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    Nope. Love at first sight is bull, really. I mean, in some cases maaaaybe, but those cases are extremely rare. And I agree with the "lust at first sight" thing. You walk by some hot guy, go "Ohhh, love 'im" to your friends... No, not love, LUST. Huge difference.
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    A young Iraqi woman whose father allegedly hit her with his car because she had become too Westernized died from her injuries Monday after laying in a coma for nearly two weeks.

    Noor Faleh Almaleki, 20, underwent spinal surgery and had been in a hospital since Oct. 20, when police say her father ran down her and her boyfriend's mother with his Jeep as the women were walking across a parking lot in the west Phoenix suburb of Peoria.

    The other woman, Amal Khalaf, is expected to survive.

    "By his own admission, this was an intentional act and the reason was that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family," Low said. "This was an attempt at an honor killing."

    I, for one, think this bull is horrid. Too western? Fine, then dang it go back to Iraq! Don't kill your own flesh and blood over this... For Pete's sake, he looks pretty dang American to me! I don't see him killing himself over it!

    Anyway... Discuss?
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    Grew up with SEGA, mostly Sonic. I still like SEGA now, but... They are absolutely failing at Sonic games at the moment. D:
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    1. Time has no effect on God. Wouldn't you get bored after a while?
    2. Creating the world is hard work, even God needs a lazy day or two...
    3. (not sure if I understand the question, but...) The Egyptians had his chosen people as slaves. Of course he'd try to get them to let his people go.
    4. Satan had the free-will to do whatever he wanted. God still loves Satan, no matter what he does. Plus, it's also human's free-will to follow God or Satan. Besides, in the end I personally believe that if we are truly sorry for our sins, God will forgive us no matter what we have done. 'Cuz after dying God looks down on us and sees not only us, but Jesus in us.
    5. He wasn't surprised... God knows everything; future, present, and past. He just gives us choices. The only thing he was was dissapointed in my eyes. The Jews had the free-will to believe or not, just like everyone does. And the last one? The world was getting nasty because of: yup, free-will. God doesn't want to control us, he wants us to come to him by free-will...

    And, on topic:
    God was always there, of course.
    Confuzzles me, but maaaaaaybe he'll explain it to us if we go to Heaven.
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    Hello and welcome to the site! Most of everyone's pretty nice here... I think you'll have a good time here. Read the rules, post bunches, and have fun!
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    Of COURSE I am! I'm Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas... To my surprise, no one at my school knows who the hell she is! So I am Sally/Dead Raggedy Ann Doll...
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    Pikachu, I choose YOU!


    Ahhh, that was so lame...
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    Let's see...:

    Final Fantasy anything (duh)
    Kingdom Hearts (the emotion behind it... amazing! ;.; )
    The World Ends With You (graffitti art = love!)
    Okami (You really want to know? GET. OUT. NOW.)
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (It's so open and... wowie zowie!)
    Valkyria Chronicles (I just get that feeling from it...)
    Mirror's Edge (It's amazing, all of the emotion, action, and reality of it. Packed into such a short game! :rockdover: )
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    The one I love... I'd just hope the doctor'd be bluffing... >.>
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    This sucks... :nono: I guess that instead of Kingdom Hearts II manga I'll just buy some more Death Note...
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    On my 4th time... Not counting helping my friend on her 1st time playing it... (aka doing all the bosses for her!)
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    It's America. We're all humans (err, right?), we all have free will. I have the right and the ability to develop my own opinion, and if it differs from yours, too damn bad. Just because someone doesn't agree with you on something (say, healthcare reform or some shiz?)does not mean they should die.
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