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    I read Bakaforce and Ansem Retort.
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Nov 21, 2009 in forum: Literature
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    Thanks for joining!
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Sep 23, 2009 in forum: Social Groups (KH-Vids.Net Forum)
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    I can't wait!!! Only a few more days!!
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Sep 17, 2009 in forum: Social Groups (KH-Vids.Net Forum)
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    Letsee..Fullmetal Alchemist!!
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Sep 14, 2009 in forum: Anime and Manga
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    Well, than sorry!! I won't do it again..
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 17, 2009 in forum: Art Shop
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    They don't have to if they don't want to.

    And to everyone else-I am still working on your stuff. I will be posting stuff later today though!!

    To Riku1fangirl-

    And here's the code. Rember to take out the * in the first IMG bracet and to give credit!!


    To roxasrikusora-

    And here's the code. Make sure to take out the * in the first IMG bracket and to give credit!
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 17, 2009 in forum: Art Shop
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    Profile Post

    The banner is done!!

    The banner is done!!
    Profile Post by K.H.Nut13 for Emzy ♥, Mar 15, 2009
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    And here's the code. Take out the * IMG bracket.

    Now, you can give credit in two ways-
    1. say in the bottom of your sig that it was created by me
    2. Rep me.
    Now, I will take on your other requests, but they might take awhile to finish, scince I'm a little tied up nowadays.

    Also, I know the avatar is a little big. If you want me to resize, I'll try my best.
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 15, 2009 in forum: Art Shop
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    As always, take out the * in the first IMG bracket.
    You have no idea what hell I went through to get my mouse to work. Crappy thing. But anyhoo-
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 14, 2009 in forum: Art Shop
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    I took your quiz, and it wasn't that bad.
    I got Roxas. Even though what you said about me was true, I ALWAYS get Roxas when I see what organazation character I am.
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 10, 2009 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Right now I'm reading The Liars Club by Mary Karr.
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 9, 2009 in forum: The Playground
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    I didn't mean for the Ares program. Its when I try to downlode the videos into iTunes that it always pops up with an error, no matter what video it is.
    Post by: K.H.Nut13, Mar 8, 2009 in forum: Technology