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    that's alright

    that's alright
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    no need to be a negative nancy about it.
    Post by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 23, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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    Look at who came to visit me in Type-0
    Post by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 22, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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    No not really. I mean there are slight noticeable differences but to a normal human being it's not worth being bent out of shape about something not being 60 frames cause after a certain point you can't physically point out how many frames something is. Like there's a difference between 30 and 60 frames but it's literally laughable. The real reason 60 frames is more coveted is because if there are frame drops it's less noticeable going from 60-50 than it is going from 30-20.

    Also reason being Type 0 is locked at 30 frames is because of attack timings for your characters and enemies. SE said that if they were to make it 60 frames that the timings for the killsights with all the dodging and **** that it would literally be impossible to do and that the engine for the game just couldn't work with it.
    Post by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 22, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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    Yeah so 30 fps isn't a big deal cause human eyes can't track over 30 frames anyway. Yeah it looks a bit smoother at 60 fps but it's nothing to really complain about. The only thing that can track 60 frames is a cat anyway.

    As for the game itself I've been playing for 10 hours and it's everything I expected the game to be. Not super graphic cause it's an HD pc port of a psp game. Game play is magnificent, I'm happy they made an option to keep out motion blur. Though I do not recommend playing this game on keyboard and mouse, I'd you're gonna get it for pc make sure you have a game pad or ps4 controller. My only complaint is that it doesn't change the display fave buttons when using a controller so it get confusing when look at the command menu to dicern what button does what
    Post by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 20, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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    I'd like to point out that Sawano Hiroyuki has been here for quite a while but by god the last 2 years have been phenomenal because of him.

    For those of you who don't know who Mr. Hiroyuki is. He's mainly a composer for anime OST. One of his most notable works is Shingeki no Kyojin's while everyone is like 'oh my Shingeki is soo good" I can guarentee that the anime would definitely not be what it is without Hiroyuki...cause really who thought that when this played
    crap was going down that instant and that it was going to be badass.

    Attack on Titan aside. Some of Hiroyuki's most recent works have been, in my opinion, a lot better than what he's put out in the past. Most notably, Aldnoah.Zero, which not only had Hiroyuki in it but along side him Yuki Kaijura and her amazing group Kalafina helped make Aldnoah.Zero one of the best action soundtracks i've ever heard. Now while Hiroyuki's composing is amazing, lets not forget his favorite person who is almost always singing in most of the anime that he composes. Mika Kobayashi. Who not only sings most the songs in Aldnoah but does that amazing opening for Owari no Seraph.

    So really this thread is about keeping your awareness up of Mr. Hiroyuki cause i expect even more great things of him.

    if you have any favorite hiroyuki pieces please share.
    Thread by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 15, 2015, 1 replies, in forum: Music
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    It is clear, i said i didn't have a PS4 so i couldn't play it on now i can play it on PC.
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    I think that decision is very clear....I said "Now I can on the PC"
    Post by: Mikuru Asahina, Aug 11, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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    Classified Information
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