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    Voted simply as a comparison between Passion/Hikari, which I prefer to the more upbeat original tracks.
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    Can't say I was a huge fan either, especially considering I got so jacked when I found out Leonard Nimoy was voicing the character. Turned out to be on of my least favorite roles Nimoy had played.

    Personally, I would have to say Demyx. The dude sounded like Dora the Explorer, and was really out of the Organization character framework, and not in a particularly good way. Kind of brought down the rest of the group for me as well. Really hard to take the rest seriously when this clown is a legit member.

    A close second comes Sora from KHII, solely because of the fact that he was not given coherent thought at all and was a complete ditz for the duration of the game.
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    I side with this. In my opinion, the last battle of KH2 was a MAJOR disappointment, as well as a lot of the last battle in KH1. There were so many unnecessary objectives to do that just dragged everything on way longer and way further from the point then it needed to be. I couldn't stand when you have to fly with Riku on some godforsaken speeder and take town parts of Xemnas' ship for 10 minutes, or why we needed to be granted infinite double jump and glide so we could spend another 10 minutes breaking bits of buildings that were thrown at the player and then fly close just to hit an enemy that DOES.NOT.MOVE. until 1 bar of health goes down, then you do it again. Make the battle to the point, keep the player involved, and ramp up the difficulty. My dog could have beat Xemnas. And to top it off, you have to spend so much time doing the pointless stuff that the battle takes over a half hour no matter how you play it.

    Again, my opinion.
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    Psh! Inactive for less than two years doesn't count! Baha
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    Perfect comparison. Couldn't have explained it much better than referencing that character arc.
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    Snow Villers, for the sole purpose of bringing Troy Baker into the KH world.

    (Guilty for having been on the Troy Baker bandwagon for the last couple of years)
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    I would agree to that as well. I totally forgot about the extra scenes until I was actually playing through them and I think it definitely added some much needed filler on some of those characters. It's almost a shame how little the story really delved into some of the Organization members. It would have been a huge add into the story, and I feel like instead, a lot of those storylines of the characters in particular kind of got glossed over for the most part.
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    In addition to that, Sora is portrayed as,(no other way to put it) AN ABSOLUTE MORON. This slows things down a surprising amount when you think about it, and takes some of the meaning and thrill of the story as is. That alone was my biggest gripe about KH2. Especially going back and playing it, it is honestly embarrassing considering at times I am pretty sure Dora the Explorer would have taken less time to move past a plot point.
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    This. Honestly I was thrilled with the new look when we saw the teaser trailer last summer or whenever it came out. Until I saw the combat. Seriously? Riding a fake roller coaster as an attack? The flow gets completely ripped out of the system. All of a sudden, I press a button, and sit in front of the screen while the game shows me some beautiful slideshow that deals a modest amount of damage. Cool, but all of a sudden, the game is playing itself. After a decade, I want to be a part of the game as much as possible, I don't want it to play it for me. This was a big reason I did not use summons that much in KH2. Even the flowmotion thing turns me off. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I don't need to bounce around 327 walls just to deal an attack. To me, Sora has always been a gifted, but somewhat normal, person. It just seems a bit much to me. Again, personal opinion.

    This is another key point. Honestly,there is so much expectation riding on this and has been for so long it will be almost impossible for Square to blow everyone's wildest expectations. Square needs to buckle down and create a game they can be happy with, not necessarily what they think the community will be into. I understand that they are making a product for the market, but if they aren't happy with it, the magic won't come through.

    Just keep Star Wars/Marvel OUT OF KH3. They just don't mesh with the KH universe very well in my opinion. A lot of Pixar is borderline for KH, in my opinion.
    Exactly what I was thinking. So far, Square has been pretty fair when it comes to DLC. Meaning I don't have to pay just to find closure in the game. DLC for expansion is the point, in my mind.
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    Love it! Looks like you put in a lot of hard work to polish it and make it look legit, and it shows. This looks like something Square could show at TGS or E3 and I'd believe it was real. Kudos!
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    I also loved the End of the World. It was a little more linear, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. The sense of chaos, awe, and clash of every other world really made it that much more memorable. The snowy kind of ground effects and the sounds coupled with the music was hallowing at some points, and the boss fights and really serene, quiet, and somber atmosphere made you feel like you really weren't supposed to be there, and going into unmarked territory. Loved it.
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    Bingo. This is my one stopping point for fully supporting a film franchise. I still think it's a great idea, but so much rides on the execution. And, honestly, games can do so much more than film. Even on the storytelling front. Look at the Naughty Dog 'x-factor' Uncharted really did bring a whole new layer of depth in storytelling, along with some others around the time, but really popularized storytelling in games as an art. No, it was not a new idea and yes, it had been done before; but the Uncharted series really brought it into the limelight and got other people catching on and paying more attention to that aspect. The Last of Us is a perfect example as well. As a movie, it probably would have been great, and a good quality film, which we may still end up seeing. However, by making it a game, they made it an experience. That interactivity, the factor of choice and play style, and lack of straight cutscenes to tell the story shattered the screen and threw you right into the mix, will a real sense of being there and going through everything Joel and Ellie did. What I guess I'm trying to say is, the game itself can be much more powerful, and much more capable. And when dealing with teams and writers who are familiar with writing for a video game medium, that may be the best direction to go. That being said, I still believe in the relevance of other mediums like film, novel, and manga; but only as supplemental material. I don't want to say there is only one way of doing things, and if it isn't done that way then everything is flawed, but I sincerely believe that the minute the focus shifts from the main gaming experience, something about this franchise we all know and love is lost.
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    So, I finally got to finish Part II of the Bioshock Infinite story DLC last weekend, and was wondering if anyone else here had played it and what your thoughts were. Personally, I loved the new DLC; the story itself was really well done, especially in Part II, and I loved the tweaks the team made to the gameplay for playing as Elizabeth. Overall, I think I liked Part II over Part I, but both are more than worth the price of the season pass. The voice acting of Courtnee Draper and Troy Baker were just as great as they were in the main story, and I loved how they brought back the VA cast from the original Bioshock. Even the ending, to me, was very satisfying, even though this might be the point of controversy for many. However, I thought overall it seamed together the fabric from Bioshock to Bioshock Infinite, even if it did mean leaving Bioshock II completely out of the loop. All in all, I thought it was the perfect swan song for Ken Levine to ride out on, and while I definitely will be doing more playthroughs, left me satisfied and with a sense of finality and completion at the end of this story.

    Any thoughts?
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    I really enjoyed going back to the worlds for a second visit. I liked seeing the story of those worlds move on while I was still playing the game and doing something else. In other words it wasn't just a 'you're here, here's the story, now you're done, nothing more happens' kind of thing. It gave the illusion that events actually happened without the player's knowing while that player was off doing something else. To me, that helped that much more with immersion, not that I had any problem on that front with the first game. However, I do agree with Senpai, I would love to have more depth, and particularly, if Tetsuya makes another run at The Little Mermaid, I want there to actually be a story; That was one of the biggest annoyances I had with KHII. Atlantica was there, but there was next to no point or reason for it being there.
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