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    OMG, so cool. xD CAn't wait!
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    Utada Hikru - Simple and Clean [UH Live Streaming]

    I just fell to sleep listening to this song. This version rocks.:)
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    Hmmm... it's hard to say. If I remember correctly, the Organization WAS using Sora (and Roxas) to help them become whole, and I think create a new world for them to live in and 'belong'. But that's just me. You can say he had the right to, but Axel and possibly a few other members were REALLY just trying to find a 'place to come back to'.
    Like in the novels. They didn't know what to believe in (Axel and Namine) and are confused about what's right and wrong. But for members like Marluxia, no offense, Sora had the right to destroy him. (Abusing him, Namine, AND Vexen) (sorta). *coughcough* Sorry that was so long...
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    The one's I could think of are:
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Dragon Ball Z
    Kingdom Hearts (Why is this one third?)
    Naruto Shippuuden
    Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicles or however you spell it
    And most definately Rurouni Kenshin :D
    I've still got more but this are probably my most favorite. Oh! Don't forget about One Piece!
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    I like Hollow Bastion because the scenes you play through (and Cloud vs. Sephiroth!) and The World That Never Was because that's where you fight the rest of the Orgy's Boss Battles, finally meet Kairi Namine AND Riku, those three get more screentime, and it's the best place for me to level Final Form.
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    Lol, even if they had cell phones and cars, I don't think they would be able to use them very often. Sora would bust his cellphone in 3 seconds after obtaining it and would crash the minute he got on ANY car (even if he isn't old enough to drive). The kid is technology disadvantaged and we just have to accept it. *shakes head*

    But CAN you imagine the KH characters using cell phones? If they were NORMAL teens, they would be ALL OVER the texting while worlds fall into darkness. :D (But then again, they ARE game characters, soo...)
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    Man, I've seen AkuRoku all over deviantart and it is a cute name but hell no do i support it, :nono:
    I truly believe that those two are STRICTLY friends, but i'm not gonna go bashing on the pairing because people are open to their own opinions and i don't want to be one of those stinky buttfaced bashers that rant alot. *coughLikeKairiBasherscough*
    AHEM! :yelling:


    i'm good. :rockdover:
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    I thinh i'm a Demyx personaly-wise because I love band and music; and Roxas because i'm very curious and think my life is a lie. (Joking on the last part. :blink:)
    I'm not sure who i would look like visually (spelling?), so I have no idea. I have a decently long black hair ponytail, brown eyes, tall, so...yea... but I think I shrunk at least half an inch this summer.
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    i dont really like land of dragons or pride lands. both of them were dull, and i cant do drive in pride lands. T-T
    Land of dragons cutscences suked.
    And i really despise the cub sora, he looked SSSOOO weird with the hair sticking out in front.
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    KH: Com, KH2, then KH1.
    When i first started KH2 I had no idea what the hell the people were talking about. :woohoo:
    But CoM was a little easier to understrand. But still, i was like, "What the fudge?" :blink:
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    That there's an even more gravity-defying, breaker of the law of physics hair that totally pwns Cloud's Hair.

    And, every guy in that F****ing game is a bishie :lol3:
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    oh, jeez. i'd be crying my but my bro would probably start staring...:(
    Dam, that was awesome. *aplausses* (if that's how you spell it)
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    I'd probably be like Demyx, since my love for music is eternal, i choose......... Xemnas!!! O.O
    lol, jk. i choose Demyx.
    but one thing that's not Demyx-like about me is that i'm a very mean person. :D
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    i don't know.... i'd probably shoot myself becuase:
    1) i truly, TRULY despise Sasuke for betraying Naruto and Sakura for POWER.: mad:
    2) Itachi is very weird looking and has a horrible eyesight. (even worse than mine.) :D
    3) I don't like the Uchiha Clan besides the guy on Kakashi-sensei's team LONG AGO when he was still a kid and with Yondaime-sensei.
    4) They're WAAAAAAAY too bishie for me.
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    i really don't think Axel's gay because i really, REALLY think that Axel and Roxas are the bestest friends EVER. the only reason i think people say Axel's gay is because of his lines that talk about how he feels he has a heart when he's with Roxas and all that mush. but, i don't know. it's my opinion. i really don't mind (or care) if people make Axel gay or not. just as long they don't bash him so much. he's an awesome character. WAY better than Riku.:D
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