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    it actually doesnt really matter what your age is. (i just put the ages that the cats might be around) You might be good for Graypaw and Firepaw though cuz i need young voices for them and i dont think it will make a difference if its a guy or a girl.
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    Hello! I am making a project on the Sims 2 (because i cant draw) of the warrior cat series on youtube. AND I NEED VOICES! (expecially for firepaw and graypaw)

    Audition Video:

    I have gotten some auditions already, but not enough for some important characters.

    Ok here are some more information about the characters.
    Rusty/Firepaw- (Ages 9-13, Male) A younger voice is needed for this character. He is brave and is the "hero" of the books. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. An American/British Accent is what I'm looking for.
    Graypaw- (Ages 9-13, Male) Also a younger voice is needed. His character can be funny at times and is Firepaw's best friend. He is also brave, but unlike Firepaw, he can be headstrong at times but also very caring. American Accent would be best.
    Pic. of Firepaw and Graypaw (Firepaw is the orange, and Graypaw is the gray):

    Whitestorm- (Ages 20-40, Male) An older voice is needed for Whitestorm. He is very wise, for he has been through a lot, but more to come. He is caring and loves to help others in time of need. American/British accent would be great.
    Pic. of Whitestorm:

    Longtail- (Ages 14-20, Male) Longtail is friends with the "evil" characters. He is stubborn and challenges Firepaw at the beginning of the story. He is pretty young, just becoming a warrior.
    Pic. of Longtail:

    Those are the characters I need most. But on the other hand they're so many different characters for the project. For Example:
    -Tigerclaw (Ages 20-40, M)
    -Darkstripe (18-30, M)
    -Dustpaw (9-13, M)
    -Ravenpaw (9-13, M)
    -Mousefur (18-30, F)
    -Runningwind (18-30, M)
    -Frostfur (18-30, F)
    -Brindleface (18-30, F)
    -Goldenflower (18-30, F)
    -Speckletail (18-30, F)
    -Halftail (50-up or older sounding voice, M)
    -Smallear (50-up or older sounding voice, M)
    -Patchpelt (50-up or older sounding voice, M)
    -One-eye (50-up or older sounding voice, F)
    -Dappletail (50-up or older sounding voice, F)

    If you would like to be one of the characters above, please email or pm me.

    Youtube Channel:

    Deadline: Now you have to understand, I am a highschool student AND i only have sims 2 at my moms house. I atually have to edit and make the videos at my moms house, and take care of all the voices at my dads. So i have no idea what the deadline is going to be, but i might finish the first episode this week. If i had to guess....have it in around sunday if you can.

    (The pictures are not part of my project, i just didnt have availiable ones from the game)
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    Yea thats a good game :)
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    k i need an rpg maker 3 EXPERT. pm me and fast...and it can be many people...i need all the help i can get..i know the basics dont worry

    PLZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! I guess its not alot just like variables and how to make questions......or any idea where i can get help
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    Welcome! I hope u love it here cuz its awesome! and i LOVE the smileys!
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    One Bridge

    What would happen if your world split apart?
    This happend to a group of kids who were best friends for life. They would do anything for each other. Well one day darkness entered the sky. Their grounds split apart. Unfortunatly, 10 kids were on one side and the other 10 were on the other. Also on the right side, darkness kept coming..people turned evil..even the 10 kids. On the left side.. people were normal and the other 10 kids were devestated. 10 of their best friends were evil. what could they do to save them? well they started to build a bridge. Once the bridge was finished no one wanted to go over. So life went on and the kids were now teens. They lived a in a small village and they had a big dicsion on their shoulders. As for the other 10..well no one knows. The left side..(the 10 good teens) had to decide if they were going to take a risk and save the bad teens or just keep living on there side. The only way they could connect with the bad side is to go over the bridge.

    1.Keep it PG 13
    2. Do NOT control other characters or kill them unless its okay with them.
    3. 5 characters max.

    Form to join:
    Kh-vids name:
    Character name:
    Family History:

    REMEMBER! The first 19 people get to be the teens! All the other people will be the other peoples siblings,friends, etc.

    Kh-vids name: kingdomheartsluver
    Character name: Lana
    Age: 16
    Apperance: Brown hair with oddly blue eyes. Pink tank top with denium shorts. Carries a spear where ever she goes.
    Family History: Doesnt have much. Her mom died when the world split but that was when she was 8.
    Role: Left side (good) teen #1
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    We urinated on KHsuperFans Face repeatedly until panda's ate his asparagus and spewed out KhsuperFans. "Cheese!" Went to...
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    A very angry person....:)
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    mine is WAY far off cuz i just had it ...May 26 memorial day. I turned 13 and i am turing 14!
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    Ok so i got some ideas.... ok we are goin to play the STORY GAME! ok i say a word like.... I... and then u say a word like....went.... and so on.
    1. ONLY SAY 1 Word.
    2.U can post more than once
    3. If u want to end the sentence(cuz its getting to long) put a period and then start the new sentence
    4. the new sentence has to go along with the old one.

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