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    That sounds really cool ^.=.^

    That sounds really cool ^.=.^
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    That's always a good thing

    That's always a good thing
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    If anyone could of done that it was you
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    Kaidron emerged from his portal wings still splayed in mid flight. He was much closer to the ground than he was in the world he just left and readied himself to land. Disturbing debris, concrete and twigs from the force of his wing beats kaidron touched ground, something just occurred to him a sence of his surroundings. He was visibly glowing only faintly but noticeably in the gloomy landscape he found himself in.
    "how very odd, a glow? It must be my own light radiating but that wouldn't happen unless this world was devoid of its own radiance."
    That was when kaidron noticed what he was standing on. It wasn't the ground per say but actually the remains of a building long since reduced to rubble and dust.
    The sky was no better, above his swirled a cluster of clouds a dark hollow sky with no ounce of light to brighten the land below. There did however look to be a star, a sun of sorts. Except it was black and pulsated as the clouds seemed to orbit it.
    "this isn't right. This world has no light let alone light form my world... Why did my portal land me here?"
    Kaidron took a few steps the sound of cracking glass breaking the eerie silence blanketing the ruin of a world.
    "Do the heartless even roam here?"
    Kaidron's inner monologues were interpreted by a noise close by. Gliding to the actual ground kaidron walked cautiously towards the noise interested at what could inhabit such a bleeck land.
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    (Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy in the real world of late. I'll make sure to post more regularly now)

    Turel neared the sight of the explosion he saw earlier. As he drew closer he heard a noise and hid behind a large boulder jutting from the top of the cliff face. Peering out straining to focus in the windy sand coated air he saw a white furred figure seeming thrashing around in the dirt. Confused he continued watching, the figure was the same man who attacked his home world all right but his actions here confused him. As swiftly as it blew in the wind settled and Turel got a better look at the surroundings. What he saw took his breath away. Countless keys stuck in the sun baked earth, each one a grave marker for a keyblade wielder who fell upon this world in the heat of battle against the darkness. Turel's heart could still hear the screams of each warrior as they breathed their last even with their influence long since gone, and here was his worlds destroyer screaming and kicking at random keybades in the ground. This place was sacred and Turel couldn't watch as this winged menace defaced it.
    "Stop!" Came Turel's cry as he leapt from his hiding spot.
    Kaidron turned to him, a small smile appeared on his face as his presence calmed down suddenly. A few short breaths and Kaidron spoke.
    "So you made it then little general."
    Turel glared at him not enjoying his obviously derogatory nickname.
    "Your defacing a graveyard to our fallen warriors and I beseech you to stop! Don't you have any conscience?"
    Kaidron snickered slightly.
    "This is my monument, my grave, my battleground. Your life is but a mere flicker to the pain I endured at this sight. These lifeless weapons each one a voice I knew and will near hear again. Only once you understand the gravity of what I lost can you dare talk to me of conscience."
    The response caught Turel off guard he had no clue what to say, he knew this man had fought with his father from their previous encounter but had no idea of the sheer scale of the losses.
    "This is what I have lost, this is what I deserve to reclaim. Now that you've seen what I have endured surly you can understand what I am trying to achieve."
    Turel summoned his keyblade wielding it in his normal battle stance. Giving his foe a stern look he replied.
    "You are destroying worlds in order to get what you want I can never understand that and I will never condone it!"
    Kaidron looked away a noticeably sad look on his face as he took wing above the sight.
    "I guess I could expect nothing less from the son of the General who destroyed my people. Fine if this is the hand fate has picked out for us then so be it. I will not stop in my crusade but I encourage you to try."
    Then taking a small rotation around Turel Kaidron flue off into another portal created by his keyblade.
    Turel would have to find a way to follow him but was never trained in keyblade portals. He grasped his keyblade in both hands pointing it straight forward and hoped for the best concentrating on where he wanted to go, where ever the white dragon had flown off to.
    After agonising seconds of nothing Turel's keyblade reacted. A thin stream of light erupted from his keyblade and hit the air between two keyblades. A portal formed and Turel stepped towards it, holding his breath he closed his eyes and stepped through hoping the world he ended up in would be the same as his adversaries.
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    That would be awsome mister

    That would be awsome mister
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    The portal's stream seemed to last forever a great tunnel of colour and lights. Blues, greens and yellows spieling to an unknown destination. Turel felt a sickening feeling like falling cling to him as he hurtled through the fracture. He was weightless propelled by some unseen force and struggled to prevent from mercilessly rotating as he continued on this disorientating journey. For as long as the journey seemed Turel noticed that Kaidron was nowhere in sight. Turel couldn't focus however the feeling was becoming overwhelming and then as sudden as it came, it stopped.
    Turel sat awhile reorganising his equilibrium to the new perfectly solid ground before standing to take in his surroundings. A land so far estranged from his own. Rocky cliffs rose in every direction framing the sandy dunes lining area. The land he was sat upon seemed stable so must be another plateaued cliff he assumed. Taking a stand he noticed the lack of vegetation of any kind.
    "Not many things could live here" Turel thought to himself aloud.
    Turel took a few steps to the edge of the cliff he was standing on and leaned over as far as he dared. As he feared too far to jump down, and where would he go? He didn't even know where he was to begin with.
    As if summoned by his hesitation black forms crawled from the rocky floor pulling themselves from the very shadows cast by the light above them. Turel knew of these creatures from his father's teachings. Grim spectres of lost hearts swimming through the darkness with ease. Turel's father told him that these creatures feared the keyblade and Turel was going to make sure they remembered why.
    Withdrawing Glimpse of Righteousness with a flash of light he held it aloft towards the quivering shadows as the stood eyeing him as prey.
    "You will pay for every heart you have stolen into the dark! Gaze upon my blade and tremble as I name thy Heartless!"
    As his final word fell from the air Turel charged towards the creatures. Wielding his keyblade with ease Turel lashed at the creatures repeatedly. The feral animal like shadows twitched their antennae and lunged felled by the light of each swing of Glimpse of Righteousness.
    Turel stood triumphantly as the heartless dissipated their darkness dissolved by Turel's impressive command of light. However his celebration was short lived as from behind a noise caught his attention. He barely had time to turn and parry the strike of an overall larger form of heartless. This one stood 4 foot tall humanoid in appearance and held a dark blue blade in his claws. Wings protruded from its back and it hovered above the ground.
    Turel hopped back the heartless's attack failing to hit its mark. He readied his key and quieted himself and concentrated remembering yet another lesson from his father Turel pointed the key towards the creature and shouted.
    As he swung his blade again a bright light erupted from the tip a wave of pure force and power that it cleaved the heartless in two before it could react. Careful not to let his guard down again Turel surveyed his surrounding. Nothing more seemed to be appearing and so he relaxed a moment to catch his breath.
    An explosion in the distance caught Turel by surprise. He turned to observe a large sphere of energy forming in the distance. At last a direction!
    Turel saw the plateaued cliff next to his curved towards the ground in the direction he needed to head. He looked at the gap between the two cliffs and was confident he could jump it. With a flick of his wrist Turel de-materialised his bonded weapon and leaned down in a classic runners starting position. Taking a few deep breaths he charged towards the gap and leaped. Displacing a few rocks Turel landed on the second cliff breaking in a roll before getting the location of the explosion square in his view on the horizon and headed towards it.
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    (Lets get this started!)

    The day had been won, at least by one perspective it was a victory. The air was dark, the smoke of destruction smothering all available light as a lone winged figure flue above the destruction.
    Kaidron Withdraw his keyblade in a small flurry of wind as he reached it out long and called out to the heavens. A fragment of light fluttered from within the road and sped towards his key. Kaidron drew his keyblade high and brought it down on the light and it vanished, and he grinned.
    Then from out of the chaos emerged a figure he knew, his keyblade unmistakeable. Kaidron stopped, still high above it all he called out to the figure.
    "Good morning General Turel, I Didn't think..."
    His sentence was cut short as the figure was no longer obscured by the smoke of the destruction he looked far younger than he had remembered.
    "Is this a trick? Some sort of ghost from the past come to plague me?"
    The figure raised his keyblade towards Kaidron and yelled out.
    "I am the son of General Turel of the keyblade war. Your crimes will not be forgiven! I will hunt you down and make you pay for your actions here today!"
    Kaidron laughed. He was definitely the generals son. Then he remembered his cause and became solemn once again in reply.
    "And what of the sins of the past? Are they to be swept away?"
    "What do you mean demon?"
    "Your father orchestrated the death of all my people. Under his vain view of sacrifice and righteousness. All I am doing is reclaiming what was stolen from me."
    The words caught Turel off guard, he had never heard anything like that from his father.
    Kaidron not wishing to wait around used the moment to take his leave throwing his keyblade into the air he created a hole and flew through it into the facility of his next target.
    Turel was shocked, a skill like that as simple as it may of appeared was all but lost except from classically trained keyblade master. This was indeed a man from his fathers past and he intended to get answers from him.
    Before the hole Kaidron had created closed Turel used his acrobatics to jump from the flaming buildings throwing himself through the portal after Kaidron.
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    Yeah sorry I said I would wait for Glen to post his second character and he has been well... absent
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    Interesting characters, we'll be starting fairly soon so be ready to put them to use
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    Hope all you guys can handle two characters. Well I guess we'll just have to see when the story starts
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