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Sep 19, 2011
Jul 25, 2009
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The realm of light
Master of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Master

Destiny Islands Resident, from The realm of light

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Sep 19, 2011
    1. AxelRedHot
      Your welcome.:)
    2. AxelRedHot
      Hello How are you? If you want to reply to someone please go to 'view conversation' to talk to that person. Just telling you in case you were wondering. It's good to meet you! :D
    3. Kingdom Master
      Kingdom Master
      Well... it's probably because Kingdom Hearts is my FAVORITE game seriesEVER.
      I've had the games for as long as I can remember:

      I first saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1 on the bonus disc with Final Fantasy X, ever since I saw that, the series is all I can think about. Later I bought KH2 and enjoyed it so much that I couldn't come off it (literally!), I was playing that game for ages and then I learned about CoM, so I bought that for GBA, that was good too, then I took the next step and learned about the KH Re-makes, I bought the American version of Re:CoM (Because I live in the UK I had to use Swap Magic to play it), That was much better than the GBA original, I then bought Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ (Which comes with the japanese version of Re:CoM) that was the best yet, now I have 358/2 Days, which was really cool, and my interest in the series has skyrocketed, and I am VERY eager for the release of KH Birth by Sleep, so really I call myself a master because I am most interested in the series above ALL else and I am very good at the series skillwise.

      (Do you think they'll EVER make english versions of KHFM and KHIIFM?)
    4. The Mender
      The Mender
      hi master so what makes you a master (just intrestid)
    5. Kingdom Master
      Kingdom Master
      Unlock all Drive Forms and Summons:


      You might also want this: 9 Drive Bars

    6. Zsofi13
      heya do u know the unlock all drives ARMAX code for KH2FM?

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