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    halloween town hurting you while you're trying to fight heartless (ex. falling gravestones, gates closing on you, blasting water, etc.) although it is fun to do that stuff to donald and goofy:D

    getting kicked off atlantica after every song even if you already have what's required to do the next song.

    plus riku and kairi not being in kh2 much til near the end. i would rather have them as permanent partners then donald and goofy. although that seems to be the pattern starting with playstation (aside from re:com) platform games that riku and kairi don't get to do much.
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    well at least they have the price $34 and the release date on it september 29. do you think it's actual date?
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    I watched an interview on Johnny Depp and he said that he just signed up to do a POTC 4. I'm so excited for POTC 3 & 4!
    Post by: Kairi-chan, Jan 7, 2007 in forum: Disney Galaxy
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    Sora and Kairi should kiss in the next game. But they need to spend more time together first because they have been separated for a year. I would like to see them get closer before they kiss. If Disney lets them and if Sora gets a little smarter. Although in kh2 he did imagine him and Kairi dancing so who knows.
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    explain why kairi can use a keyblade
    put an actual crowd of people in the Olympus Coliseum not just hear them
    more sora&kairi and namine&roxas
    more cloud
    all the disney worlds each have one big storyline instead of two small ones
    Post by: Kairi-chan, Dec 27, 2006 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Step Up

    I love this movie! The dancing was awesome!
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    All You Wanted - Michelle Branch
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    Barlow Girl

    I love this band! My favorite songs are "Never Alone", "Mirror Mirror" and "On My Own". Any other fans out there?
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    Relient K

    I love "be my escape" but that's the only song I've heard from their band.
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    that sucked, I'll try again


    I got uh and buy
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