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    Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for enjoying the chapter everyone. I figured that there would be mistakes. I never ran spell check =D
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    Chapter 11 ( newest) is up. Check it out ( For KHRtE)
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    Honestly, it's been a long time since I typed up a new chapter. But I'm trying to get back on track =D. Sorry for postponing the chapter and avoiding the website for a very, very long time. Don't know what I've been doing myself. Anyways, I hope that you will enjoy this chapter and get the energy rising back up. Let us scroll down!

    Kingdom Hearts Returns to Earth
    Chapter 11: Discovery of Darkness

    “ I have fur! I have fur! Yeah! Pride Lands,†cheerfully Danny jumped up and down like a dog whom was excited to get taken out for a walk. As soon as Danny finished his jolly dance his eyes quickly focused on the scenery. The background. The land. It was much more different then the actual video game. Heck, he was in the video game! One of the characters not to say. It was very unpredictable of what would happen next. Most likely, Danny needs to be able to survive in the Pride Lands. It’s not the same as Earth.

    Don’t forget Danny! Maleficent…

    His eyes open wide as he heard the old witch’s name, Maleficent. The evil woman who came back giving out a rotten stench to the Earth’s ground. She was evil alright. Danny couldn’t think of anything else back there. Maleficent… what was she planning? Also…how did Namine tell Danny such a thing! That he wasn’t alert of. Confusing in his mind. “ Ah, whatever!†Danny sighed with his eyes closing for a short few seconds. “ Anyways…continuing my previous topic…da-da-da-da…Pride Lands! The aura has such a nice feeling. Feeling very comfortable!†Danny stuck his nose out and took a whiff of the air. The outside land of trees and dirt had a nice Earth smell. This was Earth before. Humans used to live here. Animal used to hunt and shelter themselves. Isn’t that how History began? There was nothing but creature wandering the lands. Surprising.

    Danny gave a passionate smile and looked out to the open. He can see himself right there running out in the open land, doing whatever he freely is doing. But he should remember. Kingdom Hearts is about to reach the darkness. It won’t last long until worlds and Earth is at peace. Calmly, he began to start walking over with his four paws taking a slow step. Danny had to get the hang of getting used to walking on four paws than two human feet. Also…his equipment and weapons… how will he be able to take control of them?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Getting the hang of it, Danny was now running as fast as prey escaping their hunter. He was also able to conquer the ability of holding his weapons and being able to command his magic. “ Great! Now all I need are some heartless to come out here and fight me with all their might!â€

    “ All their might, huh? Well I guess we could be quite a challenge. Come one boy’s!†Danny turned around and saw about six heartless marching forward straight for their prey. Danny. “ Not literally,†he muttered under his breath. They were those kind of heartless. The one’s that talk and take the command of their leader. The leader of leader of their leader to the leader! “ Hey, Danny! Don’t back down man!â€

    “Danny? How’d you know my name?â€
    “ We’re the kind of creatures who can tell who is who. We were given the data and profiles of the believers who fight for Kingdom Hearts. Luckily we stepped over here in time and caught one of the good guys. You.â€
    “Great- but hey! Who gave you data?â€
    “ Um…eh,†The leader of the heartless’ searched around his group, hesitant. “ Hey, any of you remember our leader?â€
    “ Boss, she said not to say a peep out her name or any description-“
    “ Maleficent?â€

    All heartless’ looked surprised at Danny. Namine was right. Maleficent was up to something evil. Also by the look of the heartless’ faces. Danny got bingo on the chart.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Lynn and Len spent nearly an hour fighting the heartless. It was pretty though. The fought for, well, their lives. If the darkness of the heartless reached into their body it would’ve ran through both their veins and fill it with a blue liquid. The liquid a tough heartless holds to remain itself and focus on the target.

    Len collapsed to the ground, panting. Her legs were tired and sore, she needed a deep freeze or something to cool down. Lynn also collapsed to the ground, her arms dragging itself. The were both In pain and tired. For fighting for quite a long time can bring the player down. Both of the females didn’t have any water or magic left. They used it all up to attack the heartless. No cure potion to heal their wounds. It was just like the game. You’d have to either find it in some objects or you would need the “munny†to buy it from standing moogles. But Earth didn’t have that. Earth did have the potions but they were hidden. If they wanted to buy the potion they’d have to somehow leave Earth to the Kingdom Hearts world.

    “ What are we going to do, Len?†Lynn turned her head, looking at Len whom was resting. “ I’m not really sure. Perhaps we walk down until we encounter something or get near some place to rest- boy are my legs sore!†Len sat up and massaged her legs until the soreness fell down a little. Lynn shrugged. She didn’t know what to do either. But if they had to walk down they may meet up with a character or another heartless to defeat. This whole thing was difficult.

    “ Let’s walk.†Lynn hopped to her feet and looked down at Len who was still massaging her legs. “ Sure thing,†she replied. Soon enough she forced herself to break free from the pain and start walking. “ Honestly, I’m not really in the mood for this walk-“ Len stopped from the interruption of Lynn. “ You suggested it and I kindly accepted it. That’s all there is to it. But it’s not that bad. Walking can burn down evil off. That’s what I heard.†She continued,

    “ So, how do we know if we’re going to meet up with something anyways?â€
    “ I don’t know, we could run into some fast food restaurant or a deserted gas station or something!â€
    “ But it could be ruled by the heartless. Well, if they’re there eating the hearts of good.â€
    “It’s the usual they do. But to get our hearts is a challenge. They know we wield a weapon and can kill themâ€
    “ True.â€

    They both ended their conversation and then stayed silent. The two of them looking for something and listening to their surrounding. Heartless are very quiet but you can feel their presence right away. It a dark feeling surrounding you like that’s all there is.

    “ You see that?†Len shook Lynn’s shoulder, pointing up to the sky. Lynn looked up and without a word she pulled Len and dragged her into a nearby hiding spot. “ Um…asking again…did you see that huge flying Gummi ship?†Lynn nodded her head. She was in an alert state. “ We can’t tell if it’s good or not. But I get a bad feeling that it has darkness lurking inside. This Gummi ship is probably looking for the light. Like us for instance.†Len was surprised and agreed to her thoughts. “ Well…it is big. Probably a boss’ ship.â€

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Dr.Nywn looked at the figure. He didn’t really understand at all. The potion, was that it? “ Give me the damn potion!†The figure yelled right to his face. Nywn didn’t pay any attention but to the sharp knife that was pointed right at him. Threatening him. Again he thought that he would die with a sharp object. His heart is right in there, he could dig his knife right in an cut his heart, letting the power of it’s aura spread out. This wasn’t good.

    The knife remained where it was. Pointing straight at Nywn, “ Scared, huh?†Nywn looked up at the figure, smirking. It’s dark presence was a bad one. It made a dangerous feeling. A feeling to be alert of when there it a gun shot shooting itself to a target. “ No… I’m not scared. I won’t give myself a feeling to your thoughts.†The figure tilted it’s head to the side and looked at Nywn with curiosity. “ What’s that supposed to mean?†Nywn snickered and looked up, his eyes seemed a bit sharper. Sign of evil lurking through?

    “ I mean this!†Nywn sat up forward and punched the figure on the face. His knuckles giving out a full force of power. The figure fell back, dropping the knife that was in his hand. Nywn had the chance. “ You don’t need the knife do you?†The figure looked at Nywn, surprised. His eyes widened with fear in them and yet, defeat. Nywn stood up, dragging himself to stand up, tilted like a drunk man. The knife was held in his hand. It’s handle was cold and rusty. Could this have been the evil feeling? “ You going to stab me now,†the figure asked. Nywn glared at him and shook his head. “ No.â€
    Suddenly, the frightful figure looked relieved. Nywn laughed, making his laughter echo throughout the streets. “ I’m taking out the darkness from you.â€

    Nywn toppled the figure over and gave a nice grip on his arms, keeping him still from struggling. “ Say hello to the light!†Nywn threw the knife in the figure. He defeated him and also…murdered him. This wasn’t right and yet… Nywn was smiling. Could he have been relieved to make the bad guy disappear from nearly killing him. The fight was over. But there was something really strange. No crimson liquid. No blood was flowing out of his body. Was he wearing some extra layers under his real clothing?

    “ He’s not dead.†Nywn was disappointed. He never defeated him at all.

    “ Disappointed much?†The figure stood up and gave a back of curses. Nywn looked at him. He wasn’t human. He was a heartless or…a nobody.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Demyx ran over to Amber and helped her stand up. Still he held her hand and said, “ Let’s get out of here and make a run before it’s transformation doubles!†Amber nodded and ran out with Demyx.

    As they ran out the store, Demyx stuck his hand out and opened a corridor. “ We’ll go through here.†He ran right in along with Amber. The corridor closed behind them, leaving the room that they were in now, dark. It was pitch black, nothing was seen at this time. Amber forced her eyes to at least see a tiny little bit of brightness. “ There’s no point in trying to see, Amber†Amber looked around, searching around for Demyx. He wasn’t there. “ Oh...ok. But Demyx…where in the name of Kingdom Hearts are you!?†Demyx gave out a cute little laugh and calmly said, “ I’m a few centimeters away from you. And also…aren’t your feet getting wet?†Amber moved her legs around, her feet splashing past the water that was flowing. Water, Water…Why was there water? “ Well, I’ll turn on the light.†Demyx clapped both his hand together, giving out a vibration. With a quick flash the lights turned on. The corridor’s room was filled with water having a white background to it.

    “ Where are we now?â€
    “ We’re in my corridor. Xemnas, our leader, created this for us with the help of Zexion.â€
    “ So…this is new?â€
    “Oh, alright.â€

    Amber wandered herself around the room. It was small and yet cool. “ Hey, Amber. Go on your knees and stick your head in the water. Like this.†Demyx demonstrated and placed his head underwater. Amber shrugged and did as she was told. She went on her knees- and boy was the water cold! Quickly, she stuck her head in with her eyes closed. Holding her breath she was. “ Open your eyes, Amber! And quit holding your breath! This water isn’t the kind of water like what you humans go in!†Amber heard clearly, and listened. She slowly opened her eyes and let out her breath. She was amused.

    There was the Kingdom Hearts turning into a dark colour than its original form.

    “ Kingdom Hearts!†Amber stared at Kingdom Hearts. Other then that, she saw Gummi ships and asteroids flowing in the space. Different world it was. This was the Kingdom Hearts world. Where Demyx came from. This was way different from Earth.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The burning rage of purple liquid slid through on the ground, with an electrifying shock to it. The heartless looked down and stood there frozen from the ice magic spell that Ampex had planted on him. Xaale smiled as she was about to watch the heartless go into a great amusing shock.

    Ampex jumped over and hid behind the heartless, doing the exact same thing. “ Oi! Ampex! Be careful!†Xaale called out to him. Ampex rolled his eyes and feasted his eyes on the heartless. “ This is going to be fun!†The purple electric liquid came down and shocked the heartless. Giving it a lightning kind of feeling. A static feeling. Xaale grinned and dodged roll over closer to the heartless. “ Cover.†Xaale mouthed the words.

    “ Cover.†Ampex said, his hands clasped together. A blue sheet fell from the sky, landing on top of the heartless. Ampex moved away and got close to Xaale. “ Obviously…it’s always the ending that get’s so easy and yet be difficult,†Xaale said, wiping the bit of sweat off her forehead.

    “ We’ll we did a good teamwork, Xaale.â€
    “Yeah. God job partner!â€
    “ You too.â€
    “ Um…so when cover happens what happens to the heartless?†Ampex laughed.
    “ It turns to ashes!†Xaale and Ampex both said.

    With a quick flash, the heartless did turn to ashes. The blue sheet disappeared with the heartless. All that was left was the burnt on the spot of where the heartless was standing. Electric power does have quite a good advantage. “ Mission accomplish!†Xaale gave a look of a win from a battle of sports. Ampex happily sighed and sat down. “ I need water and some bandages. I feel like I’m bleeding on the arms and legs. I skidded to much a lot.†Xaale looked over at Ampex and smiled. “ You were in a battle. No worries there. Well…if you happen to jump of the swings then yes… just yes.†Ampex glowered at Xaale and then turned his back on her.

    “ Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to heal myself.â€
    “With what?â€
    “ My hands.†Ampex moved his fingers, having them run back and forth.
    “ Just use cure.â€
    “That too.â€

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “ Just take it!†Leon exclaimed.
    “ But what if a heartless or even you knock me cold and take it away?â€

    “ Honestly, kid! Do you actually think I would take it?â€

    Austin raised his eyebrow and focused on Leon carefully. Leon narrowed his eyes and confessed, “ Well I would- but that doesn’t matter! Just take the money and potions with you and make a run for it! Heck if your kind enough you could even share me some. After all ,kid, I’m tagged along with you now.†Austin grinned and dug his hand right in, grabbing the money and potions that rested in it’s place. “ We should save the cure potions and use the magic-“

    “ Kid, you got it wrong. Take the potion when your in battle and save the magic. I mean… magic helps you in tight spots like fighting a boss or some huge heartless!†Austin laughed and pointed at Leon. “ Ha…you act nothing like the Leon in the video game.â€

    “ Alright, shut-up ,Sora.â€

    Austin stuck his tongue out to Leon. “ I’m not Sora! I’m Austin. Besides…we’re not alike are we?†Leon examined Austin and nodded with a truthful face. “ You look like him…not the appearance but the attitude and personality…kind of.â€
    Austin shrugged his shoulder and took his weapon out. “ Let’s go now. Kill off some heartless!†Austin ran ahead of Leon, running in a horizontal line. Leon shrugged and took his sword out also and walked from behind.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    To be continued.

    Thank you for reading this chapter. Group three is next. I hope you liked this chapter as much as I did n_n. Please comment if you’d like. See you next week!

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    I'm wondering when I will post the new chapter. Group two's turn I think...*thinks*
    How un-reliable of me *ashamed* The new chapter shall probably come up on either Saturday or Sunday ^_^ ( I haven't even started the new chapter but I will eventually) Also...I'm back from my absense. I shall start typing the chapter now!!! =D
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