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Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
One word- SCHOOL!!


Destiny Islands Resident, from Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. Deathsight44
      new thread is up. promise it wont be as boring as the last. There is a link to it in my sig to :P
    2. Deathsight44
      *forgot to type this part up to*
      Mind if I show u the new thread so u can see if it is good or not later also?
    3. Deathsight44
      eh, alrite, I'll take it as a no then I guess :P
    4. Deathsight44
      yo, since I'm maken a myspace and all, can I ask for ur friends adress thingy or whatever its called (yes, I am a myspace ****** TT_TT)? o_O I mean, I'm only adden 2 peoples that I actually know from school on there, and I'd rather atleast talk with someone on there that i know instead of complete strangers, so..........
      lol, I can understand if u dont want to though, so u dont have to. like said, just wonderin ^^;
    5. Deathsight44
      btw, add this onto the bottem response I guess, but its anouther weird question. you ever use somethen called a weejy board? o_O (its not how you spell it, but its how you sound it out)
    6. Deathsight44
      No I dont!!! *runs away* Its not my fault that he copies me TT_TT

      and thats it? o_O thats so.......lame.........XD Ummm, do most peoples do that weird thing where they put backrounds on their page and everything then? o_O

      Lmao, I had to go walk my dog before when u just left, and I just got in the middle of a dog fight XD I was standen on the top of my stairs and my neighbors dog wasn't on a leash and he starts runnen up and tryen to get at my dog and I was like right in between them while they were freaken out XDDDDDD Was fun :P
    7. Deathsight44
      No I dont. No no no. NO!!!!!!!!! *cries* I dun likes zero *throws tempertantrum* u are evil >.>

      TT_TT I get all twitchy and stuff when that kind of topic comes up. Its weird, but I mean, idk, its just creepy knowing that they are doin that kind of stuff to.......you know >.>

      What do you do exsactly on myspace? o_O
    8. Deathsight44
      and yes, I realize just how ******ed the myspace question is. But when I went there I had no idea what it was about >.>
    9. Deathsight44
      oh ya, and btw, meh new thread will be out soon. sorry the other one I made is so boring :sweatdrop:
    10. Deathsight44
      You know what! I duns like you! Its ur fault!!!!! Cuz if they dont end up together then I'll feel bad, as much as I despise Zero >.> (not that I really duns like u, but still :P)

      XD ur almost as mean to kaname as I am to zero :P

      ik what you mean. when it shows all the insides and stuff it just.........TT_TT I am so scared though. Cuz that creepy stuff that happens on tv is gonna be happening to me!

      Rofl, good to hear then ^_^

      awkward question, but you don't know anythens about myspace, do you? o_O Meh friend aaron is forcen me to make one and that I gots to go on it all week (if I win though then I gets to choose what he has to do), but I sorta dont know what myspace is, so........(I'd ask a friend but thats a years worth of "Wow, who the hell doesn't know about myspace"'s)
    11. Deathsight44
      what do you mean you just watched it? You were only gone for a few minutes and then you watched it in all that time? o_O
      I know what you mean though. Do not quote me on this (EVER), but I hate it when stuff happens like that in romances, cuz its like they are meant to be and stuff, but now he has a gun to her.......but at the same time, its like he hates himself for doin it. And thats just.........sad *cries* <.< >.> not that I cry at that kind of stuff (looks around to make sure no one reads this)

      But I mean, what the hell! And now the guy is some sort of zombie thing? (or somethen, idk). I mean, wtf? So does that make him an incestive zombie rapist? o_O (wow that is freaky)

      ya, alrite. lol. I've already had it on hold for like 3 years since I have a fear of surgery.........I mean, think of it like that eye thing u had b4, except different >.>

      btw, just curious, but how is your eye? I mean, not that its a big deal or nothens, but just curious ^_^
    12. Deathsight44
      a pop up might show up, but ignore it. This episode is REALLY good. Its the only time where I might actually feel sorry for zero >.>

      Do not believe that this war is over though! Though I may symposize with Zero in this episode, that does not mean that I like him! This is a temporary agreeing of thoughts since I'd be pissed off to if the love of my life was marrying HER FREAKEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!! I mean, am I the only one that is creeped out by this? o_O

      lol, thats not true, lol. Believe it or not, if it wasn't for you, then I'd probably end up asken my other friends things which would end up getting spread around. So in a way, ur advice is always helpful :P
      but thnx......I mean, idk, I'm sort of scared about the whole thing though, cuz doc says that if it doesn't get done at some point, then I could get skin cancer when I'm 20 or somethen........so thanks
    13. Deathsight44
      And add this onto the other response thing i just left b4

      But zero iz not a nice guy! He iz evil! EEEEEVVVVIIILLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
      But I'm watching the next episode right now :D
    14. Deathsight44
      I know, but I mean, its just, I don't care about it anymore, cuz Yuuki is being a ***** for sayen that to Zero, and now that Zero is acten all the way he is, I'm pissed off cuz he's acten like me when I get pissed off AND THAT PISSES ME OFF!!!! CURSE YOU ZERO!!!!!!! *cries in utter defeat*

      Also, I have a REALLY awkward question to ask, but I'd rather ask someone thats good at giving advice online then one of my friends, since its sort of embarrassing to ask, but.............say you had to get surgery, but its surgery in a spot where you really wouldn't want it (if you catch what I mean by that >.>), but its like you want to get it there or else you can't ever really........do stuff........then would you get it really soon, or would you get it later?
    15. Deathsight44
      WHAT HAPPEND TO YUUKI!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!! *tears out own hair*. Wuz gonna happens to her more human side!!!!!!!!!!!!
    16. Deathsight44
      I am really really really really really really really really really really really really really sorry for callens you a liar. I just saw his rapist ass bite her against her will. I'm REALLY sorry TT_TT
    17. Deathsight44
      Yo, there's somethen real awsome tonite. You don't have to respond, but there is this thing that happens every 10,000 years or somethen where if you see the moon tonite then you can see jupiter also :P

      Idk if it is the same where u are, but just thought I would start tellen peoples since it aint happenen again for anouther 10,000 years ^_^
    18. Deathsight44

      watch them in order. I have to go babysitten but I thought that these were ones that you would lyao watching ^_^
    19. Deathsight44
      XD Well believe it :P Its true even! Cmon! He looks like a woman with short hair! he acts like a chick acting like a dude, and he's always moody! If Zero isn't on a period, then idk what else can describe how he acts XDDDDD

      lmao. These people come up with the best stuff XD

      you'll like this one. Its the best ^_^
    20. Deathsight44
      Ik. I'll watch it later today then ^_^

      Lol. How can a sweet guy like me be mean? I even made u a b-day amv! How can I be mean XD and besides, not my fault that Zero looks and acts like a Lesbian on her period XD

      I should've done the same, lol. Kakashi dies, Shikamaru's teacher person dies, sasuke turns evil and stuffs, and sakura turns into a skank and falls in love with naruto >.>

      lol, have you ever felt like doing something completely random and absolutely unordinary in the least?

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    Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
    One word- SCHOOL!!
    I lived in a cave untill I found kingdom hearts.

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