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    Could you edit this pic please?

    Hi! Could you edit this pic please?


    If possible, I'd like her hair to be brown and could you make her clothes to be mostly blue? Also, do you know how to change the size of images? I would also like it to be a lot smaller if you can.

    Thank you!

    P.S. You have done a great job so far on all the other pictures you edited!
    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Dec 31, 2007 in forum: Art Shop
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    Thank you so much for my signature. I really like it. I just haven't put it in my sig yet because my computer hasn't been letting me highlight things lately. I'm gonna try to get that fixed. Thank you very much!
    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 28, 2007 in forum: Art Shop
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    I'd like a siggy please!

    Hi! I'd like a siggy please! Here's the details:

    Username: Lilli~Zerene

    Color scheme: Blue/Green/Purple/White*(waves if possible)

    Text: The element of water is the most beautiful of all.


    Or this render:

    *Any of those or any combination of those colors will work. :)

    If there are any problems with the render or anything, just let me know.


    P.S. You did a great job with my brother, thekeymaster's avatar. Good luck!
    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 23, 2007 in forum: Art Shop
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    Should it be a girl or a boy?

    Here are two avatars. One is a boy and one is a girl. I'm not sure if I captured the kind of cute you were looking for, but here they are. If you want me two change them, (I can understand if you do) I will...


    Boy :


    Girl :

    (you have to highlight the code below each avater and copy it, then paste it into your avatar thing)

    Ok did I do this completely wrong because if I did I'll do it over, because the boy probably isn't how you wanted it is it? Just let me know if I should do it over...
    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 12, 2007 in forum: Art Shop
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    Hey if you're still looking for a Marluxia avatar, here's one that I made. If you want it, copy this code and paste it into the custom avatar url box, or your signature:


    If there are any problems or you have any questions, just let me know.

    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 12, 2007 in forum: Art Shop
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    Sorry, I forgot to put it in the graphic shop section. It won't happen again. Thanks!

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    Lilli~Zerene's Dream Avatar Shop


    I'm Lilli~Zerene and I really like making dream avatars! For the site I use, anyone can make their own avatar, but if you aren't very creative or don't like doing this kind of stuff, but you want a custom avatar, I'd be happy to make you one. So if you want a dream avatar, just post here describing how you want it to look, and I will make it for you as soon as possible. Once it's finished, just copy and paste it from this thread onto your signature. If you have any questions, just post here or pm me. Here are some examples of the kind of avatar it will be:


    Sora (i tried)


    Kairi (sorry it's not very good)

    P.S. thekeymaster helped me xD

    So feel free to request a dream avatar and hopefully it will turn out better than poor Sora and Kairi!

    Thread by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 11, 2007, 5 replies, in forum: Art Shop
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    I'm Lilli~Zerene and I'm fairly new here. I love kindom hearts and this seems like a great forum. Right now, the only person on my friends list is my brother, thekeymaster, so I would like to make some new friends. If anyone wants to be my friend, just pm me please! Bye!:)
    Thread by: Lilli~Zerene, Nov 11, 2007, 8 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    I'd like a dream avatar please...

    Hi! could you please make me a dream avatar? I would like one that has a pretty girl with nice brown hair. For clothes, would it be possible to do a blue shirt and a long purple skirt/cloak (you can substitute that because I know that might be kind of difficult)? Any weapon is fine. I hope that will be possible. Thank you!
    Lilli~Zerene :)
    Post by: Lilli~Zerene, Oct 31, 2007 in forum: Art Shop