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    The Atlivis female listened carefully to the others explanation, her gaze widening at the thought of such technology. If it weren't for the fact that she had joined the academy and mingled with others she would of never known such a thing could exist, given the lack of major advancements from her people. "So it's. .essentially connected with your body and that allows you to move it like it were your own flesh?" she asked returning her attention to him then took a bite from her breakfast before speaking again."My name is Elise Aldrich, yours?" she introduced herself with a grin quickly seeing Risit leaving leaving another one to take his seat. "You know that's pretty weird. .but kinda awesome, where I'm from if you get your arm sliced off well. .it's seen as a battle wound but then you're also seen as a burden since you can'd do much with just one arm" Elise went on talking without waiting for an answer now drinking her orange juice.
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    Elise noticed the small crowd gather before her on across the able she sat, quickly recognizing the others especially the Atlivis, Risit. She had never spoken much to him as she felt no need to, even among their own kind the Atlivis were competitive. The mechincal arm of the Eulias did catch her attention though. Rising from her seat, the young woman carried her tray and simply sat beside the girl whom she knew as Odette. ". . .So how does that work?" the female then stated speaking directly to the owner of the metal like armor limb, her blunt ways still lingered around her even after the time she had spent in the academy. Elise's gaze remained fixed on the boy, her jaw resting on her hand waiting for an answer as she was interested actually.
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    Elise was already up at the breakfast table not so close to the rest yet didn't mingle much with them as her attention was currently on what was on her plate. Waking up early was a usual routine of hers as she did dislike sleep, finding it a waste of time when one could be doing something much more productive. Having been in the school for the past years, Elise felt as if she really hadn't learned much or proved that the Atlavis people were better than the rest, though her way of thinking had changed slightly. The rest weren't so different as her, yet she still kept the old prejudice ways at times.

    The school uniform wasn't much to her liking even after all the years she had worn it, the need to tug and pull the skirt was always there finding it too short. She did however like the cape, yet wished it was longer. Her eyes trailed the red cloth wondering if she could make it look like a cloak. Elise went on to look at the rest of the students who were piling in now, wondering what classes would take place this day. "Hopefully . .nothing from Castalius" she sighed finding their spells difficult to learn.
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    It was adorable and I cried. .more than I want to admit really. But I kinda wished it was done in 2D animation than this 3D, but Disney pulled it off nicely without Pixar.
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    I actually loved it. Can't wait for May and The Avengers.
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    Username:K u r o g a n e
    Name: Elise Aldrich.
    Age: Eighteen.
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: A rather blunt and straightforward young female who usually does not think before she acts. Her independent and rude ways tend to land her and others in trouble.
    Appearance: Click here.
    Bio: Elise was born in the brutal lands of Atlivis, where fights and bloodshed were routine and perfectly normal. Things were always best settled through fists than with words, and thus was the only world she knew hence her rather "masculine" way of being. Her parents took pride of the fact that they were of Atlivis and the thought of having their daughter attend the academy seemed insane. Still Elise convinced her parents in letting her go, claiming that she would prove that the Atlivis people were far superior to the rest. Years passed and that mentality somewhat changed in the girl as she has become somewhat tolerable to the others, yet still holds her families bitter resent over the previous battles that were lost to the other two races.

    Plasma Bolt - A burst of electricity escapes from the user’s palm.
    Magnetic Pull - Draws in metal objects towards the user by creating a magnetic field.
    Paralyzing Touch - With a touch of the hand the user can temporarily paralyze a person or animal.
    Fire Breath - Burst of flames can escape the user’s mouth.


    Other: As part of the Atlivis people, Elise can summon a grey wolf that she had befriended as a child.
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