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    Okay I was reading a book, I forgot the name of it, but it basically explained the bible and pointed towards evidence that could make it real, and things of the like. But of course there isn't any hard cold evidence that it is true.

    However I do realize that the Bible was written, what? Thousands of years ago? And I can't quote it exactly, especially because my bible is at my ex boyfriend's house, but I know somewhere in the bible it says the end of the world will come when people turn their eyes and ears away from God, when we are at our most corrupt.

    What has been happening over the past few years? Huh?

    Look at what the media allows on TV, look at the commercials! So many sexual references, half naked women, and look at our video games! (I'm guilty for indulging in gory video games, though!) Look at the drugs, look at the STDs! Look at all the trashy things we allow on our media, and quite a few movies that have come out in the past year were trashy as well. Movies from the mid and late 1900s had more family friendly themes, like Gidget (yeah I know its an annoying movie but it was still cute).

    And I mean jeez, helloooo! Look at the stuff that is going on in the news! What the hell are people thinking these days?!

    People are definitely over indulging themselves and severely lacking in morals. I mean, even such a beautiful thing as marriage is being tarnished, most of them fall apart and never last nowadays. What about back in olden times when a guy had to get permission to marry a girl? They fared pretty well, didn't they?

    And I mean, I'm sorry, I'm probably going to upset a lot of people when I say this, but marriage is a religious thing, and yes I do think a gay couple should be able to have a certificate from the state/government that "marries" them, but NO I DO NOT think a christian priest or catholic pastor should be forced to marry them, because that sort of marriage is as I said above, a religious thing, and I know somewhere in the bible it says men who lie with other men will not inherit the kingdom of God, along with adulterers and the like, but that is not an exact quote. So to force that sort of thing upon a religious man is WRONG.

    Anywho, to get back on track sorry D:

    I do believe the end of the world is coming, maybe not in our lifetime or our grand children's lifetime, but soon. I can't say too much more on the subject because I haven't really studied the Revelations as much as Corinthians, Genesis, and Leviticus.
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    Wow I'm surprised nobody mentioned the fact that the same thing happened to the SHamWoW guy like 2 days ago....

    What is up with women lately?!?! We're all going crazy, has ANYONE noticed that? D:
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    Marie is my middle name, and Briarwood is the name of the street I live on. Voila!

    Actually I was doing a name bulletin on myspace.. like your name backwards is your terrorist name, your favorite animal and color is your superhero name, etc.

    My middle name and the street I live on put together = my soap opera name. I love it XD

    I love my super hero name too. "The Red Red Panda" (Yes, with two reds like that, my fave animal is the Red Panda/Lesser Panda/Firefox). That's where the name for the web browser Mozilla Firefox came from if you didn't know :D
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    Well, it is a little gross and I do feel bad for them, but think about it. If you believe in fate and whatnot, then maybe this is the way that they were supposed to meet. I mean but be realistic and think about it.

    Say you met somebody who was somehow in-tune with you and understood you better and loved you more than anyone else in the world. Isn't that what a twin basically is? And if you never knew ANYTHING about having a brother or sister, if you met someone like this would you be thinking "OMG its my long lost twin who I never knew about!" Or would you be thinking "OMG This person is so amazing, we were meant to be together!"

    I'm just glad they didn't have any children, though.
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    Uhm! <_> I can be a judge for the next contest! You know I'm usually on a lot, the only reason I hadn't been on much here lately was because of christmas and everything! I will warn you though my brother is looking for a new house so I may be moving sometime in february but it shouldn't be so soon as the week of the 1st.
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    Oh quite the contrary, the zoo is going to be fined by the city. Not to mention the family members who might sue.

    I think its bull! >_<;;
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    Well... I thought I would just let you know I've taken everything you guys told me into consideration.. and it pretty much worked. Wonderfully. We don't get to talk in person much because, like I said, we only see eachother on the weekends but still everything is wonderful right now. I opened up to him a lot and told him a lot of stuff about my childhoos that my family doesn't even really know and despite the fact that it hurt him to hear about me going through all that, he listened and gave me feedback and everything. It only brought us closer. I realize if you really want something you have to be patient, notn that I didn't know that before but now I have first hand experience.

    Because of my impatience and everything I ruined what could have been a nice christmas with him, I wanted to see him so bad I ended up pushing everyones, including his, buttons the wrong way and ended up spending it alone. We didn't get into a fight or break up or anything, just I said some things I shouldn't have that hurt him and while he would have came to get me that day instead he spent it in bed trying to calm down.

    But everything is great now. I understand him quite a bit better because he opened up to me, as well. He told me about past relationship and while I won't go into detail, if I was him and some girl did half that stuff to me I would always be on my toes and afraid of getting hurt, too.
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    No I do not remember too much of my childhood, mostly good things. I can remember things I did on a day-to-day basis and anything that occured outside of my house. I remember what my home looked like, and I can remember a few birthday parties but I don't remember how old I was in any of these memories.Don't you think I would remember how old I was in one of my own birthday parties? But I don't. I understand being little this could be true, but I was 8 to 13 when I lived with my mother. I don't remember anything before the age of 5. I remember things better from ages 5 to 7 than of any other period before the age of 13. I remember only about 7 of the almost 300 incidents which are the reason why I block off my memory.

    For instance, I remember going to a cabin alone with my stepdad but I can't remember why or what we did or where else we could have went. I remember a birthday party at chuck-e-cheese but I can't remember how old I was or what all exactly I did there, except that I had Arcanine on my birthday cake. And I know I was over 10, but was not turning 10. I remember spraining my ankle on July 4th, but I don't remember how old I was. Maybe if I were a baby or something I could understand, but I should have better recollections and memories at the ages where most are messed up at.
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    Wow.. so what do you all think of this? I think its horrible, not only that people died but the tiger as well. Tigers are endangered. Something definitely isn't right, for the tiger to have actually killed people. I think somebody was taunting it, or perhaps the tiger saw people running and its hunting instincts took over.

    Unless someone fesses up or the zoo has cameras, I don't think this case will ever be solved.
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    True, but I think the reason for this is because its aired all over the TV, all over the news. Movies played where people sit around and do drugs, have s** at young ages. Honestly you see a lot about it on the Lifetime channel... I used to watch those movies on there all the time. Its a hard mesh up of how to raise kids.

    Kids are aware of all this stuff because either parents talk about it, or they see it on TV. Its hard to balance. You never know when a child is old enough to discuss these things with anymore. They see it on TV, they want to try it, think its cool or whatever. You think if you ignore it and block it off of the TV, you kids will be safe. What if your children encounter another minor who has tried/done things? They wouldn't know much about it, think its okay, go off and do it and either screw up their whole life or get themselves killed out something.

    Parenting is increasingly hard in these times with the TV and the computer and how commercial the holidays and birthdays and everything are now, its hard not to spoil a child to death. There are so many different factors to why we are the way we are, but the problem and question now is: What are we going to do about it?
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    Hmm.. you mean sickness as in being related to depression and other mental illnesses?
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    If you think about it.. reincarnation fits very well hand in hand with deja vu. It easily explain those people who have a familiar face and everyone thinks they saw them somewhere before in their life. Perhaps this person was well known, a famous celebrity or politician in a past life? Or when you go somewhere you had never been before but it somehow looks familiar. I know I've had a handful of people tell me I looks so familiar, knowing I had never met these people before (because it was nearly impossible, me being from the north and most never even having been there.) So, if reincarnation were true, perhaps I were mildly well known, or well known in one part of the world but not in another? This, of course, is all hypothetical, only if reincarnation were true.

    As for my memories.. I don't know what to think of them. My brain automatically has stifled and blocked out so much of my past, my memories are like those pictures little kids take where the subject is too close to the screen and blurry, or fingers and smudges on the screen block you from seeing as much of the picture as you would like. I understand why, though. It is necessary for now to keep me happy and sane, not to be able to remember all the bad that has traversed and spun the web of my life. Perhaps one day I will remember, though. Until then I am thankful that I don't, and live my happy little life.
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