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Feb 9, 2019
Oct 22, 2006
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Mathias Jay

beauty is in everything

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Feb 9, 2019
    1. Absol
      Totally, I can relate.

      ****, that's convenient, 'cause I've been using skype pretty often as of late. I usually can't voice chat, but texting always works.
      So my id's psychedelidog; add me, mmk?

      It will be.
    2. Tootsie
      I've been so busy with to be more precise! But hey! =)
    3. Absol
      Understandable. I'll get some good weed and we'll get high on the road trip, k? :lolface:
      Yeah, same here, and I'll change that too, though I need to regulate myself right now. Mine's still, though I'm usually invisible when I do come on so I don't end up overdoing it (and because one of my friends is being bit dickish about my temporary hiatus). Are Thursday and Saturday nights good for you? I can get on at other times too, but that's what usually works best for me.
    4. Absol
      And yeah, I actually just started last christmas eve, lol.
      Well, I wish you well with everything. And I would like to talk that way, but since there's a chance my mom might see, I can't. What I usually do is get on ebuddy with the private browser and use msn that way. It isn't exactly convenient, but it's what I have to do for now.
      So, what msn handle do you currently use? I never see you online with the one I have. (PM me if you don't want to say it on here.)
    5. Absol
      HOLY **** I MISSED YOU
      I dunno, I think I thought that you were busy or something when I was around (being on the PSP didn't help), and now I'm sort of supposed to be on a hiatus from khv/msn yet again to get my **** together, though I find myself coming back when high and/or extremely bored.
      I have an iTouch now, which makes everything immesurably easier, but my parent is no less cool with me talking to people online. That won't be a problem for much longer, though, because I want to move out this year (and even if I don't, I'll be 18 soon enough) but that requires me to do a lot of ****, hence my usual absence.

      But, ****, I want to talk to you now. How is everything on your end? ( I can also get on msn sometime soon rather than use this)
    6. Fork
      Right, now I remember, it was from the "Walking Home" animated short xD
      It's so awesome haha.
    7. Fork
      I've been looking at that gif in your signature for 5 minutes now, trying to remember where it's from. Help? >_>
    8. Maggy
      It's true but yeah...I don't like the way he said it
    9. Maggy
      Lol, I'm glad I had some reasoning in that thread. Yay repsss~~~ XD
    10. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      You know, I happened to be looking over my Question Time the other day, and I found that I'd asked you the same question as I did just before. I have the brain of an old man ffffff

      You have successfully forced it right down my throat. Job well done. :v
    11. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Ok, I know you look familiar, but I'm not sure if we're acquainted. This is bugging me because I forget people so easily even if they're, like, super awesome da bomb friends of mine. D':
    12. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova

      ...Actually kinda spooked me, seeing that pop up in my VMs. > >
    13. Fork
      The Big Bang Theory is awesome.
    14. Misty
      Aw, thank you. And welcome back!
    15. Chevalier
      Okay, so here we go.

      General site for begginers. It's layed out easily, and it has some nice simple tutorials which can help you expand your skills.

      This one helps quite a bit with smudging.

      Depth I & Depth II

      Overall, I suggest you experiment with tools, and sometimes it's nice to have a concept in mind because it gives you an idea on what to work on.
    16. Misty
      Well, school is just about over, I have only one final left to take. Driver's ed is also over, I'm just waiting on getting my certificate. Work though continues forever. D:

      I can't take my road test until I get my certificate from driver's ed, and even then it'll only be a junior license, since I'm still 16. ;c
    17. Chevalier
      Eh, sure thing. I'm gonna look around for some simple tuts which may help you get started.
    18. Kubo
      In Season 3, Episode 16 of "The Big Bang Theory", Raj is shown holding a comic with "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" on the back.
    19. Misty
      Ah awesomesauce. <3 Looking forward to seeing stuff from you, then.

      More or less the same! Busy with end of the year stuff, driver's ed, work, etc, but school will be done in a matter of time. Glad that summer's coming, haha.
    20. Misty
      Really? oh, intrigue. What sort of goal? :B

      How've you been? <3
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