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    I so wish that they would release this over here in the U.S. Even though I already own every. single. game. released. in. the. US. I would still like to have this for the improved graphics and remade cutscenes. Plus all of that added FM content. Oh and also, while this probably won't happen, wouldn't it be awesome if they got Sora's voice actor to come back and redo his lines. No offense to Haley Joel Osment as I think he did a good job in the original KH1, but his voice changed so much between games that it just takes you out of the moment. Imagine that you just beat KH1 on this collection and you dive straight into RE:CoM. It would be weird hearing a completely different voice for the character. While it probably won''t happen I think it would be a nice gesture.
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    Who did you feel worse for at the end, Roxas or Axel?
    Roxas as he lost all of his memories and was eventually forced into that data world.
    Did Xion bug the hell out of you (because she did me)?
    Not really, although she seems unimportant in the Grand Scheme of the series.
    Are there any other worlds you wish were in KH 358/2 Days?
    Hmm.....Not really
    Who is your least favorite Organization member (not from the C.O. crew, a lot of people hate them)?
    Demyx, he just never does anything and he is a sucky character to play as.
    Was Xion an easy or hard boss?
    Kinda hard, there were easy forms and hard ones. The Halloween Town one was horrid, no pun intended.
    Did you want the game to continue after Roxas was inside the other Twilight Town?
    No, because Kingdom Hearts 2 picks up the story just fine from here.
    Did you want the game to start sooner in the story?
    No, I don't see how you could do that and keep it interesting.
    Why do you think they only have one flavor of ice cream?
    Because Jell-O Puddin' Pop
    Why did Hayner, Pence, and Olette have bigger parts than King Mickey?
    Because this is Roxas's story and those three interacted with him while I don't think Mickey ever even met Roxas.
    Also: Post what really pissed you off about the game (you know, besides anything I mentioned.)
    F**k the Green Seranade
    F**k no secret ending
    F**k the game having no real point other than giving people a false sense of what the recent KH games are like.
    F**k Ruler of the Sky
    F**k All the stupid Palate Swaps for the Enemies
    F**k not being able to pause in Mission Mode
    F**k trying to get Sora in Mission Mode it is just way to f**king hard
    F**k the long a$$ text conversations
    F**k Missions that take 45+ Minutes to complete
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    I think the Riku Replica would be a frivolous character to include as he would just be a palate swap of Riku. However you have my support on almost everything else.
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    :( My Mark of Mastery Edition is missing the Frootz Cat and Kab Kannon cards and Square-Enix hasn't replied to my support center submission in over a week. I know the images are online but still I'd like to have the actual thing.
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    Hey guys what were your thoughts on this. I was a bit underwhelmed as it didn't have very much in it, heck I didn't even get ALL 5 AR Cards (btw I contacted Square-Enix, but they've stopped replying to me). The 3DS armor was cool, until I learned that it was transparent and not white, it makes the art hard to see on my 3DS. Also the armor keeps you from using the Circle Pad Pro, which is a deal breaker as that makes the gameplay WAY better. The art cards were cool though and to be honest if I had all the cards I would probably be much happier, so meh.
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    Buy a Circle Pad Pro, it makes the game WAY better to play, it is worth the extra $20, hopefully more games will support it soon.
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    While we are on the subject of the Secret Movie, was anyone else disappointed by it. I saw the revelation coming from so far away that I thought it was a plot hole at the VERY beginning of the game.
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    No offense to you if you liked him, but I hated Chernabog. Why? Well first, HE WAS TOO EASY. I was playing on Normal, but still some challenge would be nice. Also the whole thing was in Dive Mode which made the boss kinda boring. I would've preferred a battle similar in gameplay style to the one in the ORINGINAL Kingdom Hearts game.
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    I actually like these spin-offs, they're fun and they usually have a decent story to tell, although the DS games seem pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
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    How Anti-Form is almost completely useless, that just made me so angry. At least it looked cool.
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    I really liked the Fireflies video, hopefully one of my videos will one day make, I doubt it though.
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    It is well known now that the Kingdom Hearts manga series were canceled by TokyoPop, but they were still being made and released in Japan. Well with the downfall of TokyoPop all of it's licenses are now out of it's hands, if they wanted to the original owners of the Kingdom Hearts manga could commission some company to localize it.

    What do you think, would you like to see any localization of the previously unlocalized and future volumes? I would love this if they were to do it.
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