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    Gonna reserve a dynamic duo that I had last time I was here that I think needs to make a comeback:

    Name: Simon
    Description: A timid young man that was once a student at Nintendo High School. Alongside his soul brother Kamina, Simon tried to live a normal life, or at least as normal as one could with somebody like Kamina around.
    The normal aspect of his life came to an end when he came into possession of a small face-like mecha called Lagann, which served as a makeshift wheelchair for a time after Simon suffered an injury that he has since recovered from.
    Faction (Rebel/New Word Order/None): Rebel
    Series Character is from: TTGL

    Name: Kamina
    Description: The hot-blooded, (self proclaimed) illustrious leader of the (self proclaimed) world famous Team Gurren. He has no qualms with speaking his mind, regardless of how appropriate it is for him to blurt things out.
    As Simon's soul brother, he leads him down a path to righteousness and glory, though deep down he may be the one that needs Simon more than Simon needs him...
    Faction (Rebel/New Word Order/None): Rebel (reluctantly)
    Series Character is from: TTGL

    But wait, there's one more:

    Name: Antis Piral
    Description: A "human" once thought to simply be from a foreign land, he has since stripped off his guise of teacher and revealed his true nature: An alien being from the farthest reaches of the universe whose sole objective is to eliminate any creature capable of showing fighting spirit, or "generating Spiral Power" as he describes it. He currently allies himself under the banner of the New World Order.
    Faction (Rebel/New World Order/None): New World Order
    Series: TTGL

    And that'll be it from me for a while in terms of reservations. If any of this needs to be changed just let me know.
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    Greetings and salutations, everybody.

    Looks like things have come a long way since the early days of MHSD. Quite a grand tale you've created. Which leads me to this-

    "Down with the New World Order! For the Rebel Alliance!"

    And to get myself started, I'll reserve a couple characters.

    Name: Lelouch vi Britannia/Lamperouge
    Description: A young man who was gifted the power known as Geass. With it, he can bend the will of any that look into his eye, causing them to follow any order Lelouch gives them. The catch, however, is that he may only use his power on a person one time, forcing Lelouch to be strategic in how he uses his Geass. Speaking of strategy, Lelouch is a master strategist, able to think up strategies for most scenarios on the spot. In order to combat the New World Order, Lelouch donned a mask and took up the moniker Zero. As Zero, Lelouch has formed his own small faction called The Black Knights in hopes of destroying the New World Order and changing the world for the better. He claims to not ally himself with the Rebel Alliance due to distrust, but others would claim that choice was made out of nothing but arrogance.
    Faction (Rebel/New Word Order/None): None
    Series Character is from: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion



    Name: Kouji Kabuto
    Description: A hot-blooded youth and pilot of the giant mecha Mazinger Z- a machine that, according to his grandfather Juzo, gives Kouji the power to become a god that saves the world or a demon that destroys it. The validity of his grandfather's claims has yet to be confirmed, but even still, Kouji utilizes Mazinger Z to protect the world from all that may threaten it.
    Faction (Rebel/New Word Order/None): Rebel
    Series Character is from: Mazinger Z


    I notice that there're some Code Geass characters already among the list, so if Lelouch's inclusion needs to be altered somehow to fit where they are plot-wise, just let me know. Also, if giant mecha aren't allowed, I can alter Kouji so that he doesn't break any rules.
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    The battle done, Xen emerged from whatever it was he was doing during said battle. If asked, he would claim that he became mentally overwhelmed and needed to recuperate, but whether that was true or not remained to be seen. Regardless, he regretted his lack of action and made an unspoken promise to himself and the others that it wouldn't happen again. Especially now that new memories began to emerge within everyone's mind, revealing the fact that the ten of them were in a team together and were more or less good friends and allies.

    "I've got no excuse for holding back from here on. I faltered in that battle and the others wound up one ally short, though I may not have contributed anything overtly significant or helpful in the end. Regardless, I won't do it again. For my sake and theirs."

    That new promise fresh in his mind and heart, Xen- somewhat hesitantly due to fear of the others being upset with him- joined in the conversation. "P-Perhaps Cerdic has the right idea." Xen began, unable to bring himself to look anybody directly in the eyes. "This place just feels...Unsafe to me. We should leave as soon as possible, in my opinion." He concluded, his voice developing a disheartened tone.

    Truthfully, the place just reminded him of his failure to fight alongside the others, which was made even more shameful to him as memories of his successful efforts to help...someone escape danger in the past re-emerged in his mind. Unfortunately it seemed that particular memory still hadn't fully reclaimed its clarity, as the people nor the place involved were clear. But the details didn't matter. He knew he was capable of more than what he'd displayed today and was ready to prove that fact as he and his nine allies, all members of LIGHT, marched forward into whatever it was that fate had in store for them.
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    Xen will partake in that lovely +5 BP boost.

    Also my sincerest apologies for the silence for most of last battle. Life happened and kept me from doing anything here. I should be able to keep up now, though.
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    imma smell ya

    imma smell ya
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    New information flooded in from the very moment they'd all come into contact with this "Ria" person. Talk of an "extractor", the reveal of royalty being among them...It was a lot to take in. But dwelling on it right now was the least practical action to take, considering the army Ria had just summoned. It seemed engaging in combat was the only option now, much to Xen's dismay.

    "How utterly annoying..." Xen grumbled as the Shadows appeared en masse. He didn't need to have his vision fully restored to tell that these creatures were born of darkness. Their very presence made Xen nauseous, just like the darkness in the cave did before. Summoning his Keyblade, he prepared to fend off the creatures to the best of his ability.

    His first target wasted no time attacking as it jumped toward him, its sharp claw-like fingers swiping at Xen's torso. The attack was quickly blocked with a well-timed guard from Xen, who pushed the Shadow away before swinging downward, brutally cleaving the Shadow down the center with the teeth of his Keyblade.

    As the Shadow faded into black dust, two more emerged from the ground at Xen's feet without his knowledge, slashing at his legs and putting him off balance momentarily. Once his balance was regained, Xen swung horizontally in the direction he felt the attacks come from, but missed...With the melee attack, at least. Just as the attack missed, the tip of his Keyblade sparked with faint traces of electricity, followed immediately by both of the Shadows being struck by small lightning bolts, paralyzing them. Wasting no time, he swung once more at the Shadows, this time landing two kills in one swing.

    Looking at his Keyblade, the realization that he'd just accidentally used some form of Thunder magic hit Xen hard. "Did...Did I do that?" He thought aloud before taking notice of one more Shadow approaching. He decided he wouldn't let this one catch him off guard, kicking it quickly to throw it off balance before dispatching it the same way he'd done to his first attacker- cleaving it down the center with the teeth of his Keyblade.

    "At this rate we'll exhaust ourselves before we can finish these fiends off. If anybody is hiding an ace up their sleeve, perhaps now is the time to utilize it." Xen suggested, moving closer to the allied group to be safe whilst keeping his gaze locked on the horde of Shadows.

    Total Words:
    BP Spent: 20
    Heartless Killed: 4
    Remaining Heartless: 272
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    In what seemed like an instant, Xen went from inside the cave to outside it thanks to the, uh...let's call it "aggressive persuasion" from Daeni. While being pulled out wasn't how he thought he'd leave, Xen couldn't help be a little thankful. Not only because it meant he got out without having to rely on his eyes, but because he knew his habits and how he could have easily gotten lost in his thoughts and crushed back in the cave.

    Unfortunately, it would seem that even more questions than answers would be created outside. There was now a robed figure speaking to the ten of them, mentioning something called an "extractor."
    "Extractor? Could it be that destroyed machine back in the cave?" Xen thought to himself before the robed unknown spoke to Alder, claiming that he insisted on destroying it. "Assuming they aren't lying...does this mean the machine was left in such a state on purpose?"

    Xen had a strong urge to question both the robed figure and Alder on all of this, but hearing that Kara had already done so, he decided to stay quiet for now and listen.
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    "Since it seems introductions are now in order, I shall make one of my own. My name is Xen and my pin is numbered V. While I am suffering from some inexplicable vision impairment, I will strive to contribute to our safety to the best of my ability." Xen stated, finally speaking up after spending time in his own head. "Should my opinion be considered, I agree with Kara and suggest we take our leave from here as soon as possible. The atmosphere is making me nauseous..."

    As calm as his tone made him sound, the truth was that the uncertainty of what lied outside this room scared him. The fact that he couldn't see right and would likely be a hindrance to the team should things go wrong scared him even more. But letting the fear get the better of him would only hold him back from finding out what brought everyone here to begin with and what these strange pins were all about.
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    Glasses seemed to suddenly place themselves upon Xen's face, as if some divine being had blessed him with improved vision...or maybe someone in the room put them there and he just couldn't see them. The second one seemed more likely and was in fact proven when Daeni, the kind soul that found the glasses, spoke up. Xen used his free hand to feel the various of his glasses. "Rectangular...Slim...Nose pads fitted to my precise nasal structure...It would seem they are mine. Thank you, kind stranger." Xen said with a smile.

    Unfortunately, upon looking at the others in the room, it would seem that Xen's vision- while improved- was still less than ideal. He could at least see that the others in the room were humanoid in shape, but looking at them was like looking through a window with an endless stream of water running down it. He could also see that they had weapons similar to his own, Keyblades to be precise, one of which had just been summoned by Daeni.
    "So it seems quite a few of us can summon these "Keyblades". Perhaps that is for the best, given our current predicament." Xen thought aloud before noticing Daeni poking at a pin attached to her clothing, much like the one Xen had. "Curious. You have one of these pins too. Number...VI." Xen began, trying to process why these pins even exist and what the numbers on them could possibly mean. Unfortunately he merely gave himself a headache in the end. "The longer I've been awake, the less I've come to understand..." He grumbled, shaking his head.
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    "---- -- going on? I want answe-- ----"

    "Get in li--- --- are you?"

    "I have qu------- -s well. What's up with that p-- -- ------"

    Voices faded in and out as Xen slowly came to. The cold ground beneath him helped speed the process of waking. He hated the cold, and hated sleeping on it even more. He rose up slightly, resting on his forearms. Looking around, he could hardly make anything out. Everything was one massive blur, consisting mostly of black and faint purple tones. The only other things he (barely) saw were moving blobs he assumed were people. Some on the ground, some standing up. One of the blobs in the center of the room caught his eye, but he couldn't tell if it was some object or another unconscious person. He tried once, twice, even three times to rub his eyes and clear his vision, assuming his lack of seeing ability was just from recently awakening. But nothing worked. His vision was as horrible as ever and it looked like there was no fixing it.

    Raising himself to his knees, Xen felt around his torso for a pocket that he would have kept his glasses in. He found no glasses, but felt an out-of-place object pinned to him. Pulling on his shirt to aim the object at his vision, he could certainly tell there was something there, a pin of some sort. Squinting his eyes, he was able to just barely make out what the pin had on it. The numeral V.
    Strange, he thought to himself. I don't remember putting something like this on...or...much of anything, for that matter.

    Sifting through what memories he had, Xen was relieved to know that he remembered his homeworld just fine. The thought of home helped calm him. He remembered leaving his home, unable to return, but he couldn't remember why he left or how he ended up here with what he could only assume were other people. One other thing he managed to remember, however, was helping escort some people away from danger. Who the people were, what the danger was and where they went for safety was all a blank, but at the very least he knew without a shadow of a doubt that they'd managed to get to safety in the end. That, too, was a comforting thought. But that was about it in terms of memories.

    Xen tried feeling around the ground for his glasses, his final hope in getting some visual clarity. He could feel the ground-of course- as well as what seemed to be metal shards flung about from an explosion or burst of some kind. Unfortunately, his glasses were MIA at the moment, leaving him nearly blind. Summoning his Keyblade, Dual Disc, he pressed the top end into the ground and used it to help him rise to his feet. He elected to keep the Keyblade out. Just in case. He cautiously walked forward, using his Keyblade to feel around in front of him for obstructions in his path.

    "E-Excuse the interruption, but...What is going on? My vision is blurry to a worrying degree, a pin-like object has been applied to my person without my consent and I am quite frankly terrified. If anybody in this general vicinity are murderers and/or monsters looking for blood I plead with you not to target me as I...erm...Well I have no case other than I would rather not be dead."
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