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    >.<. I'm bored.

    >.<. I'm bored.
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    Well, guess what, I'm back :D. I'm sure a lot of you have seen me around and stuff, so I figured I would come back with some sort of hello. It's good to be back.
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    Now, can you really hold two 45 caliber submachine guns? Hahahahaha, not unless your a total badass. The glitches suck, the online community is pretty bitter, the kids that play the game. The list would hardly end.

    Oh, probably the most horrible aspect of the game ever would be the horrible bullet-to-player registration. You can shoot your gun like five feet to their left and still hit them in some cases.

    Best part of the game, the constant challenge to gain titles and emblems, and p90 akimbo in Rust and Scrapyard lol.
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    I got a call from the Marine Corps not even two hours ago. Well guys, this is a big step for me, even though a lot of you don't know me and what not. I'm not sure I'll go in the Marines or not. But, there is a possibility. I'm going to leave KH-V not only just because some big decisions have been dropped on me, I'm also leaving for a small amount of time because I need to sort out my life right now. I won't be on nearly as much as I have been for a little while. I'll still check in with everybody once in a while. I'll keep up on my story i'm currently working on, maybe you've read it. If you haven't look for it in the Original Works area. Until then, see you guys later.

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    I'm good :]. How are you?
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    Chapter 18

    "Master, do you have the contact ID for that one anarchist organization... Dark Foundation I believe they're called?" Sergio approached Ten who was typing things on a small device, which to Darius, looked like a cell phone.

    "Yes, and I'm sending them a distress message, they will know who we are. I did some undercover work with them in the past. So until then, we are staying put." Seabastian sighed amd flopped on the bed.

    "So, what if the Infected try to get us in here," Darius asked.

    Ten answered, "They won't, I locked the doors, they don't like to vandalize the glass doors either. So we should be safe for a few days." Seabastian nodded and decided a nap would be a good idea and drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile, Darius perched himself in front of the window and stood there, surveying the grey sky and horizon. At first glance it seemed like smog, but a closer look reveals that it was actually fog.

    It was ugly, yet beautiful in a vague perspective. Skyscrapers clawed the sky with the dignity of an owl staring its prey down with its big eyes. He noticed every dark alley, bad tar jobs on the roads, and even little plants poking out from the sidewalk. How he noticed these clearly, he did not know.

    His train of thought was interrupted by Annabelle tugging on his arm, "Hey, I need to tell you something." He silently complied and followed her into the other room.

    "What is it?"

    She looked around and then whispered, "I think I know why we're here."

    Darius got interested, "Oh really? Tell me then."

    "Well, I remember falling asleep and waking up here. Something in my head started telling me to not be scared. Everything looked like it would be where we come from. But, here's the thing, I remember picking up a seashell on the beach that was a strange turqouise color. I fell asleep that night and now I'm here."

    Darius pondered on the idea, he didn't remember picking up anything, "I never picked up anything like that. I'm guessing Seabastian picked up something similar?"

    She replied, "Yeah. They looked exactly alike too," she pulled out the seashell from her pocket, "It looked like this."

    Darius examined it carefully, which he almosty immediately identified a strange mark on the inside of the shell. He pointed it out to Annabelle, "See that right there? It must be something connected about this dimension, that's my guess anyways."

    Darius handed back the seashell and turned around and began to walk away, "Wait, I still haven't finished what I was saying yet." He turned around and leaned against the door. Annabelle continued, "Don't try to act untouchable. I'v noticed that you've been like that lately."

    He chuckled, "If you say so. I thought girls liked guys that act untouchable," he cracked a smirk, "Then again. I've been surprised by this place everyday." Darius resumed his stone cold straight face, opened the door, and closed it gently. Annabelle concluded that Darius was going to be a tough nut to crack.


    It was late that night when Darius woke up from a nightmare. A nightmare about his strange past that he barely knew now. He got up very quietly and opened the slider door to the balcony and closed it quitely. Annabelle was still awake and followed Darius outside onto the balcony.

    "You're awake. That surprises me, you sleep like a rock," Darius said without diverting his gaze.

    "I couldn't sleep, besides, I didn't fiinsh what I was going to say earlier."

    He leaned on the railing, "I'm all ears."

    Annabelle sighed, "Well, Seabastian and me aren't going out anymore. You were there. I knew that he wasn't the person I wanted...."

    Darius finished her sentence, "Let me guess, it's me? I don't know what to say to that. We're in the middle of a crisis here."

    "Yeah," she simply said, looking down at her feet, wondering how things would turn out.
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