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    Tifa noticed Sora and Kairi talking. She smiled. "Come on, Kairi, you can do it," she said to herself as if she was really talking to Kairi.
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    do Kingdom Hearts and Disney Channel count?
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    no, it's not easy. there's been a bunch of stuff like that. you need to be more specific. but the first person that comes to my mind is Phil off Hercules. is that right?
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    Hades from Hercules.
    "People do crazy things... when they're in love." (i know it's easy, but trust me, it'll get harder.)
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    three words: Sora is HOT!!!!!!!!!XD
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    i rated it and left a comment.:) i made my second, too. this is the link:
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    i agree with ~tReAh867~. that song's awesome.:)
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    i've never heard any of those songs, but i've heard of a song that Yuna sings: Listen to Your Heart. (ohmygosh, i LOVE that song!)
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    (SIS!!!!!!!! no one was supposed to know anything about Keelain except Aerith!!! *bashes Sa'ix's Daughter in the head a bazillion times*XD)
    "No!" Keelain exclaimed. "No one else can hear this! Only Aerith!" She wasn't going to take any risks. She started to get back up, but she fell back down.
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    (that sounds like Sora. he's extremely sensitive. but, still, he's hot.XD)
    Tifa noticed Roxas and Axel kissing. 'EW!' she nearly blurted outloud. 'What happened to Roxas and Namine?! Or Axel and Larxene?!' She shook it off, but it was still on her mind. She looked at Riku. "Wow...."
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    Sora gazed at the world they were in. "Halloween Town." He smiled. He looked at Kairi and Riku, who looked confused. "Halloween Town. That's the world we're in." Kairi and Riku were still looking at him weird. "What?"
    "Uh, Sora? You look... different..." Kairi said. Sora laughed. "Yeah. You look different when you come here. You two are different, too. All of us are." Kairi and Riku looked at each other. "Wow. You're right." Sora noticed something coming towards them.
    "It's Jack," Donald stated. Sora nodded. Jack came up to them. "Sora! Donald! Goofy! You're here! And just in time for Halloween!"
    "Okay, is it Halloween or Christmas, Jack? Make up your mind."
    "Halloween, I'm sure of it! Come on, bodyguards!" Jack walked away and Kairi tried not to laugh. "Bodyguards?!" she asked. Sora blushed and followed Jack.

    Sora entered the city and noticed the mayor running around frantically, as usual. "What am I gonna do, what am I gonna DO?!" the mayor exclaimed. Sora rolled his eyes. "Calm down. We'll beat the Heartless. Don't worry about it." The mayor kept running around, as if he didn't hear Sora. Kairi tapped Sora on the shoulder. "Who's he?"
    "The mayor of Halloween Town." Kairi was puzzled, especially at the thought that a mayor or any important person would be acting like a moron. She shrugged it off, still watching him run around. All of a sudden, Sora grasped his head. Eventually, he couldn't take the pain anymore and a bright light shone in. Sora was blinded for a moment, but it p***ed. He looked at where he was now. It was pretty dark. "What the heck's goin' on?!" He glanced ahead and saw someone. "Kairi? Is that you?"
    "Sora!" Kairi rushed up to him. "What the heck happened?!"
    "I'm not sure." He got his Keyblade ready. A deep voice entered their minds.
    '‘A peak of your destiny....’ Sora and Kairi both turned around. "Who said that?!"
    ‘What you will become... is your worst nightmare....’
    “Can you hear that?”
    What lies in your future... the other shall see....’ Sora was starting to get annoyed. “Who are you?! Show your face!”
    ‘Beyond so much knowledge... beyond anything ever seen or done... beyond what you can control....’
    “What is it talking about?!”
    ‘You will soon face it... face your dreams... shattered dreams... only to become the thing you fear most... and will never again live to see the light of day... only the darkness of night... and all your hopes... dreams... memories... they will fade away into darkness... never again to return.... Darkness and light are eternal, yet you are not... so you shall face the consequences of interfering with both... and you will never know... never remember the thing you know called love... it will break... fall apart... and you will go down with it....’ The two faced each other again, but saw something different in each other. They both gasped. Kairi saw Sora the same, but his eyes were blood red. Sora saw Kairi the same, too, but she was practically dead. Then the light came back.
    “Kairi, are you okay?” She nodded. “Are you?”
    “Yeah, I think. What was that all about?”
    “I-I don’t know....”
    ‘You shall soon understand... your destiny....’
    “Would you just shut up?!” Sora exclaimed. He looked back at Kairi. “Is that not ticking you off?!”
    “It is. But... wh-what if it has a point?” Sora was silent for a moment. “I-I doubt that....”
    “Did you see me different, too?”
    “Yeah. You saw me different?”
    “Yeah. Wh-what if that’s what we’re really gonna become what we saw?”
    “I hope not.” There was a silence. A bright light appeared and the two were blinded again.
    “Sora! Kairi!” They woke up and looked above them. Riku and Jack was standing there. “Are you guys okay?!”
    “Yeah. Wh-what happened?”
    “You both kinda p***ed out. It was really sudden.” Sora got up. He gave Kairi his hand. Kairi took it and he helped her up. "That was weird." Sora nodded. "Yeah." He noticed the mayor had stopped running around. Sora immediately drew his Keyblade at the sound of the word, "Heartless!"

    how was that? reply what you think of it!
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    i agree.

    "You bet I'm ready!" Sora replied. Then his mind went back to focusing on Mickey, Donald and Goofy. 'Don't worry guys,' he thought. 'We'll come soon enough. Just hold on.' Sora drew his Keyblade. "Alright, so which punk am I gonna fight first?!"
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    Xemnas would definitely win. i never voted on the others (i don't even know the people in the first battle), but in your second battle i would've voted for Sora.
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    i've never seen it, but my dad told me a really funny part. he said in one of them, this guy had all kinds of weapons and was doing all kinds of flippy things with them and you would be thinking, 'oh no! this guy's gonna kill Indiana Jones!' and then Indiana got out his gun and just shot him and killed him and walked on by like no big deal.XD
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