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    that's what the expression means, right?
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    It's on!

    It's on!
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    what's up, mullet?

    what's up, mullet?
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    Wot. Umadboss? You ain't no mastermind, you's just some loudmouth who got lucky because someone played dirty :v
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    Wait, what about Mish + Karuta + Korosu? That's also a thing, you know.
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    I want to keep this senseless dispute down to a minimum. I will reply only to some of the more relevant parts of your post, otherwise we'll be running in circles.
    I will say this as clearly as I can. You are an experienced player; you have modded a handful of games before. The fact that these new players are playing like this doesn't make them more Town-like. It could apply to any alignment. They could be Town who are simply too hesitant like you say. But they could also just as easily be newbie Mafia staying silent. Unless there's some other evidence you're deliberately not telling us that would make you feel this strong about them, your defense doesn't hold up.
    There are two distinct and very important things here, and you shouldn't get them mixed up. Her plan worked becuase she thought she was lovered to Mafia. Her lynch managed to nab us a mafioso, end of story. The trade-off, however, wasn't fair, and you're completely right about that part.

    To get my point across, please consider this hypothetical scenario: T <3 T <3 M <3 T <3 T. Might I point out that there is nothing too absurd here, probability-wise. My question is, how can you lynch that one pesky mafioso without getting two townies killed as well? Answer: you can't. In order for him to be taken out, two townies must die. It's an inevitability on the way towards a Town victory. Now let's go back to our game. If I'm right about Midnight, this is precisely the order of roles starting at Cstar and ending at me. This means that if we ever hoped to win, we'd have to accept this trade-off one way or the other.

    To sum up: plan worked, exchange wasn't fair, but was also most likely unavoidable.
    Remember that talk about not revealing lovers as a way to protect them/yourself from the Mafia? Bingo. As a confirmed Townie who knew one of his lovers had just been confirmed Town (Sax) and was convinced that the other was also innocent (Midny), I saw no benefit in simply handing out that info to the Mafia for free. Interesting to note is that you only went after me and Midnight after I revealed we were lovers. Looks like I took your own advice to myself, eh boss? o;
    You misunderstand me. Let me try to rephrase, I think it was mostly my fault. It's like this: imagine a world where we wouldn't lose the game if Nova was lynched and we only got one Mafia out of that lynch. Could be anyone, doesn't matter. In that world, the only players left would be you, me, Midnight and Mish, two of which would have to be Mafia. Remember, this is just another hypothetical, because if it happened the Mafia would've won by overrun. Since I am only certain of my own innocence, the remaining pair of mafiosi can be either a) you + Midnight, b) you + Mish or c) Midnight + Mish. And what exactly does this thought experiment prove again? It follows that, given my TRs of you and Midnight, and by way of proof by contradiction, there are two (or even three!) Mafia sitting on Nova's lovebed. This is the best I can do with my current intel, so it doesn't mean you have to fully agree with me.

    ugghh, my head is aching
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    ¿QUIEN QUIERE DISECAR UN QUESO SUIZO POST? Yo don't, but half of its gaping holes are directed at me, so I might as well. And a one, and a two, and a... *inhales*
    And how exactly did you reach this conclusion? Based on your QTs, huh? Got it. Remind me to use that one next time I'm suspected for townclearing my lovers-- oh wait, I am being suspected, and I already did use it. Ain't that a coincidence. /sarcasm Seriously though, the odds of you being lovered to two townies like you say are exactly the same as mine.
    None of this is indicative of innocence. If anything, it puts them in the same position as Midnight and myself, except they have been waaaaay less active on the main thread.
    Far as I remember, the only people how did voice suspicion of me were Splodge (which was a mistake on his part), Marushi and now you.
    Surprisingly, I have to agree. I even remarked as much to Midny in private. Not that you'd take my word for it on these comments anyway.
    Yep, you're spot o--
    ... What? I don't know what you mean by this. Are you saying I don't reply when people call me out, or what? I'm pretty sure I was around to address people, going as far back as Splodge's misdirected accusation.
    Ahhh, finally some WIFOM. I was beginning to get thirsty. *sips thoughtfully* You see, I am immune to Iocane Powder. No amount of speculation can change that, because as of this moment, my QT with Midny is exactly at 124 posts and counting. Since I can't quote or screencap it all, would you prefer if I just paraphrased the whole thing post by post?
    Refer to my second paragraph, way up there^
    What you're calling a 'defense' I call 'disagreeing with Cal'. Matter of fact, there was no defensible accusation to begin with. Cal said "this could mean Splodge only has one lover", and I simply replied with "not necessarily".
    Ever stopped to consider that this kind of info is also useful for other townies? What about that, if I actually were Mafia, I could've just asked Mak those things by PM and then reported back the findings to the Mafia QT without Town knowing any of it?
    You mean first and only defense, which I also explained. As for SRing you, touché. Only difference is that your experience with mafia games is very far apart from mine. In fact, this is another possible reason for me to have looked up scumhunting tips online, and it's the real one.
    This is the same link as the last one. Again, not scummy behavior. Like I said, it's supposed to be a scum/nulltell, according to some of the online "pros". I am pleased to announce the Bus Theory™ is still up and running, this time free of any possible tunnel vision side-effects, what with your most recent stunts giving me very plausible evidence to support it. Also, glad you finally acknowledged the buddying I called you out on (more on this later). Thing is, yours happened well before Maru's plan was even conceived, and there was very little wou could go off of coming from her, aside from her usual wallposting.
    Nonono, I won't let you dismiss my calculations just like that. Marushi asked me a question, and I felt (somewhat) comfortable enough to answer it. Had I not, it would've meant lying or flat out ignoring her, all of which would be more suspicious than what I did do. Ergo your objection here is null, QED.
    I didn't drop suspicion of you. I just dropped my charges to pursue other leads because you were refusing to acknowledge them.
    First of all, we had touched on that on the QT before I brought it up, so it didn't come from nowhere. Secondly, didn't the lynches only serve to confirm her reasons for facing said dilemma? Al was Mafia, which means Midny was correct to suspect him while still worrying about taking down potential townies along with his lynch, assuming she is Town. Which you know I do assume. At any rate, I won't defend her any further, she can do it herself if she feels the need to.
    Boss, I've been through this: I am one of her lovers. I don't know who the second one was, or even if she had another one. She stopped replying and got eventually modkilled before she had a chance to tell me.

    Bonus Round:
    Here's the updated love chain, so you don't get lost again:

    ? <3 Kelly <3 Nova <3 Karuta <3 Cal <3 Cstar <3 Maru <3 Al <3 Midny <3 Judge (me) <3 Sax <3 ? || Splodge <3 Jiku <3 Mish <3 ?

    @Calxiyn Your highest-risk, highest-reward guess is correct, btw. The lynch targets that currently hold the biggest chance of taking down two (or three) mafiosi at a time are Nova and Karuta. Kelly/Korosu would also work, but that's the more conservative option (i.e. we don't lose if it's Mafia <3 Mafia or Mafia <3 Town). If the two reds we're looking for aren't found in Nova's lovebed, it means they could've only be found amongst Cal, Midny and Mish, except I TR the first two, and Mish is a coin flip. Also, notice that I chose to leave Mish's second link up for grabs. Bet you can figure out why.
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    Was about to take screen caps of their cards, but yeah, this^

    Okie dokie, I'm home, I'm fed, and my batteries are recharged. *cracks knuckles* Time to work on my wallpost.
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    By the way, this bullshit bravado is a clear appeal to irrationality. I don't buy it in the slightest. The facts don't change, you can't TTGL your way to victory here.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to go offline now. I pray this isn't game over.
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    @Calxiyn But I did tell everyone that Sax was my lover. Right after she was modkilled. I said that I could confirm that, as one of her lovers, I hadn't died along with her modkill. It was only THEN that I told Midnight as well on our QT.

    I don't know how long my battery will last. Down to the last 5%.
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    Nova you dense bozo. Innocents were going to die either way! Breaking news: i t ' s h o w t h i s g a m e w o r k s.

    I'm telling you for town's own sake, you're either tunneling too damn hard, or you're Mafia trying to force a hard blitz. In any case, there is absolutely no merit to this stubbornness. You can vote Mid/me back later if you want.
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