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    I think leaving is the best bet for me. To many this will sound like bullshit, but I didn't really feel like I belonged here. Don't worry, many of you are wonderful people, and don't take this to heart. I know I'm not the most outgoing member, so I probably didn't make much of an impression anyways.

    I might also add that I will not be continuing RP Idol. It was fun, though.

    Well, I'm sorry.
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    I'm around 3 hours away from Nashville. Believe me, it's as hot here as it is over there. I hope people will have common sense and stay safe.
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    Toy Story 2 for N64. :)
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    ^Does that post mean you don't want us to post in here anymore? ; A ;

    Well too bad, I'm posting!
    My favorite RPG would have to be .hack, it might get a little repetitive with the gameplay, but I always loved the characters in the games and how everything played out. Though, Kingdom Hearts is also a favorite, of course.
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    ... I don't want to know.

    But you'd better use this in bed, it sounds interesting.

    And by in bed, I mean breakfast in bed, GAWD.
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    Napoleon glared at Edrina, "We've been through this, Edrina... I'm not a stoner. This is just... the way I was brought up to talk..." He paused for a moment, as if trying to get back on his train of thought. "It's not very fair... for one person to not have freedom... yet the rest of us walk away with no repercussions. Though," He turned and looked at the window, "I guess if someone has a death wish, turning themselves in would be... something to consider..."

    He trailed off from his sentence and thought out what would happen if he turned himself in. 'Probably execution,' He thought, 'I'd be lucky to get a life sentence... I guess I'm willing to end my life to let someone fully live out theirs...'
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    "I'm willing... to go..." Napoleon said, standing up and walking towards Jayden. "We should probably start... near the front door..." Napoleon was thinking if anything was snuck into the house, maybe the first place they'd find anything would be where someone would enter. He was hoping the people he trusted did not do such a thing, though. This search would either bring more distrust, more confusion, or both.
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    Yeah, I'm actually not all that surprised that the WiiU has games with horrible graphics.

    I personally see no difference with the Joker, but Batman's suit... too much shine in the WiiU version. Plus the city in the background on the WiiU picture is... lacking, compared to the PS3 one. I didn't really expect anything different.

    That, and now I feel old. The PS3 is seven years old---wait, I thought it was six years old. Oh well, it's been a long time!
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    Napoleon watched the window in deep concentration. He didn't notice anything suspicious around the house, so how would the government know? He breathed in slowly, and breathed out even slower. "Maybe... they're making a... guess." He said in a slow, deep voice. He then looked up at everyone to make sure they understood. "Maybe no one... told."

    He sighed, looking at the window again. "Still... we might want to... search the house... a bit. For things... people might have snuck in..."
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    Hey, you're young, but not as young as I am. I'm going to be a sophomore this year. Anyways, congratulations! Have fun surviving~
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    Dawwwwww :) love you too, Glen. <3

    inb4 people come on here and start barfing and saying "GET A ROOM"
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    My name was in the 'White Trash Name' list... not sure if I want to see or not...

    In all seriousness, probably won't see it. Looks kind of lame.
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    I hope Tarrlok tries to bloodbend himself somehow and is stuck in an awkward position for the rest of his life.
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    Hrm. At one point my typing speed was 99 WPM.
    I don't know why, but this test kind of threw me off a bit.
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