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    Oh snap. I came to check for any news updates and see this. I don't think I've posted since then really, I mainly just read the news, but that really sucks. Good work on restoring it this much so fast though.
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    I disagree with the thought KH3 is next. Re:Coded is just a port/international release of Coded and I don't think it would count as one of the two releases before KH3. KH3d is the first title, for 2010 (out by the end of March 2011 in Japan I'd say, so before the 2010 fiscal year ends), and another as of yet unannounced game for 2011 (by that I mean by March 2012), and then KH3 in 2012. Reason i say those dates is because of Nomura mentioning how he wants to release one KH game a year from now on.
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    1. 358/2 Days was good. It didn't suck by any means. It might not have been as good as other KH games, but it was still a good game nonetheless.

    2. The reasons you don't like the game you mentioned in a different post (missions, Xion, etc) have nothing to do with the system it's on. That's the fault of the developers adding those things, not the fault of it being on the DS.

    3. The DS can do more for Coded than a cell phone could anyways, and Coded isn't enough of a game in my opinion to need to be on the PSP.
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    No, there is nothing that supports any triangle. They hold hands because they are close friends. I mean seriously, me and my best friend, both straight males, have held hands and skipped just for the heck of it (and to creep someone else out). We're both completely straight, us holding hands doesn't make us gay. God, yaoi fangirls draw their theories from literally nothing, constantly. The onyl romantic feelings ever hinted at in the games is Sora and Kairi liking each other.
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    Honestly, the "reconnect. Kingdom Hearts" meant to look back over the series and reconnect points between the games. Nomura even hinted at this in an interview when he said the secret ending might change the way you look at things in the series. It's not going to be the name of the next game. Kingdom Hearts 2 wasn't named after the last words from the Deep Dive video (can't remember what those words were right now, but i know it had words). Besides, "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts" or "Kingdom Hearts: Reconnect" would sound ******ed as the name for a video game unlike Birth By Sleep which actually sounds good.
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    It has always seemed to me as the only feelings anyone had for each other outside friendship was Sora and Kairi's feelings for each other. And that's the only pairing even hinted at in the games. Everything else is just yaoi fangirls reading things as hints to gay relationships, when there's no such hint there. Also, I am 100% positive all these "I heard Nomura intended Sora and Riku to be together" bull is just that, bull. Some yaoi fangirl spouted it, and yaoi fangirls ate it up without any proof what-so-ever. If it were true, we would have the interviews stating that's what he intended, as we have the interviews he originally had the idea for Sora's weapon to be a chainsaw like weapon, and the interview stating Marluxia wasoriginally meant to be a female. Anyone who will believe these claims that Nomura intended Sora/Riku/Roxas/Axel/whoever to be gay is ******ed for believing something as outrageous as that without proof to back it up.

    To answer the question though: His hand. He's not actually with Kairi, as he's too much of a pussy to admti his feelings, so he's stuck to fapping.
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    I like it because it's still and fun and enjoyable game, and one of the best for the DS. Though I'd have to say I was disappointed in it though, it's my least favorite game in the series. I don't KH2 as high as most people do though. I'd place them CoM > KH1 > KH2 > 358/2 Days. Haven't played BBS yet so I cannot judge it in relation to the others yet.
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    I have similar problems with KHinsider being full of viruses. My Anti-Virus (AVG) allows me to go there though, and always blocks any threats.
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    No. Never. 4kids is just plain horrible.

    How about Michelle Trachtenberg?
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    I would assume the fact we have confirmed English voice actors, such as Jessie McRoxas as Ventus and Quiton Flinn as Lea, to be confirmation of an English release. Don't worry.
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    Most of that could have been inferred from the secret ending of BBS. Still interesting nonetheless though. And to the people calling the next KH project "Kingdom Hearts Reconnect", I'm pretty sure when it said "Reconnect Kingdom Hearts" at the end of BBS, it meant for us to look back over the series as a whole and reconnect the pieces, as it might change the way we look at the story. Just like Nomura said about the secret ending. I highly doubt that's the title of the next game, and I hope it isn't. It would sound ******ed.
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    Personally having Zack is more than I was expecting for. I was expecting for only the moogles to appear, like in 358/2 Days. Final Fantasy cameos to me seem to be something that fit more into Sora's story.
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    His name's Isa, not Sai. And boy am I glad it's not Sai.
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    Where do the reports specifically say the Heartless took over exactaly 9 years before KH1? I don't recall this being said at all. The Heartless invasion could've easily been "some years" after th end of BBS and Xehanort is found by Ansem at the end of/after BBS.
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