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    I think that was just Maleficent being Maleficent and saying something very Maleficent-y. I think her real goal was just to stop the wave of Heartless and allow Sora and co. to take out Xemnas. If DDD sheds any light on the matter, I'd say it confirms that TWTNW is Xehanort and the New Organization's territory. At least for now.
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    I think Maleficent will be in KH3 because they kind of foreshadowed that in DDD.

    I would be very disappointed if they tried to incorporate the Angelina Jolie movie. I kind of liked the overall movie myself, but it just was not Maleficent. They changed too much about the oirignal character and as a character, I prefer the original version.
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    I pick Xemnas. Ansem SoD is really close for me because he really embodies the dark scary tone of the first KH but I think Xemnas was a more interesting villain over all.
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    Huh. I found it really hard to use shotlocks in any Vanitus battle. The guy doesn't leave many openings. But against most Mirage Arena boss battles, shotlocks were very clutch for me.

    I'd definitely agree that D-Links were mostly pointless. The only one I ever really used to any effect was Mickey's. The EXP boosting ability made grinding for level ups faster. ;)
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    I'm kind of between BBS's system and the classic system of KH1 and 2. Overall, I'd say BBS was a better and more efficient way to manage the way your character fights but for the 1&2 system I will say that I liked the way you had access to all of your magic at once and had to manage your use of it with the MP gauge during battle.
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    Now that you mention it, Yin Sed did say that Master Xehanort would be resurected without even mentioning Terra. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to wait for ever elusive KH3. I certaily they explain all this somehow. :confused:
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    I think Young Xehanort was refering to Master Xehanort when he said his "most future" self would soon appear. If Master Xehanort was from 10 years ago then why would he be refered to as the "most future" Xehanort?
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    When Riku confronted the new organization Young Xehanort said that the most future Xehanort would soon appear refering to a limp shadowy figure that I assumed was the recreating Terra-Xehanort. But then after the fight with Young Xehanort the old man Master Xehanort was there. And the last time we saw that incarnation he faded away and disappeared because his heart was now inside Terra.

    I'm guessing that Master Xehanort's original body must've been recovered and had part of Xehanort's heart placed back into it. And maybe that process is what I thought was the recreating of Terranort but with the twists and turns this story keeps taking, I'm probably wrong.

    If anyone has any other theories or information I'm not aware of I'd love to hear them. :)
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    Awsome stuff! The whole vid was amazing, especially that scene at the end with young Terranort, I wasn't expecting that at all. lol
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    Does anyone know a way to see how much you would have to pay to take over an opponents command panel before you land on it? I've looked and I just can't find anything.
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    Yeah, I agree that Axel and Siax probably just forgot who Ven was. Xemnas and Xigbar on the other hand are more complicated because we know for sure they both remembered who Ven was.

    I guess that they just never openly talked about it for their own reasons. Xigbar seems more like the henchman type of guy so I guess he's just used to being on a need-to-know bases. And it seems that Xemnas never told the rest of the organization much about his origins as Master Xehanort so I don't think he would've said anything even if he realized the resemblence.
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    I voted for BBS too. I didn't even have to think about it. Heck, the only non-handheld KH game I'd put above it would be KH2.
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