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Mar 31, 2012
Sep 29, 2008
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Dec 31, 1993 (Age: 30)
Central U.S.A
Student and Babysitter


Merlin's Housekeeper, 30, from Central U.S.A

Kh2Riku1 was last seen:
Mar 31, 2012
    1. kingdomheartsgirl59
      Can someone comment me!?
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      OMG! This is Lydia, right? You're not just some creepy person who hacked into her account?
    3. Maggy
      Omg you're alive!
    4. Ol'Sephy
      MSN! Whenever you get back one here! DO IT!!!

      Actually, I'll probably not be on. xD
    6. Mike
      [KHV] KINGDOM HEARTS: Birth By Sleep is a new production for KH-Vids. In the past couple of weeks, the team and I have felt down over actions of hateful comments for our last production (KINGDOM HEARTS: 358/2 Days). I just did a check of what we received in views from our production this week and the results are in. Believe it or not, but the production went well in views as we received over twenty-one thousand (21,000). That's right, because of you guys the production has received a great amount of publicity. Not only that, but there were also so many fans that enjoyed the project. Fans rated all five videos, which gave us no less then four stars. The most was a five stars. YouTube members have also set our videos as favorites with 173. HeartStation, KH World and KH13 have also added our videos into their own websites. I've recently also added our videos to and our user portal in KHV.

      Let's continue the production and beat the clock with Japan in the new title for KINGDOM HEARTS "Birth By Sleep." We are getting ready to show an amazing comeback. Not only do we have to cast for new characters, but we will need a lot of voice overs for the Disney characters. I've decided that we will join forces with VAA and get some voice overs from there to voice act in this production. This time around, I'm not looking for understudies, so if you apply to this, please be available till January 2010. If you are interested in this production, please email me at
    7. AxelRedHot
      I'm okay, just browsing posts and stuff. :)
    8. AxelRedHot
      Hello, it's good to meet you. :) How are you?
      1. kingdomheartsgirl59 likes this.
    9. Ol'Sephy
      BTW, I still think that your profile pic is really cute. Just look at Sora's face! He's so... Shnugglable.

    10. Ol'Sephy
      Long time no VM? LOL

      Guess what? I just put you, Atira, and Mike into my favorites on MSN. And guess what I noticed? Here's a hint:

      Your avatar + Atira's avatar + Mike's avatar = 358/2 Days.


      Weird, huh?
    11. fadedphantom
      Where'd you go??
      I miss you so.
      Seems like it's been forever, since you've been goooooone!!
    12. fadedphantom
      Lol, he's a sir. Trust me.

      Ah, yeah, I don't really like the battle system in Re:CoM. Though it was MUCH better than in CoM -_- Stupid cards... Lol, that's okay, loaning a game via the internet can be tricky... Thanks anyways though ^_^

      That would be sooo fun!! Unfortunately, I have long brown hair, so that would be difficult to stuff it all under a tiny wig... :(

      Oookay, I have 10 hours of class tomorrow, starting at 9 am, so I'd better go. Ttyl!!
    13. fadedphantom
      I look at the icon :P

      Ah, yeah, I haven't played KH2 in a while either... but it's my favorite!! I want to play the first one again, but my copy of the first game is still MIA... Grrr...
      1. kingdomheartsgirl59
        I'll let you borrow my first game.
        Dec 31, 2013
    14. fadedphantom
      Sir yes sir!! Er... I mean ma'am!! Hahahah

      Hahahahhah I know I always crack up when I get to that part. I think I have all of Demyx's lines memorized actually, so I say them along with him... he only has like 10 lines total, a lot of which are less than six words, so it's not that hard hahah
    15. fadedphantom
      Lol okay I won't *salutes*

      I know!! I don't know how such a minor character is so popular... but I can't help but love him!!!
    16. fadedphantom
      Thank you ^_^ I've got about five pages done of the next chapter... I'm going to try and get it up this weekend, but unfortunately I'm awfully busy right now... and I still have a bit of writer's block lol.

      And yes, isn't Demyx adorable??
    17. fadedphantom
      Lol okay sounds good.

      That's alright, don't worry about it. Take your time :)
    18. fadedphantom
      It doesn't matter, I can separate them on iMovie if they're all together. Actually, it might be easier to keep track of them that way...

      And I've already synced my lines to the video yay! But I might redo some cause they sound weird/emotionless haha... my favorite line I did is "Riku?" lol... it's the only one that actually sounds like Kairi hahaha -_-'
    19. fadedphantom
      Okay :D

      Hahaha yeah... that would have been bad...
    20. fadedphantom
      Just finished recording my Kairi lines :D :D

      Omg, I was almost done recording and Audacity unexpectedly quit T_T I had to start all over... good thing she only has like 10 lines hahaha
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    Dec 31, 1993 (Age: 30)
    Central U.S.A
    Student and Babysitter
    I am Eighteen years old, a book lover, and a Kingdom Hearts fanatic. I'd say more but I'd bore you.

    Singing, Roleplaying, Video Games, Writing