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    Wow.. Roxas having two keyblades I never thought anything of it. I mean I never thought there was anything behind it, just something that was unique for Roxas. And something tells me Xion has something to do with his double wielding keyblades. *sigh* This game comes out while I'm at college too.... my grades are gonna suffer I can see it now lol
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    Yes! With the earlier release I would have been completely broke because of paying for text books. even though we have to wait about another month I'd rather them get everything perfect then rush it and make mistakes
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    I agree that the intro seemed kinda lazy with repeating scenes but I did like it, especially how their weapons were shown on the bottom screen. Just something that I thought was clever. Since Final Mix only came out in Japan I like how they put it into the DS so that the US and Europe audiences can see it (not that they havent already seen it subbed, but see it in English).

    Have they announced an official US release date yet? Last I heard it was August or September.
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    OOC: *evil glare* it got bumped to page three........ *falls onto knees* TT.TT *Twin waterfalls*

    Kade brought out her scythe and crossed her weapon with Telren's "Thought you got ride of me didn't you? Just to let you know, you'll be joining Ina very soon" Kade half smiled, half smirked as she used what strength was left in her to hold Telren where he was.
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    I like both styles but at the same time I can see why Twilight was so popular with the target audience. If you want your book to sell to middle school/ early high school girls then you are going to make your writing more simple then you would for a college student novel. The simpler style made the books easier to read and you could easily read each one in a day or so.

    I've read all four books and yes I did enjoy them but at the same time I'm not going to say that it is the best piece of literature ever written. I liked it as a one time read and that was it. But then again Gothic style writing isn't my cup of tea, give me a strong female character over the original mary sue (Gothic heroine) any day.
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    OOC: Just as I thought nothing happened while I was gone lol. Anyway I'm done for the summer (minus a job and a summer class) but I'll try to be on more if anyone cares to give rebirth to the RP
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    I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the tragic heroine stuff. Me however, I'm not a fan. I don't want to read about "my life sucks because Edward left me" I don't think I would have minded the Vampires as much if there were some remnants of the old legends. The werewolves follow the loup garou (French werewolf) aspects such as mind over matter, or the shape shifting or skinwalkers had the same aspect. If the sunlight made the vampires sparkle then oh I don't know...actually hurt them then I wouldn't mind it so much. I'm not saying have him burst into flames but maybe just slightly burn him, depending on how long he was in the sun. I'm not a fan of Bella, ever since New Moon was over I had had enough of her. The jumping off a cliff was a face palm moment followed by "Your a effing idiot". Bella isn't mature at all. I cant think of one rational decision she has made, at least one that hasn't just flat out annoyed me. As I said before, if you like the 'Love at first sight" or "Romeo and Juliet" types of litarture then you will probably like the series but other then that, stop at Eclipse. Breaking Dawn....... no just no.
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    I'm not saying it is a problem, I just think there are plenty of books out there that deserve hype that they don't get. Twilight didn't deserve all the hype that it got. I'm not saying that it doesn't deserve any hype whatsoever I just think it was too much hype for the book.

    No offense to anyone here but....
    going to see Twilight in Theaters and having some little girl squeal every time Edward showed his face kinda ruins the movie.
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    My opinion of Vampires is not all coffins and blood sucking, I just think sparkling vampires is a little out there. Interesting and original twist I agree. But one that the book could do without. I understand Edwards motives for protecting Bella. The concept of "Love at first sight" has little appeal to me, Romeo and Juliet, a great piece of work however it may be, my opinion of them is impulsive and just outright stupid. That was my main issue with the Twilight series, they were very impulsive characters who circled around Bella who cause most of her own problems because shes was just stupid in her actions. I will give it to Meyer for her descriptions of how people interacted with one another, I did like that aspect of the book, probably the Communications Major part of me. In general it is the middle school /early high school girls that made the book so popular.
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    Horrible movie, Belle.... yeah not going to talk about her acting. I do like how they got basically no name actors to play the parts and not some huge star. However Bella could not act, brown hair... i think green eyes (some die hard fan can correct me on the character's description) they aren't rare. I have brown hair and green eyes! I find it hard to believe that she is the best they could find.

    I have read all of them and enjoyed them, but I will agree that the writing style isn't amazing. Sparkling Vampires..... yeah more like Faeries (sorry fan girls). I personally couldn't stand Edward, Jacob was tolerable, but i prefer Werewolves anyway. I liked the concept of the werewolves changing at will (Native American and loup garou aka French werewolf. I might be wrong about changing at will for the French Werewolf). But other then the Vampires skin being ice cold and heighten senses I didn't care for the other characteristics. After about the time Belle jumped off the cliff I gave up all hope for her sanity and just got sick of her whining and complaining and 'woe to me' attitude. She used Edward to become a Vampire and wouldn't leave him alone about it, by the end of the second book I was just sick of the 'make me a vampire' crap. and when she got pregnant I laughed for a good straight hour just because I thought it was ironic as hell. Braking Dawn was a let down, I refuse to acknowledge that as a piece of Literature. The only good part was when Bella was dieing from her half breed kid because at least then there was some poetic justice to all of her *****ing the reader had to put up with since Edward left. And when Jacob imprinted "Nessie" that was very ironic. but other then that the book was a let down. So yeah I liked it but I can see where people have issues with it and as you can see I have my own. I probably wont read it again but it was ok for a one time read.

    Who made this book popular? Little middle school girls who have no concept of quality writing. The only reason they read this is because Edward would do anything for Bella and they have it stuck in their puny minds that that is how the world works. It's a modern day Romeo and Juliet. There's even a chapter dedicated to Romeo and Juliet referances, New Moon I believe.
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    oh dear God please tell me he's joking. Pretty boy playing rugged Wolverine....... yeah no.
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    I know right! The only problem I have is that Cyclops gets captured by Sabertooth when Cy is in High School. Wolverine comes and bales them out of Strikers prison. Yet in the first movie Cyclops doesn't remember him. Same with Storm, except she's a little kid.
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    I'm sorry, I'm really getting tired of Efron getting all these roles just because he was in High School Musical that wasn't really popular with anyone other then middle school girls. The movies wasn't that great to begin with and now all the actors from those movies are getting staring roles.

    BTTF is perfect the way it is, they don't need to remake it. It's way to early to consider it, maybe ten more years down the line or so.... just don't use the same characters.
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    OOC: I would like to also note that I'm not calling anyone out, nor am I saying that I take no responsibility for it. I'm in college, I'm busy and not able to post as regularly as I would like to, those of you in college will understand how hectic it can get. And since finals are two weeks away with no breather in sight I honestly wouldn't expect me to be on within the next month or so, as I will be getting a job and taking a few online classes over the summer. I have thought about this, this isn't some impulsive action, I've tried time and time again to revive the thread and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to continue an attempt to revive it since on one puts forth the effort to even post. I know I've ditched for long periods of time, yet again I"m not denying that, but I've tried time and time again to revive the thread to make up for my absence.

    Goodbye for a month if not forever,
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