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    username: KH2Riku1 (Just call me Riku. Seriously, its easier.)

    age: Age is but a number.

    your favorite type of food: The edible kind. That styrofoam fruit stuff...not that tasty.

    your favorite movie: Anything with ninjas.

    your favorite hobbies: Singing, Writing, Cosplaying, Video Games, Skittles in a toliet bowl(If you have to ask, you'll never know)

    how would you fight off a zombie uprising? With a hairdryer and Soul Eater. :3

    Why do you love Maggy? There is no one reason. I love Maggy like a pregnant chick loves pickles and ice cream.

    How long have you loved Maggy? How long is an....well, lets just say a long time. -.-

    Love Maggy long time? Yes, so long as she doesn't make me sing this song.

    Why do you think you should win? Because there are some real strange people in the world. I shall protect my darling from the world with my unfliching determination, wit, charm and--oh, you get the point.

    Why should Maggy be in love with you? Have you not been reading any of this?

    How would you court Maggy (win Maggy's heart for n00bs who don't understand what court means)? With my finesse, and style. *Strikes a slick pose*

    Maggy says her favorite novel of all time is "Twilight". What do you do? Oh my god...umm...girly, have you not heard of Harry Potter?

    Maggy wants to go to a fancy resturant for a date. Where do you take her? Chuck E. Cheese! =D
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    Hi guys, I would be the third voice in this! In other words, I'm Lydia.
    And I would just like to say sorry about my volume. >.<
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    Yeah, so I've only had this game pre-ordered for, about a month now. XD
    I'm so excited that the release is so close!

    Oh, and SpazticFantaztic :3, I'm pretty sure that the low-life thing is supposed to be annoying. Makes you heal yourself faster,so you don't die. 8D
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    I've just got thinking about something.
    Xions name has been pronounced many ways, I know. But think of it this way.
    Its spelled X-I-O-N. Now look at Zexion's name. Z-E-X-I-O-N.
    His name is pronounced like Zex-E-on. And if you take away the Z-E, your left with Xion.
    So, maybe it really is pronounced ZEE-on.
    This theory could also be completely wrong, I just happened to notice this while looking at Zexion's name.

    (Forgive me for the poor, almost hyper explaination. I shouldn't have mixed Sweet tea with sea-salt ice cream ^^;;; )
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    Congrats to everyone who got in, you guys are going to do great.
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    Alright! Coming right down to the wire now, isn't it? Haha, yeah thats true, we will be watching the updates like hawks/vultures. I'm going be so sad if I'm gone when the annoucements made, like with the Xion/DiZ update.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Mike, I'm sure the suspense is killing more than just me. :noworries:
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