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    "Face My Fears" is a new scripted video that was written by Joseluis Solorzano that captures an emotional monologue by Ventus (voiced by Mike Masi), who reveals information from Union Cross and the future of Kingdom Hearts 3. As Ventus recalls his beloved memories with his friends, he also tries to distinguish whether or not the ancient Keyblade War were actual dreams or memories from his past that link to what Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort had previously spoken upon.

    As usual Ventus remains optimistic, revealing that he's ready for the future. To his surprise, someone is in the Chamber of Awakening. Is it Terra or Aqua? Could it be someone else?

    Please also give a warm welcome back to our cast member, BlooCerix.

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    In celebration of the new E3 trailers, our team has scripted and voiced as Aqua, Ventus, Ansem (SOD) and Terra to speculate why Aqua fell to darkness. Joseluis Solorzano scripted the video, which captures Aqua lost once again in the Realm of Darkness. Just as she's at her last breath, a familiar face appears to her. Can her friends rescue her by saving her light, or will she become a seeker of darkness?

    The script comes alive with our voice actors (Mike Masi, AgentWhite, LunaMeng, and Stanpai) who we have casted through our fandub productions that can be found across the Kingdom Hearts community. Join our team as they craft a powerful and hopeful tale inspired by one of the biggest Kingdom Hearts 3 revelations of E3 2018!
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    Well sort of...

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    Ha! That's funny!
    Thank you for the continued support.
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    Kingdom Hearts III is officially upon us. The release was announced for 2018 in July of 2017. In celebration of the new year, and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title, we would like to present a new video that focuses on the future of the Kingdom Hearts series.

    Christina Arisa returns as our original Aqua, along with Mike Masi as Ventus. Stan "Stanpai" Kuschick joins our team for the first time as Terra. The original script is written by Joseluis Solorzano.
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    Profile Post Comment

    Hey, how's it going?

    Hey, how's it going?
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    The future of the Kingdom Hearts series continues in this original fan story, written by Joseluis, capturing the aftermath of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It's the leading events to Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep, and showcases scenes from the new E3 trailer.

    Aqua has been traveling through the Realm of Darkness for a long time, which has tampered with her memories. When she discovers a familiar place, she encounters her greatest fear yet. Can she break through the darkness?

    Our original cast returns. Aqua is voiced by Clare Melvin, Stardust-Speedway, along with Andrew Ros as Terra and Mike Masi as Ventus.
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    The future of the Kingdom Hearts series continues with a look back at our video from last year that foreshadows Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

    The events continue from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which leads to Birth by Sleep - volume 2. Aqua begins to telepathically hear Ven, who's telling her not to give up. She's suffering from fighting, walking and remaining alone for years without her friends . Ventus encourages Aqua and gives her advice to continue her journey through Birth by Sleep - Voulme 2.

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    As much as I love the 0.2 Birth by Sleep idea, is this a cruel joke? Let's just make a remake of every game that has been out for the past two or three years. Really? And a Kingdom Hearts X back story? I just want Kingdom Hearts 3. Is that too much to ask Square? They are taking advantage of the series.
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