiting anxiously in their classroom desks.

    "I wonder what were gonna do today" Tidus whispered, leaning in from his desk.

    "Probably go over our summer work" Kairi said quietly.

    Selphie turned around in her desk. "Yeah! Or maybe even--

    "Good morning class." A woman's voiced called from afar.

    The four of them looked up, as heels clicked along the ground, stepping in front of the green chalkboard. It was the instructor. She was wearing long, black, boots, that led up to a black skirt, and black blouse. Attached to her collar were two wing-like flaps, laced with gold, and a maroon tie that went down the center. Her dark blonde hair was in a ponytail, with hair dropping down from both sides of her face. She fixed her glasses, and placed her hands on her hips.

    "My name is Ms. Trepe. I'd like to welcome you all to a new year of school." She smiled. "Today we'll begin by going over the summer assignment."

    The sound of shuffling books and papers filled the room, as the class pulled out their summer work.


    "One would suffice that Sora's fate lies in the actions of all those connected to him" DiZ said.

    "Are you giving me another choice?" Riku asked sternly.

    "His nobody is interfering, capturing Sora's memories as his own. Without him, Sora will not be able to awaken. I doubt there is any choice here at all"

    Riku turned around. "Where do I find him?"

    DiZ paused before speaking. "He is the Organization's thirteenth member."

    Riku stepped out, without saying a word.


    “Controlling you is effortless…”


    “You should look…look at what you truly are!”


    “My dark shadow lingers…”


    “Can I face them?”




    “You don’t want to?”




    “You know I do…of course. And I will…”


    “I will return!!”


    “You gotta just remember to be brave…”


    Tidus stretched out his arms, letting out a sigh of relief. "Ahh. Great first day" He was walking alongside Wakka, Selphie, and Kairi, down the mainland's trail.
    "Yeah, I guess our promise really did help!" Selphie said cheerfully.
    Kairi looked up at the orange sky. She smiled.
    “Hey…you guys go on without me.” Kairi stopped, as the others kept walking, then slowly eased to a halt, looking back at her.
    “Did you forget something?” Selphie asked.
    Kairi shook her head. “I’ll see you guys later” She smiled back at them, and turned around, heading in the other direction. Selphie turned to look at Tidus, who simply shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

    And a shout out to Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII for joining the story!


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