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    Lex's eyes changed and looked similar to snake eyes. He stood up slowly and stared straight ahead in a trance-like manner. Suddenly, his eyes changed back and his spiritual energy turned back to normal. What...happened to me? Lex asked himself. You shed your spiritual energy. Serpiente responded. Shed? You a snake sheds its skin? Serpiente laughed. Yes, shed your old spiritual energy into new spiritual energy. You are back to how you were before entering Hueco Mundo. Oh... Lex said with disappointment. This usually only happens when you are critically injured, but don't worry..the techniques we used in the battle with the hollow will come back slowly. Lex turned to Ryo. "Thanks for guarding me, but I feel much better...and ready to fight."
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    "No, no, I'm okay, I'm strong enough to fight." Lex replied. He didn't want to be left out of the fight. Immediately after he said that he began to cough more blood. Don't push yourself too hard. Serpiente hissed cautiously. You've always been so oblivious, can you feel that? The enemy's spiritual's really powerful. You're barely a Tenth-seat, you won't stand a chance. Serpiente was right, he had barely made it out alive and he would put his own life in danger. "Yeah...I don't think I'm ready to fight yet..."
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    "I've been using too much of what I can actually handle" Lex replied. His body was still a bit weak but he managed to stand up. "I'll be okay" Lex said with a smile. He was glad to be alive.
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    Lex concentrated his power on the Golem. The Golem jumped up and let out a powerful roar. It suddenly became completely engulfed in the dark aura (To the point where its stone body was no longer visible). The Golem came down and struck both of the snake hollows. The ground beneath them became crushed by the Golem's tremendous strength and dug all three of the monsters alive. The ground shook violently as an aftershock. Lex had used too much of his strength, his body could not take it anymore. He fell to his knees and began to cough blood. I'm sorry, your body began to respond negatively to the instability I caused. Serpiente hissed in Lex's head.
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    The aura around the scale sword began to darken with excitement. CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! The words echoed in Lex's head. Serpiente stop that! You'll go unstable and break our- Immediately, all the power of the feather sword rushed into the scale sword. What are you doing? Trust me on this, okay? Lex nodded and lowered his sword slowly to the ground. He tapped the ground with his sword once and then the dark aura seeped into the ground. A monster made of stone rose from the ground slowly. It looked slightly human, except for its claws and a bowl-like head. The monster was engulfed with the same aura the scale sword was. "Uh, What the heck is that!" Lex shouted. Its a Golem! Serpiente hissed excitedly. He is a crushing machine, I created him using an ancient technique used by earth zanpakuto. Lex looked at both of his swords. Both of them looked dull and weak. This technique is usually used as a last resort....but I think this was the right time to use it. Lex sighed. I wish you could tell me these things before you do them.
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    "Some type of hydra ability?" Lex asked Sanosuke. Lex was unsure what to do, if he kept slicing then more Anaconda hollows would appear. It must have a weakness...Lex thought to himself. For the first time in his life he wished to hear Serpiente's opinion. What do you think, Serpiente? Lex asked in his head. I'm unsure about this one, kid. Lex laughed. Serpiente rarely called him kid, it was usually witty insults or some kind of lecture. Well, if we can't slice it.......then how about CRUSHING it. Serpiente said with a cold laugh. A shiver went down Lex's spine. Serpiente had a cruel sense of humor, and it scared him sometimes.
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    You heard the man! You know what to do! Lex nodded in agreement. He jumped up into the air and threw his scale sword into the ground. As the sword touched the ground, giant spikes rose from the ground and impaled different parts of the hollow's snake-like body. The hollow was paralyzed and groaned in terrible pain. Lex moved his feather sword softly across the hollow's upper body. At first, nothing seemed to happen ,but then a giant gust of wind sliced through its neck. "A cold-blooded death for a cold-blooded killer, seems fitting" Lex said softly.
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    Lex lowered his head to think. Serpiente hissed in his head. I thought you would catch on by now, but our true strength comes from- Yeah, I know already. Oh? Our strength comes from a perfect balance. Between the Celestial and the Earth, Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Soul Reaper and Zanpakuto...... Serpiente laughed. So you're not a complete idiot. Lex smiled. Thanks for the compliment.

    Both of his swords began to change. The scale sword became engulfed in a dark aura and the feather sword shone brighter than the sun. Lex laughed and said, "Behold, Serpiente Emplumada's 4th form: Perfect Balance!" The ground began to shake and the wind blew around him. I'm ready.

    So tell me, why didn't you use this technique before if you already knew about it? Serpiente asked. Lex looked at Captian Sanosuke and smiled. The Captain, he reminds me of someone I knew. When I saw him I remembered this person and the words he told me. Lex sighed. I can't believe I forgot about it, I feel like such an idiot. Serpiente urged for more information. Who is this person? Lex sighed once again. I can't say, I don't want to remember dark memories.....
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    "Captain Sanosuke?" Lex said with a confused expression. So, I'm not alone in this forest....there's still some hope for me. Lex nodded "Yeah, this is one tough hollow. Be careful, he throws acid and he's very quick."

    "Hehe, the more the merrier..." the Anaconda hollow hissed. "I wonder how soul reapers taste like...especially a captain..."

    Lex laughed. "Oh! So you can talk!?"
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    After detecting no threat, the Anaconda hollow took down the wall. This had given Lex enough time to escape and to get his swords back. "Hey, hollow! You are a beauty but you sure are stupid!" Lex shouted with a smile. The Anaconda hollow turned to Lex and growled with anger. It opened its jaws and spit out a blob of acidic poison. Lex quickly dodged the blob of poison. The tree behind him quickly dissolved as the blob hit it. Lex sighed with relief. A second late and I would've been toast.
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    The Anaconda hollow made its first strike. Even though the hollow was huge in size, its speed seemed to be unaffected. Lex dodged its tail attack but he was too slow and the attack threw him against a tree. Lex coughed blood and both of his swords flew into different direction. This...This is not good. The Anaconda hollow raised its head in victory and went for the final attack. You Idiot! Don't give promised me you would never give up! Serpiente hissed desperately. Lex laughed. It's true. I did promise you that....and I never break promises...that's just how I am... Lex quickly moved his hand to the ground. Instantly the ground raised itself and formed a protective wall around him. The Anaconda hollow stopped and quickly analyzed the wall that separated it from its prey. Lex sighed. This will buy me some time....I don't know for how long though...
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    Lex sliced two hollows with his swords, one in each hand. Then, he stood in the middle of the of the forest. He breathed deeply. Blood ran down his cheek. I told you! Shouting 'Come and get me hollows' was not a good idea! Serpiente hissed. Lex had attracted a pack of Bear Hollows, they were slightly larger than ordinary hollows but much more stronger. Lex sighed. I know that...
    Two more Bear hollows appeared straight ahead. Both growling and ready to attack. Lex lowered his head to think. If I stay like this...I'm going to die. His zanpakuto's third form began to take effect and he began to feel tired. Just two more....just two- The Bear hollows quickly ran away. The ground trembled and a new opponent revealed itself. A giant snake hollow appeared, its fangs dripped with deadly poison and the ground shook as it slithered into Lex's direction. Serpiente. Lex stared at the Anaconda hollow. He smiled. Indeed, she is.
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